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Detective Barricade 2008-07-15 02:03 PM

I thought that only Leader Bulkhead could do the "chair mode"...:confused:

Sunstreaker2 2008-07-15 02:03 PM

I got Movie Premium Optimus Prime a few days ago. Now I have the last Movie toy I wanted, and the best part was, he was on sale!

Catalyst Dragon 2008-07-16 05:45 AM

G1: Frenzy-
G1: Brawn-a garage sale

Classics 2.0:

Animated:Jazz, Optimus/Megatron DVD boxed set. -

Ackula 2008-07-17 05:29 AM

Henkai Rodimus Prime came in the mail today, from the BBTS pre-order ages ago. I had almost forgot I ordered it after all this time. Now if the Encore Mini-bots would hurry up and ship out....

Jaynz 2008-07-17 05:37 AM

Ebay win:
*Botcon Thundercracker (A replacement.. *sigh*)

Treadshot A1 2008-07-17 06:01 AM


Originally Posted by TFVanguard (Post 618306)
Ebay win:
*Botcon Thundercracker (A replacement.. *sigh*)

Just curious, why not get the henkei exclusive TC, that's on preorder on BBTS?

Jaynz 2008-07-17 06:04 AM


Originally Posted by Treadshot A1 (Post 618309)
Just curious, why not get the henkei exclusive TC, that's on preorder on BBTS?

I would have, but I lucked out on the auction and got it at a pretty good and low price. (The pre-order would have been more). I've been low-balling auctions for some replacement pieces lately, and it's been working out pretty well.

Got to be patient, though. The amounts that some people are asking for the most rediculous stuff is getting insane. Someone's trying to sell a LOSE Energon Bruticus for like $160 ... you can import that Japanese version, sealed, for half that.

ganon578 2008-07-17 10:52 AM

And my Classics collection is now soon to be complete, I just picked up Ultra Magnus and Skywarp, can't wait until they come in! They better ship fast!!!

Blackjack 2008-07-17 01:32 PM

Animated Soundwave, Blitzwing, Oil Slick and Snag (Snarl/Slag). Soon I'm gonna get my hands on Universe toys...

Ackula 2008-07-17 02:31 PM

My wife just brought me home a gift about 10 minutes ago, in the form of..

*Universe Prowl from Wal*Mart in Porterville, CA

..Haven't opened him yet, but looks very promising.

burnitall 2008-07-19 12:42 AM

I just got universes Prowl, Sunstreaker, and Tankor from my local Wal mart. woo hoo!

wolfbolt86 2008-07-21 08:11 PM

I just got the JP version of Laser Prime from Ebay. Came in an hour ago. Very nice.

Vincent 2008-07-22 09:07 AM


Originally Posted by ganon578 (Post 618330)
And my Classics collection is now soon to be complete, I just picked up Ultra Magnus and Skywarp, can't wait until they come in! They better ship fast!!!

Ooh,nice. I always wanted Skywarp.

My latest acquisitions in the past week or so include Henkei Astrotrain (as ifyou didn't know already :p) and Movie Stockade.

ganon578 2008-07-22 11:07 AM

Ultra Magnus & Skywarp got here yesterday! And they're just as sweet as I thought they'd be. The Classics seeker mold is just awesome.

Sunstreaker2 2008-07-22 11:11 AM

Got Universe Prowl and Sunstreaker on Sunday. Both very nice. Except for Prowl's sticky paint on his fenders (and now, his roof) At first I couldn't get Sunstreaker's hood chest to sit straight, but I managed to fix that.

ganon578 2008-07-23 01:36 PM

I almost forgot! I recently added a Classics Bumblebee to my collection via a certain auction site we all know. Got it cheap too, around $5 auction sale!

Jaynz 2008-07-24 07:33 PM

Energon Inferno came in today, which will fill in for Classics Inferno, so far as I'm concerned. :) I'll probably scour the Energon figures for all their blatant homages as my next run...

numbat 2008-07-24 09:30 PM

I just got Henkei Astrotrain through today.

I started work at 3am this morning and he was waiting for me when I got home at 3pm. (But I then spent 4 hours cleaning and waxing my Land Rover, but it's as shiny as it can be now, and loads of mud has returned to the biosphere...)

He's really nifty.

I've not had time to have him alongside Classics, so I'm not sure which I prefer, but there's no doubt the paint apps are better and I love the chrome! He's got purple chrome around his silver chrome boosters, and purple chrome underneath the red stripes on his chest (the V that the tailplane splits into), which is a really very nice touch.

Vincent 2008-07-24 10:05 PM

^Awesome, isn't it? =)

I have 2 worries. Have you managed to fold the nozzles completely in robot-mode? It just feels like it should stick more to the back.

Also, I worry that tail-fin thing (the thing on his chest) might break.

PresidentSEARS 2008-07-24 11:21 PM

Regardless of what I've purchased, the only thing worth mentioning is that I picked up the one and only beautiful G1 Blast Off for only 10p (along with a bag of 80/90's toys including a near complete Lion-O, Brett Hart and Ultimate Warrior, 2 ghostbusters monsters and captain planet)

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