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Aardvark 2006-09-06 04:49 PM

Transformers Spotlight: Sixshot Art Du Jour


Today the spotlight falls on SIXSHOT, as the DECEPTICONS' living weapon- teetering on the edge of a potentially catastrophic mental breakdown- goes in search of the TERRORCONS, the mysterious Reapers and, perhaps, redemption. Written by Simon Furman and featuring pencils, inks, and colors by Rob Ruffolo. Coming in December.

RID Scourge 2006-09-06 04:53 PM

How . . . ummm . . . masculine. :wtf:

Clogs 2006-09-06 04:58 PM


Originally posted by RID Scourge
How . . . ummm . . . masculine. :wtf:
Thank goodness someone else replied first and put the obvious observation so very politely.

Denyer 2006-09-06 05:21 PM

It's better than Micromasters so far, although those legs are rather short.

Sixshot originally had an oversized crotch, so that part's actually quite accurate...

Let's see if he can draw other Transformers without them now, eh?

Jaynz 2006-09-06 05:31 PM

It's not THAT bad. My God, the fembots must RUN AWAY when they see that guy coming!

Cliffjumper 2006-09-06 05:34 PM

Why are people so obsessed with Transformers' crotches again?

I forecast a 7:1 "OMG! He has a knob" : actual interest in comic reply ratio.

Denyer 2006-09-06 05:53 PM

Because Sixy has an easy-glide treadwheel on his?

Um... I mean... uh, the colouring's rather reminiscent of 80s boxart, isn't it?

RID Scourge 2006-09-06 06:17 PM


Originally posted by Denyer
Sixshot originally had an oversized crotch, so that part's actually quite accurate...
True. Still, it's quite a bit . . . pronounced, and it probably doesn't help matters that he's thrusting his pelvis like Quagmire at the Playboy Mansion. Giggitty, giggity!

Cliffjumper 2006-09-06 06:27 PM


Originally posted by Denyer
Because Sixy has an easy-glide treadwheel on his?
He probably uses it for doing Nightbird LOL

T.V. 2006-09-06 09:05 PM

First piece of IDW TF art that I find totally unimpressive.

The line art is just poorly drawn, with lots of mistakes a professional artist shouldn't make.

Cliffjumper 2006-09-06 09:09 PM

The head I don't like... it looks like it's teetering on the edge of his chest, like Ruffalo forgot to draw it in initially or something. And is it me, or does the way his right arm is behind the wing while the left is miles in front just look not quite right? I'm not familiar with the animation model or the toy, but that just doesn't seem to make sense...

Osku 2006-09-07 10:08 AM

Not impressed. I generally dislike posing pictures, especially if that's going to be a cover. White lines around the robot doesn't help either. :(

Plus this doesn't give any indication if he has improved story telling wise (panel layouts etc.) Will judge after seeing actual story pages.

Bluecatcinema 2006-09-07 11:01 AM

Alright! Sixy and the Terrorcons have always been some of my favourite transformers!

Halfshell 2006-09-07 12:25 PM

When's it out?

I'm all confused by what's coming out when... this is after Shockwave and Nightbeat, yeah? I really should, like, order some stuff from Mr Bax....

Denyer 2006-09-07 01:20 PM

*hits Brend over head with the site*

World's greatest detective? Sleeping off Alfred's home-still gin...

Halfshell 2006-09-07 01:39 PM

Oh, like I read the site.

I thought I remembered something like that floating about, but couldn't be sure if it had actually come to fruition or was just theoretical.

[/"and why should I look when people are so helpful anyway?" attitude]

Cliffjumper 2006-09-07 01:42 PM

Right, is my babbling about the perspectives right, or is it nonsense and you're all too scared to diss my momma? I'm going crazy here trying to pose like that and work out where my arms are...

Halfshell 2006-09-07 02:00 PM

Nah, looks about workable to me. Gotta remember that Sixshot's joints aren't entirely human in physiology... rotate in different places and whatnot... not necessarily comfortable...

backlash3906 2006-09-07 03:02 PM


Originally posted by RID Scourge
How . . . ummm . . . masculine. :wtf:
That's the least of it... `.` If this were Beast Machines I'd venture a guess he could be smuggling sparks in there.

Clogs 2006-09-07 04:18 PM

Like it says - Solo Transformer Assult Group.

Can live with the art, esp. as Sixshot has, like, six modes to move his body through and that must mean some unusual joints even by TF standards. The persepctive is odd, though, as he looks to be about to topple backwards. Would be nice to see some frames from the story in order to make a better judgement.

Heck - would be nice to actually get hold of any of the one-shots, let alone the Six!

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