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Nevermore 2004-12-29 09:17 AM

TF Collector's Club got a new home

Unicron 2004-12-29 10:15 PM

Sweet. We might actually get a convention this year.

Wonder how competant these new guys will be...

Nevermore 2004-12-29 10:46 PM


Originally posted by Unicron
Sweet. We might actually get a convention this year.
What, in the remaining two days?

Unicron 2004-12-30 10:06 PM


Originally posted by Nevermore
What, in the remaining two days?
Guess I left myself open for that one...

Still, people should know what I meant, you mook.

Pun-3X 2004-12-31 02:25 AM

I did. ;)

This is the group that runs the G.I. Joe convention? I hope they don't plan on doing some merge-thing. I'd like to celebrate TF on its own.

Otherwise, it's good to know there's something up for 2005.

Sir Auros 2004-12-31 02:37 AM

It'd also be nice if the exclusives don't reach the ludicrous prices I've heard the Joe convention exclusives sell for...from the convention.

God Jinrai 2004-12-31 05:14 PM


Convention ADMISSION prices are gonna skyrocket for this crap! I don't even wana THINK about how much pre-reg is gonna cost me... frigging bastiches... I say this because on another board, before this past year's convention, when people were crying about glenn, someone brought to light the exhorbitant amounts of cash Master Collector charged in total for admission, the exclusives, etc etc etc.. those of you rejoicing... you may find yourselves cursing in the near future.

Sir Auros 2004-12-31 08:47 PM

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if another unofficial convention popped up if the prices get bad. Sure, there will still be people going to the official con, but a convention can be fine without Hasbro backing it. Botcon got along fine for years.

Pun-3X 2005-01-01 01:23 AM

Agreed. Somewhere along the lines there'll be other conventions.

Nevermore 2005-01-03 02:18 PM

Official Hasbro press release

The Hartmans, Ben Yee and J.E. (Rik) Alvarez are also on board as an "advisory board".

Way to go, Hasbro!

Denyer 2005-01-03 10:57 PM


These gentlemen obviously bring a wealth of TRANSFORMERS brand knowledge and experience to the table and will be working behind the scenes in a variety of ways.
It's nice to see up-front press statements, isn't it? :)

Hasbro are handling this very well thus far.

Sir Auros 2005-01-04 01:10 AM

I'm still anxious about how this will affect prices for the convention and exclusives, but it does sound like they're trying to fix the problems created by last year's con...really sounds like they're giving 3H the business.

Nevermore 2005-01-05 11:29 PM

Their website is now up and running. Geez, WTH? FIVE years to complete the combiner?!?

Unicron 2005-01-06 01:13 AM


Originally posted by Nevermore
Their website is now up and running. Geez, WTH? FIVE years to complete the combiner?!?
Hmmm... I'm gonna make a prediction. Its gonna be another Bruticus repaint. ;)

I would hope this Gestalt ends up being a new mold since its gonna take 5 years to complete it. Though most likely they'll just repaint one of the Energon Gestalts in either a hideous color scheme or as an homage to one of the G1 gestalts.

Denyer 2005-01-06 02:37 AM


Here is the really big news! If you join the Transformers Collectors’ Club by March 18, 2005 you will receive a FREE Exclusive Transformers Collectors’ Club figure! This figure belongs to a combiner group, so over the next 5 years, you will receive each piece to build this exclusive club combiner! During the next 4 years you will receive (as long as your membership is in good standing) the four limbs to this set. During the 25th Anniversary year, you will receive the main body. Who is this character and why is he so unique? Details to follow…
I assume they'll let people buy older pieces if they join later... otherwise that's rather a big disincentive to do so if y' ask me...

Ranma 2005-01-06 01:01 PM

well at least we know its not the tfu piranahcon, cause they only mention there being 5 members.

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