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Jim 2002-02-06 05:14 AM

Excellent DVD News For Australians
Madman Entertainment has aquired the DVD distribution rights to Transformers the Movie.

As for the source material, I believe they will be using the Rhino's clean, restored prints and 5.1 track.

Look for it on DVD this year.

Also, if it sells well, I'd imagine that Madman Ent. might go out and license the Season 1 boxset for release in Australia too. :)

Grimlock 2002-02-06 10:22 AM


WOOHOO! I DON'T HAVE TO IMPORT! er sorry about that.

The people who distributed the film when it first came out and probably the 10 year one as well, was a company named Video Flicks but hey I ain't complaining. Where did you get the info Jim?

Jim 2002-02-06 02:47 PM

I got the news from Madmans website. :)

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