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Denyer 2007-03-28 10:29 PM

IDW Movie stuff is doing well so far

First two issues have sold out through Diamond.

Now, a "sell out" isn't what it might have been some years ago, and Diamond are very cagey about giving out exact figures, hence the rigmarole with reverse-engineering them from rankings and calculating on the basis of Batman.

On the other hand, I'd guess the prequel may well have bigger print runs than the other books by quite some margin, especially when you consider the interest shown by Titan in the UK and deals to get TPBs of it into more general interest stores.

So, it seems to be going down well.

Neuronutter 2007-03-29 02:28 PM

Good news for IDW. Sales from this and the four week movie adaptation run should help keep the TF franchise running. I wonder how many who pick up the movie books will jump to the G1 ongoing?

Commander Shockwav 2007-03-29 05:00 PM

Good news indeed. :)

Sure, the Hot Rod spotlight sold out, but it was only produced at -probably 15,000 copies.

With the movie prequel, where I'm sure IDW produced at least twice as many issues, a sellout means BIG sales.

Predacons 2007-03-30 12:10 PM

Do I ever hope you're right about it resulting in big sales. Do we have any clue what percentage IDW overprinted the 1st printing of these? I wonder if there are any plans to take a 2nd printing to press? Because while a sellout is good news...I'd love to hear that they're doing a second printing, which would obviously mean more sales!! I'm trying to reserve excitement over this until I see the actual numbers.

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