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Nevermore 2005-01-01 04:54 PM

New toys that are OUT | New September 16: SWTF Belgium
From now on, this thread is intended to report all toys that have been officially released. Japanese and US.

For checklists of all lines currently out in stores, see here.

Everyone feel free to post any "first sightings" from other websites as well. Note that only the first sighting of a toy in US retail is of relevance. Please remember to include links to the respective sightings unless you're the first one to spot them. In that case, receipt pics would be appreciated.

All further sightings still go into this thread.

I'll keep new toys in for about a month until I kick them out.

Hong Kong tends to get toys up to two months before they show up in the US, although they're the same releases. I'm including them so you know what to expect to show up soon.

Okay, here we go:


US MARKET (Hasbro)

Movie Deluxe Wave 1 Protoform Optimus Prime and Protoform Starscream

Out in stores for a few weeks, official release date on May 1, 2007


Alternators Decepticon Rumble and Ravage (Wal*Mart exclusives)

Multiple eBay auctions as of March 25, 2007; sellers state that they bought the toys from their local Wal*Mart stores


Wal*Mart exclusive "Classics" Constructicon Devastator

First spotted as of March 21, 2007


Collectors' Club exclusive Astrotrain and Airazor

Confirmed shipped as of March 14, 2007



Sports Label Convoy & Megatron, Beast Wars TV Toys reissue TM-09 Rhinox

Officially released on April 24, 2007


Revoltech No.025 Megatron

Officially released on April 15, 2007


Masterpiece MP-5 Megatron

Officially released on March 28, 2007



Titanium 6" Cybertron Heroes wave 2 Jetfire and Thundercracker

Confirmed by Remy as of September 1, 2006


Cybertron Voyager Class wave 8 Galaxy Force Vector Prime

Confirmed by Remy as of August 21, 2006


Cybertron Leader Class wave 4 Galaxy Force Optimus Prime

Confirmed by Fatguy as of August 10, 2006

Also confirmed by Remy.


Titanium Robot Masters wave 4 Bumblebee, G1 Optimus Prime and Alternators Smokescreen

Confirmed by Remy as of August 4, 2006



Cybertron Scout Class wave 8 Ransack GTS and Giant Planet Mini-Con Team:

First sighted as of July 3, 2006


Star Wars Transformers Millennium Falcon

First sighted as of June 19, 2006


Cybertron Wing Saber, Sky Shadow and Menasor:

Confirmed sighted as of June 18, 2006



Cybertron Primus (with Unicron head)

First spotted as of June 9, 2006



Cybertron Soundwave, Menasaur, Metroplex, Nemesis Breaker, Giant Planet Mini-Con Team, Ransack GT, Scrap Iron vs. Grindor, Blastcharge vs. High Wire and Backblast vs. Sureshock:

First spotted as of June 5, 2006



Cybertron Clocker, Hardtop and Recon Mini-Con Team:

First spotted as of July 2, 2005



The Netherlands:

Star Wars TFs:
Clone Trooper, Jango Fett and Palpatine

First spotted as of October 23, 2006

The Netherlands:

Deluxe Class: Override GTS and Excellion

First spotted as of 5 October 2006

Nevermore 2005-01-01 09:17 PM

Note that while Windcharger is a month late, the E combiner limbs came out right on time according to Hasbro's estimated release date.

Better yet, Barricade was first sighted a few days earlier than expected!

Nevermore 2005-01-11 12:11 AM


Universe Bonecrusher & Scavenger (RiD Wedge & Grimlock repaints)

Nevermore 2005-01-13 01:01 AM

An eBay auction gives us the first look at Takara reissue Blitzwing, who's going to be officially released on January 14...

Nevermore 2005-01-13 05:07 PM

Taken back the sighting for Universe Bonecrusher & Scavenger due to the lack of any evidence, confirmation from other sources and some dubious details in the sighting that didn't make sense.

However, here's another release, this time from Japan:

Takara Collection #17: Blitzwing
Officially released: January 13/14, 2005

Nevermore 2005-01-14 12:05 AM

Energon Six Shot (Shockblast repaint)

First retail sighting: January 13, 2005

Nevermore 2005-01-14 12:46 PM

Hong Kong release:

Alternators Battle Ravage

In stock at Action-HQ as of January 14, 2005

Additionally, several eBay auctions also started on January 14, 2005

Rookwise 2005-01-15 07:08 PM

Another Ebay Uk listing for Alternator Battle Ravage. Again the seller is Crossgundam like in the last link that Nevermore gave and he has one left (just bought one myself).

Nevermore 2005-01-15 07:46 PM

You don't need to list any more links for stuff that has already been confirmed. ;)

Though links for new stuff that just popped up at eBay (official Hong Kong releases) are always welcome. ;)

Nevermore 2005-01-19 12:14 PM

New Galaxy Force releases:

Galaxy Force GC-09 Guard Shell & GD-05 Gasket

Officially released: January 20, 2005

Nevermore 2005-01-27 04:18 PM

Hong Kong release:

Alternators Shockblast

In stock at Action-HQ as of January 27, 2005

Additionally, an eBay auction started on January 26, 2005

Nevermore 2005-02-02 04:41 PM

Alternators Battle Ravage

First retail sighting: February 02, 2005

Nevermore 2005-02-02 08:02 PM

Universe Longhorn, Night Slash Cheetor and Frostbite

Confirmed by Remy February 02, 2005

Nevermore 2005-02-04 07:15 PM

A few days late, but some more stuff from Hong Kong:

Energon Energon Starscream and Roadblock

In stock at Action-HQ as of January 29, 2005

Also confirmed by Remy February 04, 2005

Cyclone_X 2005-02-05 03:41 PM

Energon Combiner limbs in Holland
Supreme Unicron from BTFA found these:
C1 Sledge
C2 Duststorm

A1 Treadshot

that is fast for Europe ;)

to Mods and Admins: I hope this is the correct section, I didn't see a Sightings section

Nevermore 2005-02-05 04:48 PM

Close. This would be optimal, though. ;)

Nevermore 2005-02-06 02:36 PM


Looks like the sighting of Energon Six Shot (which was reported by another board's mod!) was bogus. Oh well:

Hong Kong release.

Energon Six Shot (Shockblast repaint) and Alpha-Quintesson

Reported by charle5! February 06, 2005

Cyclone_X 2005-02-08 05:46 PM

today in Holland:
A2 and A5 (Sky Shadow and Storm Jet)
also Steamhammer (C5 I think)

Nevermore 2005-02-09 06:02 PM

Thanks Cyc, added those. Please remember to provide a BTFA link next time, makes it easier for me to track it down. :)

New Japanese releases:

Galaxy Force GC-10 Nitro Convoy, GC-11 First Aid, GC-12 Skids, GC-13 Autolander and GD-06 Inch Up

Officially released: February 10, 2005

Nevermore 2005-02-10 12:19 AM

United Kingdom:
Energon Bulkhead

First spotted as of February 09, 2005

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