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Nevermore 2004-12-15 05:04 PM

Alternators UK release timetable

Windcharger in February, Hound & Swindle in March.

Does this mean the Meister we saw in European packaging as well is meant for a release in continental Europe (i.e. Belgium or Netherlands)?

Just for completness' sake, Hound is already out in Belgium.

Oh, and on a sidenote... this means Windcharger will be out in the UK even before Overdrive is reelased in Japan...

Whirl's Rear Rotor 2004-12-15 08:31 PM

<grins like an escaped psychopath>

Now I'm doubly glad I held off buying them online. :D

Skystream 2004-12-15 10:20 PM


Great news for our Alternator starved UK members!
Indeed. :D I couldn't have put it better myself.

Thanks for posting the news, Nev.

AutobotJazz 2004-12-15 10:53 PM

I dont know if this has been mentioned but Forbidden Planet seems to have a healthy line in the BT series the Rally version of Silverstreak (i think) and i think ive seen a yellow Tracks at the one in Manchester!

Nevermore 2004-12-15 10:54 PM


Originally posted by AutobotJazz
Rally version of Silverstreak

You mean Smokescreen? Or what?

AutobotJazz 2004-12-15 10:59 PM

If he's the Subaru then for sure...not sure of some the older BT/Alt names...sorry for any confusion boys n girls.

Cliffjumper 2004-12-16 12:46 AM

Now all we need is somewhere to stock them...

Denyer 2004-12-16 01:19 AM

Argos and TRU, far as I'm aware.

Cliffjumper 2004-12-16 04:09 AM

Wow... TRU restock their TF lines about once every two years [if so inclined, I could probably still nip down to So'ton and get a Ruination] and Argos just doesn't work if they're carrying anything as an assortment. I doubt Woolies will carry the things either.

Christ, I'm getting like an American.... "Yeh I know those figures I want are out in this country, but stoopid gay Hasblow aren't selling them at the end of my drive"

Denyer 2004-12-19 10:07 PM

Yeah, TRU had about five lines' worth of Optimus Prime toys last time I looked... but they do get new product in...

I can't see why they're releasing Hound and Swindle, but then I couldn't see the reasoning for Smokescreen and Silverstreak—licensing varies worldwide, perhaps?

Lord Zarak 2004-12-20 08:55 PM

Cheers mate.

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