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Nevermore 2007-03-30 11:36 PM

Movie TV trailer "Hidden"!

trilobitepictures 2007-03-31 12:52 AM

And meanwhile over at Sector Seven ...


password: FWIFFO

Clay 2007-03-31 02:11 AM

Starscream popping out of jet mode to grab onto the underside of a bridge, swinging around and landing in robot mode within one second is absolutely neat.

This'll be a great popcorn movie at the very least.

Ackula 2007-03-31 07:43 AM

I'm finally starting to feel pumped about this movie! Seeing Starscream fly by, grab hold of that bridge, and flip up onto it was just like...whoa.

So yeah..I'm starting to look forward to this movie, I'd really like to see a clip where the bots speak me I just can't picture them with dialouge at this point...they don't look like they would be able to show emotion very well....but we shall see!

Megatimus 2007-03-31 08:38 AM

Screamy! I love how organic those Transformers feel as they move!

CounterPunch 2007-03-31 11:51 AM

I am officially 100% behind this movie now, before I was like 70% kinda "yeah I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not sure" this though, Starscream made it all good for me!

Blitzwing's Ghost 2007-03-31 03:15 PM

Sweet Robo-god of mercy YESS!!!! This film is looking better each time something is leaked or released. If this doesn't beat spidey the 3rd in box office sales then the world has gone mad.

NullVoid 2007-04-01 02:04 AM

Actually when I saw Screamer originally I was unimpressed... BUT in action he is amazing! WOW (And not the MMO :| bad joke )

slartibartfast 2007-04-01 03:32 AM


Originally posted by NullVoid
not the MMO

funny that it's starscream, of all people, that clinches it, ay ?

SenahBirdR 2007-04-01 06:36 AM

If Bay's claim on the action holds true I think I will be more thoroughly impressed with the movie than I had expected. Still holding back so I don't get disappointed.

Those transformations look superb. Athough I disagree with certain style changes and names attached to which character at least every robot I have seen so far is impressive.

numbat 2007-04-01 05:20 PM

I really am loving these designs more and more (and I started out liking them). Ironhide totally rocks!

Very nice (and potentially risky) move to use Starscream as one of the very few clear 'wow' shots that ever make it into trailers - but then, with it looking that good, I think they must have known it was in the bag!

The film is at least gonna be pretty!


another tf fan 2007-04-02 01:01 AM


Originally posted by slartibartfast
funny that it's starscream, of all people, that clinches it, ay ?
That is an ironic twist. I already said this movie was going to kick your ass, I'm starting to feel not so alone in my opinion.

Starscream was the "wow" in these new trailers, but Bumblebee's transformation was also a treat.

This is getting good... he he, i'm giddy.


I noticed Victor Caroli's voice at the end of the "Hidden" trailer.

Clogs 2007-04-02 07:50 PM

'Bee is too tall. Waaaaay too tall! And there's still no reason why if they are simply folding out a car.

And Screamer..... flies like an angel, looks like an ape. Guess it is the contrast between the air and land forms they're going for.

But by golly heck, those TFs rock. :smokin:

Denyer 2007-04-02 07:51 PM


Originally posted by trilobitepictures
password: FWIFFO


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