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Denyer 2007-03-21 12:41 AM

If you've joined the official club recently

"i was triple billed on my credit card. they said they were going to start contacting people today. there automated billing service went crazy and started mass billing people. over 50 people had been double and triple charged. when i contacted them. they were very helpful in solving the problem and refunding my money and will contact your bank if you get introuble for being over drafted. the number is 1-817-448-9863"

"It happened to a lot of us who ordered Nemesis Prime from them."

NullVoid 2007-03-23 01:28 AM

Oh poop. It's good I didn't join or anything. I'm thinkin' about it. I'd honestly have to get permission though (Only 13 :\ )

Denyer 2007-03-23 01:41 AM

If you're in the US and going to BotCon, it's a good break on the prices. Otherwise it's probably worth sitting down and working out how much the "free" basic toy and a few pages of comic every so often are worth to you, bearing in mind that for the same outlay you could get figures at retail or trade paperbacks.

RID Scourge 2007-03-23 03:14 AM

I was thinking of joining the Joe club. They're exclusives are quite nice, and some of the figures are from recovered molds that hasbro, themselves, couldn't find. Though, I'm a bit weary, hearing this. Didn't they have this problem before? Maybe I'll wait until the summer, when they aren't taking quite as many orders . . .

Denyer 2007-03-23 03:27 AM

The Nemesis Prime thing was a while back, so yes, it seems to be recurrent.

RID Scourge 2007-03-23 03:53 AM

Well, I'll have to be watching my statement that particular month, if I do join and order a whole bunch of stuff . . . Thanks for posting this.

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