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ThunderCracker84 2002-03-25 09:19 PM

Anime Bluestreak and Gold Jazz pic

Bluestreak looks alot like the first, but I will still get one.

As for gold Jazz, he looks like complete and utter crap. The coloring just looks terrible. I hope they will get sold as individuals cause the gold jazz is not a fig that I want to waste my money on

RID Scourge 2002-03-25 10:51 PM

Are they going to release an original colors Jazz? That's what I want. I may get the bluestreak, but I all ready have him anyway (not the Anime colors, though).

Denyer 2002-03-25 11:14 PM


Sades 2002-03-26 06:57 PM

I second that... I prefer my old, beaten up Jazz toy that can't stand without help to that golden monstrosity, thankyaveddymuch...

...Though I wouldn't mind the Bluestreak, not owning much in the way of G1...

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