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numbat 2006-10-21 10:48 AM

Transformers Movie Figures up for Pre-order at UK Site

Dunno if anyone else has noticed, and I've been out of the loop for the last week for family matters, but I see Forbidden Planet have Deluxe Optimus Prime and Deluxe Starscream from the movie up for preorder, priced at 16.99 ($32) and said to be available from 14th April (although they have been wildly out before with other TFs... and they certainly have the movie release date wrong, unless I've missed something huge!).

Starscream -

Optimus Prime -

They also have the Classics Legends figures up for 4.99.

I have had bad experiences ordering TFs from Forbidden OPlanet before, but I do believe that was just bad luck (Dodge Ram Prime was an ultimate nightmare...).

Sorry if I am rehashing!

Nevermore 2006-10-21 05:50 PM


inflatable dalek 2006-10-21 05:52 PM

Ohhhh. Cybertronian modes. I wasn't expecting those to get a release...

Pun-3X 2006-10-21 05:54 PM

Don't care for Prime. Starscream looks interesting though. And the idea of them transforming into these "entry mode" formats--probably what Bay decided to have them do instead of arrive on a ship.

Fallen In Darkness 2006-10-21 07:44 PM

They seem interesting.And very futuristic as cybertrons modes should be.Though Prime from behind seems like he transforms into a fish ... And Starscream's face is a more morbid than the usual one ... still not simillar to the usual one. Finally transformations seems very similar... to my eyes of course.

Denyer 2006-10-21 07:55 PM

The similarities to Optimus Primal and Jetfire (despite the very different colours on the latter -- look at the back of box pic for where I'm coming from) aren't accidental, are they?

another tf fan 2006-10-21 08:29 PM

they say movie preview on them... are they going to be hard to get?

Zisteau 2006-10-21 09:07 PM

Those are...bland. Nothing really sets one apart from another except for a mild palette swap. Bland colors, bland design, bland alternate modes, yech.


Cliffjumper 2006-10-21 11:17 PM

Designs aren't bad, it's the colours... those really look like partially painted prototypes...

another tf fan 2006-10-22 02:42 AM

i think the packaging is cool, if a bit like Star Wars.

numbat 2006-10-22 02:57 PM

I like the idea, but am not convinced - particularly the colours!

Also, if those are the chaps appearing for pre-order everywhere, how big are they? It strikes me they look rather overpriced...

And the transformations do look quite similar, but you can't really tell from the photos.

(The handles on their backs are a bitty strange, but perhaps all will become clear...)

Wildfire Herald 2006-10-22 04:39 PM

How does Starscream go from "fairly normal robot" in protoform mode to "hulking gorilla robot with no hands" in the final form?

T.V. 2006-10-22 05:17 PM

By getting (partially) rebuilt through the aid of nanomachines.

By taking on an alt mode that's a lot bigger than he used to accomodate (F-22), he'll need to significantly adapt his endoskeleton.

Starscream does have hands in both his protoform and planetside mode.
The F-22 based robot mode just happens to have "barrel roll blasters" pinched inbetween his claws/fingers.

His weapons extend from his forarms through his hands, Wolverine style.
Launchers are just a tad bigger than blades, though. ;)

Jaynz 2006-10-22 08:12 PM

You know, I'm not fond of these as Transformers.. but Hasbro could have a hit on thier hands with them if they made their own Sentai line and made use of these designs in , say , 2008 or 2009.

Springer007 2006-10-22 09:22 PM

I dunno if i should be impressed or disgusted. The forms look blocky to say the least in vehicle mode. If i wanted a brick that transformed to humanoid robot, I would have just bougth old G1 toys *laughs*. The robot modes are realistic though, so no complaints there, but just those alternate modes bug the living crap out of me! Other than that, those are my biggest complaints.

The hands do look interesting also, and maybe these are just prototypes for the final toy itself where they will work out all the bugs hopefully? <------------- I am just hoping my comment is true and we will se vast improvements within the next few months.

Cunning Ravage 2006-10-22 09:38 PM

My biggest problem is that their Alt-mods look almost exactly the same.

Petatron 2006 2006-10-23 03:53 AM

oh well...

at least theres the option of pre-earth TF's...

Halfshell 2006-10-23 07:38 AM

Awh... they turn into ickle stasis pods.


Angelophile 2006-10-23 10:50 AM


Originally posted by Wildfire Herald
How does Starscream go from "fairly normal robot" in protoform mode to "hulking gorilla robot with no hands" in the final form?
Cos these designs are a lot newer and they hears the screaming about Gorillascream and streamlined his design for the movie?

There was always the strong possibility that previously leaked designs weren't anywhere near final, and Megatron's head's certainly changing, so chances are Starscream's changed too.

another tf fan 2006-10-23 11:47 PM

These robots are starting to grow on me.

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