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praetorian 2009-11-07 05:19 AM

New HASBRO/Discovery Television Network
Here's a brief look at the new Hasbro/Discovery Television Network lineup:

Transformers: "Hunt for the Decepticons"

Might be the name for the new TV series, or something else. I'm guessing it has something to do with the NEST Global Alliance stuff. Maybe that's why we're getting a new Bludgeon and movie-style Lockdown.

Also, Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci are involved in the "programming."

Summerhayes 2009-11-08 07:26 PM

hmm . . . I'm not going to get my hopes up. Sounds like a one-off, robot-lite TV special

burnitall 2009-11-08 07:31 PM

Sounds like a game title.

Brimstone 2009-11-08 09:24 PM

It's unfortunate Prime in Revenge of the fallen specifically stated how many Decepticons they'd encountered in the previous two years. Otherwise, that could have opened up that time period for more of a TV serial type show.

As it stands though, there'd only be 6 interesting episodes. ;)

Cliffjumper 2009-11-08 09:36 PM

If it is tied into the Movie-verse, I can see it being more set between RotF and Triumph of Jolt, myself - the only problem is whether Paramount would want (or be able) to play ball; cramming the thing with all those shitty extra toys would look astonishingly stupid when the third film comes along and all the new characters are new new (as they will be) and there's no sign of awful Cybertron recolours, computer game drones and the like. Plus, as IDW have demonstrated, they'd be on a hiding to nothing trying to get close to the visuals in a different medium.

Nah, they'll do the same sort of thing as Animated and try and strike out for a different style, surely?

praetorian 2009-11-09 05:00 AM

Seasons 2 and 3 of TF:A were tops for me on TF shows. Easily because the toys are so wicked and the G1-esque characters and designs. But, also because the storyline was pretty good. I guess I can't imagine what they'll do to top that, except continue (maybe with Galvatron as leader).

But a transition from ROTF to Transformers & G.I. Joe in 2011 could be a possibility. ;)

Blackjack 2009-11-09 11:27 AM

Might be a one-shot, but who knows? 'Hunt for the Decepticons' isn't that catchy as a show title, in any case. What would fans shorten it to? Transformers: HD? Transformers HftD?

Still, knowing that there's more coming down the line is good.

Rattrap's tail 2009-11-09 03:51 PM

That depends on the result, if it looks like the Unicron Triology, it'll be crap.If it looks like Beast Wars or Animated, it'll probably be great.

Clogs 2009-11-09 06:05 PM

Nothing to see... move along :noevil:

...there's more information on My Little Pony! (why is there no smilie for 'arrghhh!'?)

praetorian 2009-11-27 05:52 AM

The guys at moonbase2 interviewed David Wise, who was the writer for several G1 episodes. He's apparently working on a new project for Hasbro.

Link for podcast:

Summary and report at

Cliffjumper 2009-11-27 11:30 AM

David Wise? Bloody hell, if that doesn't kill off Transformers, nothing will. They might as well exhume Don Glut (I'm guessing he's dead, the world can't be that unfair).

Halfshell 2009-11-27 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by Cliffjumper (Post 672902)
(I'm guessing he's dead, the world can't be that unfair).

Well karma only caught up with Barry Letts this year, and he perpetrated more crimes longer ago.

Cliffjumper 2009-11-27 11:42 AM

Good point. A quick look at Wikipedia shows us that best-selling author (Empire Strikes Back novelisation) Donald Fail Glut is alive and well.

Nevermore 2009-11-27 06:16 PM

Glut was alive and dissing the first Bay movie as of last year.

Cliffjumper 2009-11-27 06:20 PM

I suspect even the fine patina of characterisation given to some characters was just too much for his feeble mind.

inflatable dalek 2009-11-28 08:40 PM

I've listened to the Wise interview. He actually wrote some of my favourite episodes of the original (whether it was the deeply silly nostalgia I have for Rebirth or War Dawn which I think is actually extremely good) and I thought the interview on the Rhino DVD was excellent, especially for shooting down the "There were loads of unaired season 4 episodes" stuff.

The Moonbase 2 interview initially starts off making him look like an egotistical twerp; claiming the success of the films is entirely down to the cartoon making sure people know who the characters are (and effectively disproving that moments later by not being able to remember Jazz' name) or that he's was the secret creator of Turtles. But once it gets going it gets a lot better and more fun and he wins points for answering the Dion question with "Who?"

So in short, I've huge problems with him returning to the franchise.

Cliffjumper 2009-11-28 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by inflatable dalek (Post 672946)
But once it gets going it gets a lot better and more fun and he wins points for answering the Dion question with "Who?"

The cartoon writers are absolute ****ing gold for this sort of stuff. Furman might only really remember so much about Transformers because he's never had any work on a proper comic, but at least he gives a shit.

The Don Glut interview with Zobovor is still a landmark - before then, there were still scores of idiots who claimed the cartoon was well-made stuff with scripts that really mattered and took full account of the wide range of characters avaliable. And then the unflushable Glut floats to the top of the cesspit and admits he wrote the Dinobots as they were because they were dinosaurs. Epic. Series downgraded from alleged high point of Transformers fiction to shabby nostalgia overnight... Though I still can't believe a rabid Sunbow fanboy like Zobovor actually ran the thing.

It's not even like the way the thing was just a job for Budiansky, one he did for too long and has been surpassed by other jobs he liked more. The cartoon writers just didn't give a shit at the time, and largely remember not giving a shit. Some of the names are cropping up on Challenge of the Gobots too, and they seem to have the same damn plots for the most part... Must've been great being a cartoon writer in the mid-1980s - come up with a script with a basic plot (preferably just a lift of something else, like travelling back in time or a cloning machine or something) and good lesson welded onto the end (something about how everyone's got their uses even if they aren't obvious at first, or friendship shining through), then ship it to Transformers, Gobots, G.I. Joe, Visionaries, MotU, Thundercats, etc, etc, etc - you can keep yourself in cigars, cardigans and Reagan bumper stickers for years.

inflatable dalek 2009-11-29 06:56 PM

The most telling part of the interview is when he starts talking about Flint Dille (well, bar the return of the ego bit when, despite earlier claiming never having been able to watch/read the scripts for episodes he didn't do he's suddenly seen enough of the season he didn't write for to know it's crap). It seems that when he came onboard he really tries to galvanise the writers and create more cohesion. Bringing everyone together for a big meeting where he gave them his vision for the season and then asking them in one on one meetings what stories they'd like to tell... all of which gets treated with incredulity by Wise. And that's from the guy who was probably the shows best regular writer. God knows what some of the lesser lights made of the attempt to make them work better.

TURBO CHARGER 2009-11-30 05:41 PM

So is this new network the reason why Optimus Prime is in the Discovery Channel song commercial? Because I have been scratching my head as to why Prime was included in that.

Notabot 2009-11-30 05:48 PM

I hadn't even thought of that, but that makes sense now. I was just thrilled to hear Optimus growling "Boomdiada!"

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