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Halfshell 2002-02-23 04:18 PM

Transforce 2002
Saturday 10th August
Fairfield Halls, Croydon

Guests to include Simon Furman, Lew Stringer, Kev Hopgood and Steve White.

NrKy 2002-02-24 05:20 AM

grrr why cant there be more of a fanbase for tf here in australia

Jetfire 2002-02-24 11:59 PM

Great. DEFENTLY going this time as long as I'm in the country (not down under for various reasons :-/)

Analog 2002-03-15 12:56 AM

Yeah im in Australia too..theres nuthing here..i wish we had some botcon or sumthing.

Mirage 2002-03-17 12:36 PM

I'm goin', who's comin' with me?

Cliffjumper 2002-04-01 07:48 PM

I might actually make this one...

TF @ The Moon 2002-04-02 03:47 PM

I thought there were some in Aus?

Least there certainly was a few, just small meet ups by people mainly from what we've read on Aus Fan sites.

You do realise it is supposedly 2 days this year!!! We'll just be there day 1, spending cash, laughing at the prices and gettign lost on the train. Same as every year really

Grimlock 2002-04-03 12:12 AM

Australia actually does have a rather large fan base but there is no convention dedicated to Transformers, which sucks.

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