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megassuprume 2005-01-06 11:22 AM

Rumor:No More Energon Downloadable Episodes ON CN
Again This is just a rumor. No more dl ep's on

ssjautobot 2005-01-07 01:48 AM

that pisses me off. i looked forward towards every monday to see the newest energon episode.

megassuprume 2005-01-07 09:32 PM

i know and it is near its end

dEcEpTiCoN MEGAtron 2005-01-07 09:47 PM

Bah. Cartoon sucks. Read the comic so you can get even more pissed when you see that DW stopped it 6 issues before completion.

megassuprume 2005-01-07 09:50 PM

Thanks for the idea. Then i have 2 reasons to go crazy and break stuff.

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