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Black Sideswipe 2002-02-08 03:14 AM

What do you think Armada toys?

I think they're kind of ugly, personally.

Pun-3X 2002-02-08 04:11 AM

They aren't too bad. A little strange on the color schemes.

I really like Demolisher. Not too fond of the minicons myself.

Denyer 2002-02-08 04:17 AM

...I have a feeling that they may turn out to be better when they're actually in our hands. RiD didn't look much as scanned pics, but the new Prowl is one of my fave TFs ever.

They seem a little fat, and the new MicroMasters don't look like anything special, but then again, PM Prime is a brick, and he's cool.

Optimus (without trailer combination) and Megatron look pretty darned cool in robot mods, I feel. :cool:

Great to finally see some pics, anyway. Cheers!

Ravage 2002-02-08 04:30 AM

I love Starscream, Prime is not too bad, I like Megs and Demolisher as well. Some of the mini-cons are intersting the yellow car one in one of the pics with prime looks a bit like Sunstreaker. But all I can say is hey at least it's not Beast Machines :)

Prowl? 2002-02-08 05:55 AM

Here are my reviews so far... I found alot of the names did not seem to suit the bots....

Starscream: freakin awesome....... and with this design, it opens up the potential for the seekers to return....., I dunno....seen better, seen worse...... his tank mode looks alot like tankkor

Optimus: His cab mode looks promising, however, his combined mode looks like crap.

Hot Shot: Car looks ok, but this bot looks too small and too yellow to not have the name 'bumblebee' seem more suitable.

Mini-cons: Suck tremendously..... they look like unproduced tonka-gobots rejects.... and what the hell is hasbro doing tarnishing yet another g1 name by sticking it in a new bot that seems to have NO connection to the original! First it was Grimlock, now perceptor! WTF hasbro! grrrrrrrr.......

Cyclonus: Looks awful.... see above rant for opinions on re-hashing g1 names without a design that out-does the original.

Demolisher: disign and coloring remind me a bit of metroplex, but the legs look pretty bad.....

Red Alert: Nice looking bot, but I think that if hasbro wants to re-hash a g1 name for this bot, they should have used ratchet..... But then again, if this is a continuation of g1, he would be dead.... but at the same time, whats megatron doing here then......?????

Runway:see minicon rant.......

I might buy red alert and starscream, but the rest......
I sure hope wave two is better......

RID Scourge 2002-02-08 06:03 AM

My God . . .
Those things are hideous!!!:eek:

The minicons look like they were put together like lego technic, or an erector set. $5 for a 3 pack? Not even spychangers are that craptacular. Then again, the rid toys looked like open a$$ when I first saw pictures. I'll have to wait until they're in stores.

Holy sh*t, I just noticed that one of the minicons is a bike, and another is a skateboard. WTF?

I really hope that it looks better than the pictures make it look. Their builds look like a bunch of linebackers.

ThunderCracker84 2002-02-08 06:30 AM

One Word:


Blitzwing 2002-02-08 06:58 AM

I think you guys are giving the Minicons less credit than they deserve. Sure they're not too great on their own, but the whole point of them is to combine with the larger bots to make them better, which from what I've seen and read looks pretty cool. The idea that they can unlock hidden features will be a lot of fun when we actually get our hands on them.

I like Megatron's robot mode. Especially the Decepticon symbols on his shoulders. Starscream looks awesome and Red Alert looks pretty good too. Prime doesn't stick out as much as a Prime should, but he still looks pretty good. Haven't seen alt modes for Cyclonus or Demolisher, but I like their robot modes. These guys may be a little ugly, but that doesn't mean they'll be bad toys.

Jetfire 2002-02-08 10:05 AM

Overall they look like a combination of G1 powermasters and RiD.
I wont judge because RiD's best took a while to come out and noone likes optimus as a fire truck untill they saw how awesome the toy actually was.

I still see some useless recycling of G1 names trhat dosent make sense (Preceptor?)
Starscream looks damn good.:cool:

Redalert looks quite good as does Optimus.

Dosent quite seam up to RiD quality and ingenunity of transformation but hasbro's inhouse designs have allways been fatter, less detailed and far less smart as any tf originated in Japan:(

strafefox64 2002-02-08 10:16 AM

Stay back!!!! there are monsters in there!

Ravage 2002-02-08 02:10 PM

The only major worry I have if is Japan gets a full g1 reluanch and we get umm armada :(

Brawn 2002-02-08 04:27 PM

Why does Megatron look so much like a remold of Tankorr?

The others look like crap...

But it's like a not so pretty girl you meet..
First you don't like her, but then ya get to know her and she grows on you.....................Maybe

I'm just redirecting my collecting to G1s

Halfshell 2002-02-08 06:43 PM

Don't slag the Minicons. It isn't easy to engineer some phenomenal beautiful toy and fit it into that size. See the Micromasters for proof.

With the exception of a few (Optimus in particular...), it really looks like Hasbro are going with the same approach to vehicle design that they showed in Beast Machines (ie blocky thangs). And Demolishor is ugly as sin. Starscream's head is too small.

But I'll wait and see. Keep an open mind and all that jazz... I wasn't really keen on Beast Wars when I first saw it...

Shrapnel Clone 2002-02-08 08:38 PM

A bike and a skateboard?! Now I've seen it all..... ;)

Megatron and little Prime look okay in Robotmode, but I'm not too fond of the others. I'll wait for better pics before I judge them.

Denyer 2002-02-08 10:12 PM

I think...
...they're going to be fun to play with, even if they're not the shelf ornaments many collectors would prefer.

RID Scourge 2002-02-08 10:19 PM

I really will have to have them in hand to make a good judgement. They look ugly as sin in those pictures, but then again, so did RID. The RID toys looked a lot better than their pictures made them out to be.

Alpha Trion 2002-02-09 10:04 AM

Megatron's alt mode looks pretty cheap. You have to search for Starscream's head. Demolisher looks like a sumo. I noticed they all look like they've had a fair amount of paint wear, whether or not that is intentional I don't know. These remind me a lot of the G2 toys, except they're not as good. I'm just rambling here, pay no mind.

Halfshell 2002-02-09 11:54 AM

Is it my imagination...
... or does High-Wire bear more than a passing resemblance to Cy-Kill?

Ravage_mk2 2002-02-09 04:46 PM

Re: Is it my imagination...

Originally posted by Brendocon
... or does High-Wire bear more than a passing resemblance to Cy-Kill?

I'd agree on that one. The Prime shown in the Leader.jpg link at the start doesn't look bad. I read they were also gonna try a tv show. Lets hope most characters are drawn better then they are cast...

*Predaking* 2002-02-10 07:32 AM

My initial impression is that Armada is crap and won't live up to the standards set by RiD. That being said I still may buy Megatron and Starscream and hear the reviews for the rest. At least it's looking like I will be able to save up some money from not buying Armada and use them for G1 TFs that I still want. If Scourge is out I'd be a very happy man though.

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