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TFArchive 2002-02-22 12:55 PM

Please Don't use Download Accelerator on my site anymore!
Hi everyone.

First I want to explain my reasoning. This week I only posted the TF ep on one download server (the biggest one) to see if it could handle the load alone. And it did pretty well, it was still full a few times during the week but overall it handled everything fine. The reason I tried that is so that I could close the 4 other accounts, I need to save that $80/month. With the new dedicated server, my hosting costs have gone upto about $600 Canadian/month so I need to try and reduce some areas. And if one server can handle the load then great.

Now the next point, half the time when the server is full it is because people are tying up more than one connection to the server. Download Accelerator is the worst for this, when you say download an episode or a movie, it will try to open as many connections to the site as possible to maximize its speed. This technically does work but on a site that only can handle 32 connections at once. When someone ties up 4+ connections it will cause other people problems when downloading. Here are a couple samples of log entries showing what it does:

203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:39 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 200 6193152
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:40 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6193152
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:43 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6217728
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:43 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6209536
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:44 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6086656
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:44 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 112304
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:44 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6184960
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:44 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6193152
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:44 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 39038
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:44 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6184960
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:44 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6012928
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:44 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 6201344
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:45 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 19519
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:45 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 65536
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:45 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 65536
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:45 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 204800
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:46 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 65536
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:46 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 65536
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:46 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 65536
203.164.250.x - - [21/Feb/2002:00:26:47 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 65536

24.82.49.x - - [21/Feb/2002:19:07:36 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 200 12378112
24.82.49.x - - [21/Feb/2002:19:07:48 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 12328960
24.82.49.x - - [21/Feb/2002:19:07:49 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 12312576
24.82.49.x - - [21/Feb/2002:19:08:08 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 12255740
24.82.49.x - - [21/Feb/2002:19:08:41 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 1056768
24.82.49.x - - [21/Feb/2002:19:08:45 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 598016
24.82.49.x - - [21/Feb/2002:19:08:56 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 1277952
24.82.49.x - - [21/Feb/2002:19:08:58 -0800] "GET /movies/ep/tf/ HTTP/1.1" 206 1531904

Now in the first example we see that DA is splitting the file into 6 meg chunks and trying to download them all at once. But the server is full, partly from him. The number at the end is the number of bytes downloaded and 65536 means the site was full.

And the second user is on a cable modem so why is he using DA when he can download fast already? DA was designed for people with crappy dialup connections who have trouble getting their max speed off a download site (ie from microsoft or asus), The major sites can afford to let you open several connections but my site isn't large enough to support that.

So please people, set DA to only use 1 connection or use another download manager, like Getright or Gozilla, they are both great programs and don't default to hammering the site your downloading from.

Thank you, I'm just trying to make everything better for everyone. It isn't fair that a few people can hog the servers when others can't get on at all.

end rant :)

StoneCold Skywarp 2002-02-22 01:38 PM

you've gotta hand it to him, when he posts, he posts with a good reason ;)

And you people think we all kid with this bandwidth thing....

Jetfire 2002-02-22 08:10 PM

Right boss.
geeezzzzzzzzz. Didnt think the site alone cost so much a month to maintain. Gotta click those pop-ups a fair bit more.

Plasmodium 2002-02-22 09:14 PM

Hmmm, better stop using DA then, and im on cable....

RID Scourge 2002-02-22 10:36 PM

No wonder it took me over a year to get all the episodes . . .

Denyer 2002-02-23 12:07 AM

...I think people ought to be tarred and feathered for using lamer software such as Download Accelerator unless they understand how it works and are prepared to be banned from accessing the sites they hammer. If you don't know what you're doing, don't frickin' do it.

NrKy 2002-02-26 12:09 PM

well, actually, dap was designed for people on cable that hafta downlaod from sh**ty slow servers (like fileplanet, grrrrrrrrrrr), and want the fastest speed.

now, when one clicks the link for the file in the browser, for some ghey reason, dap likes to open a magic conenction to the server to see the ping (f***ed if i know why it cant just ping the mofo), and ur server reads that as a connection attempt, and cracks the s**ts. so it thinks its hammering the server, when in fact its sstill only downloading one file at a time

Denyer 2002-02-26 03:26 PM

It's my...

Originally posted by NrKy
downlaod from sh**ty slow servers (like fileplanet, grrrrrrrrrrr), and want the fastest speed.
...experience that DA defaults to opening four connections to the same file (with a permissible maximum of eight.) Now, it doesn't have to; you can simply use one and still get the resume functionality. However, there are too many dumb@$$es out there with no knowledge of basic server setup... including, it seems, the authors of the software.

Given that there are other freebie (well, ad-supported) d/l managers out there, the inherent unfriendliness of DA toward targets ought to warn away users who don't like their requests being kicked repeatedly.

HyPeR_Aj 2002-03-17 09:49 AM

This may seem like a very stupid question.

But how do i set dap to use only 1 connection at a time????

I would use some of the other download programs but i paid for dap because i hate useless adds and dont like using the other download managers.

HyPeR_Aj 2002-03-17 12:23 PM

Dont worry everyone i figured it out...stupid windows is so shit screws up everything.. :)

NrKy 2002-03-18 02:57 AM

dap can be set to open one connection, and limit it to one transfer at a time, but it still opens its magical useless pinging connection to see the size of the file to find mirrors, and u cant disable that

Denyer 2002-03-18 03:05 AM

Essentially...'s not very well written.

Astrotrain255 2002-06-10 06:58 AM

not fair
I'm afraid people keep using Da and disrespecting the rules,now that the episodes have rotated-since saturday is nearly impossible to get a download..EVEN in the most bizarre hours(like 5am)the server shows busy message!I got a 128kb cable and follow all rules stated in the main pages-including the 60 seconds wait for retry...and cant download still...please help me out...sorry guys but i am in despair!

StoneCold Skywarp 2002-06-10 07:12 AM

Generally when the episodes do rotate the servers get blitzed, despite people sticking to the rules. It's best to hold off a couple of weeks so people get what they need, and don't hammer the server in the meantime.

Patience is a virtue....

zerocon 2002-06-12 10:59 AM

get right has the option to segment the dl's can we still do that?
just give they word chief.

TFArchive 2002-06-12 11:29 AM

Please do not allow Getright to segment downloads, that ties up multiple connections on the server, which it can't spare.


giltygear 2002-07-31 06:22 PM


Originally posted by TFArchive
Please do not allow Getright to segment downloads, that ties up multiple connections on the server, which it can't spare.
Hm... When I use GetRight, it says "Server does not support resuming"

ThePeacemkr2 2002-10-18 11:24 PM

Well, if getright says server doesnt support resuming, true, it means u cant resume d/load if u pause or lose it... but it also means that it cant segmented d/load it, seeing as theres no place to start the other segments. thats probably a good thing for the site, specially seeing as eps r going down nyways, so most people should get last ones they want b4 servers go down.

Plasmodium 2003-05-26 01:54 AM

Is this topic really worth keeping?

Cliffjumper 2003-05-26 01:58 AM

dude! it's classic! don't knock the topic!

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