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Aardvark 2006-06-24 12:31 AM

Open Casting Call For Transformers Movie

Open Casting Call for Michael Bay Feature Film
Friday June 23, 7:13 pm ET

LOS ANGELES, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Central Casting is holding an open call for 16 & 17 year olds and 18-23 year olds that look like High School students for the new Michael Bay feature film, "Transformers." We need SAG Members and Non-Union. The scheduled work dates are July 10-12, 2006. Dates are subject to change. The open call will be held at Central Casting in Burbank, CA. Anyone interested in attending should call 818-503-3329 for more information.

The Open Call will be held:
Date: Thursday, June 29, 2006
Time: 5PM - 8PM
Location: Central Casting
220 South Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502

Central Casting is the largest extras casting company in the world and has been in business since 1925. The company casts extras for film, television, and commercials. Central Casting is a division of Entertainment Partners.

Denyer 2006-06-24 12:44 AM

Can 16 year olds be held to an NDA?

Sades 2006-06-24 12:48 AM

If I were anywhere near Cali I'd so go. I still get ID'd when I buy cigs/booze/lotto tickets...

Clay 2006-06-24 01:00 AM


Originally posted by Denyer
Can 16 year olds be held to an NDA?
I'd gamble they can be as long as the contract is signed along with a parent.

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