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Denyer 2005-01-12 02:22 PM

ex-Dreamwave staff fight to be paid

Dreamwave issued what appears to be an official statement to its freelancers on January 3rd.


Invoices for any work produced, up to and including today should be forwarded to Dreamwave Productions for assessment. A letter of notification from the "receiving" company will be sent shortly to advise you on the terms of final payment.
As noted by Rich, it doesn't come with any proof of receivership. Perhaps the brothers Lee have simply done a runner over to Dreamengine with the assets and are attempting to forestall claims?

Patyk and McDonough have retained Canadian counsel and sent out a message to other staffers involved. As they note;

The more of us that are involved, the better our chances of actually seeing a result.
One group claim would rank higher for purposes of reclaiming funds from the receivers than would minor creditors, which is what individuals would be classed as under most Western law.

Denyer 2005-01-18 08:04 PM



John Ney Reiber writes:

"the dream circus continues to amuse and astonish. The more I see and hear, the more i feel like i'm watching some dark comedy--an epic clash of alternate realities.

"dream-whatever's press releases continue to dazzle with their camelotian radiance. in glorious Spinworld, you can almost hear the proud banners sighing in the wind as the noble knights who strove so valiantly to rescue a stagnant, relentlessly shrinking comic book market bid their faithful retainers a fond and respectful farewell, and ride off into the sunset.

"meanwhile, in an alternate universe where faithful retainers actually live, pay heating bills, and buy groceries, there's not so much chivalrous trumpeting going on. while at least 17 unpaid freelancers--claiming amounts ranging from $350 to $40,000, or so i'm told--have been informed that a receivership company is now responsible for settling dreamwave's debts, dreamwave seems to be unwilling to disclose the name of the company, or provide the contact information which would enable dreamwave's creditors or their legal representatives to, umm...

"to find out what's really going on.

"lawyers involved have remarked that dreamwave's unresponsiveness on this front was unusual, compared to other companies they've dealt with in similar circumstances.

"one aspect of this situation has struck me as being particularly sad. from the people who've been the most outspoken about this situation to the people who've been watching from the sidelines, a disturbing number of the freelancers involved have been worrying: if they stand up and speak up here and now, will other comic publishers be afraid to work with them in the future? will they be branded as 'difficult?'

"but i believe there's a reason that so many comic book heroes and heroines are courageous and honorable. i believe that most of the people who edit and publish comics believe in that stuff."

You heard the man.

RID Scourge 2005-01-18 09:27 PM

Well, about the only thing good that comes of this is that Pat Lee, who thought he was going to come out smelling like a rose, is coming out of this smelling like what he is--an ass.

CounterPunch 2005-01-18 09:34 PM

now THAT was a cool read

Denyer 2005-01-18 10:22 PM


Originally posted by RID Scourge
thought he was going to come out smelling like a rose
Whilst we're on that subject... I doubt this panel will involve either Pat or Roger, somehow...

Due to Dreamwave Productions ceasing operations the 2005 Convention Exclusive comic has been cancelled. All preorders for this book have been refunded. Fortunately former Dreamwave employees are still interested in attending the convention so the Dreamwave Panel will still be occurring to answer your questions.

March 26th. Put it in your diaries, if we don't hear anything else sooner.

Or as Sipher said: "I am so darkly amused by the possibilities here."

Wildrider 2005-01-18 11:10 PM

Furman, Don, Ng, What's the score?
As there are a few people on this board who seem to be privy to some inside info on the DW debacle has either Furman or Figueroa (?spelling?) made any comment on the proceedings and more so IF they've been approached by Devil's Due (providing they have the franchise) and to what extent if any their involvement will be?
I know Patyk and Mcdonough released a short sharp statement, but not alot more. I wonder if i buy a Wildfur T-Shirt someone will give me a hint Last I heard Sarracini had BIG plans hehe, don't think he'll figure much anymore....poor Superion.

Denyer you're wise in the world of comics, can you tell us owt?

Denyer 2005-01-18 11:28 PM


Originally posted by Wildrider
Furman, Don, Ng, What's the score?
I'm going to presume you intended to reply to one of the current threads on DW rather than create another, and thus not kill you for starting a thread in News to ask questions...

Most of those affected by Dreamwave's shoddy business practises have been reluctant to come forwards because it could affect their dealings with other comics companies.

The most I personally know is that some fellow fans are in rather dire straits because of Pat & Roger's f*ck-ups. It's always the smaller creators who are hit hardest. See that last link for a little more info.

I doubt Furman will come forward in interview until things are resolved, if at all. Ng is similarly keeping quiet at Seibertron, last I noticed.

I figure we'll get an announcement within the next couple of weeks from DD.

CounterPunch 2005-01-19 10:16 AM

last i heard, from things i read on the allspark, joe is pretty in the dark considering...

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