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Nevermore 2004-12-29 09:34 AM

First Hasbro Cybertron test shots surfaced at eBay?
Inch Up
Flame Convoy

Note those test shots with color-swapped faction symbols which tend to pop up at eBay are usually from Hasbro factories, Takara has better security.

Tempest 2004-12-29 09:43 AM

Flame Convoy ... need .. flame convoy ... kill!

That is awesome ... and thats all that can say about it.

Transfannabeel 2004-12-29 01:04 PM

Me like.

AutobotJazz 2004-12-29 11:18 PM

Wow...I hate to be the odd one out (not really) but I'm pretty unimpressed so far with Flame Convoy...though if they changed Inch Up's colour scheme (and name) I'd go for it!

RID Scourge 2004-12-29 11:30 PM

He's a maybe for me. I like his colors, but he might be too big.

EvillEdd 2004-12-30 03:09 AM

Ooooohhh, Flame Convoy looks frickin' awesome!! Now I have high hopes for the rest of the Galaxy Force line.

Nevermore 2004-12-30 11:39 PM


Thundercracker, Guard Shell, Inch Up and Dreadrock!

Ultimate Weapon 2004-12-31 01:31 AM

Thundercracker and Dreadlock look much beter then their Galaxy Force counterparts. Inch Up and that other piece of crap are sh*t!

RID Scourge 2004-12-31 01:39 AM

I thought Guard Shell had real hands in the early GF pics. Guess not. :down:

EDIT: Fixed the hand. Meant to have it down all along . . .

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