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Wedge O Spite 2002-03-14 02:27 PM

what's Peter Cullen up to these days?
well, since it seems like David Hasselhoff can not help himself from flogging a dead horse, *another* Knight Rider movie is coming out. Titled 'Super Knight Rider 3000', you'd think it might be japanese or something! Anyway, lists Mr. Cullen as reprising his voice-role of K.A.R.R. in the latest movie.

Quick Switch 2002-03-14 02:51 PM

Mr. Cullen's back doing movie previews.

Evidently he's been picked up by Cartoon Network to pitch the new shows (I remember him doing this for Gundam Wing and Outlaw Star).

The Green Knight 2002-03-14 02:55 PM

The return of the Knight Automated Roving Robot?


I guess somebody went back to that dry creek bed and put the pieces back together again.

Blaster_86 2002-03-16 05:53 AM

Never saw the original knight rider and I'm, not gonna see this one.

The Green Knight 2002-03-17 12:16 PM

Why not give it a try? I think TF fans would like it more than the average person, since it has an artificial intelligence in an automobile body, and the car is invulernable and all tricked out with gadgets.

And one of K.I.T.T.'s enemies is his predecessor, the aforementioned Knight Automated Roving Robot, a prototype gone bad. K.A.R.R. would have made a great Decepticon, despite not being able to transform.

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