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ThunderCracker84 2002-02-03 10:14 PM

G1 Cars to be Reissued

All Mega PVCs for 2002 are displayed, including a previously unannounced Rodimus Convoy piture. A picture of Mega PVC Convoy in his boxes are shown also. The bottom pictures shows all G1 cars, which almost confirms their release for 2002 (either through convention release or mass release). 2002 IS THE YEAR OF TRANSFORMERS !!!!!!!

all credit goes to Tim Formas and and to Dark Convoy of Transfans

This is gonna be fecking awesome

Halfshell 2002-02-03 10:21 PM

Ye didn't have to copy/paste DC's entire post...
I'm sceptical. Half the contents of that display cabinet have already been re-released...

Anywho, let's usher a copy off to the correct forum.

Mirage 2002-02-04 12:21 AM

If it's true, I say, woohoo!

TF @ The Moon 2002-02-05 05:00 PM

Takara held a poll at the event abotu whether to release all the 1984 Autobot cards. If successful then they will release them, whether they are convention exclusives on normal shop releases also depends on the results of the said poll.

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