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StoneCold Skywarp 2002-04-18 01:27 PM

Hot News - Tf Season 2 Dvd Planned For Sept.
Transformers: Season 2 and More
Posted On: April 17th 2002 at 12:00am
Posted by: anthony
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Althought we've yet to receive a copy of Transformers: Season 1, it seems the word is out already for Season 2...

According to Video Store Magazine:

The Transformers season 1 dvd boxed set which compiles the series first 20 (typo, actually 16) episodes with remastered video and sound. The box includes a bonus disc of goodies unavailable anywhere else. Aug 13 Rhino issues more volumes of the the Transformers spin off "Beast Wars" before closing the summer with Transformers Season 2 DVD box set due Sept 10.

Rhino has yet to send an official press release and I doubt we'll see one until the release of Season 1. I'm not sure how they plan on releasing season 2, but if it is released in a complete set expect to pay somewhere around $75 as season 2 had 49 episodes and will probably come in a 7 or 8 disc set, depending on the extras.

News snaffled from DVD Toons

Mirage 2002-04-18 04:44 PM

Hmmmmm......, last I heard, the season 2 R1 boxed set was put back to 2003!!!!!

ThunderCracker84 2002-04-18 10:36 PM

Excellent news, excellent

strafefox64 2002-04-19 06:46 AM


Jim 2002-04-19 04:13 PM

Rhino has answered the fans. :) Looks like all of G1 can be out on DVD by the end if 2003, of not earlier. GO RHINO! :)

moonbaseone 2002-04-19 11:33 PM

If you are excited about Rhino releasing Season 2 on DVD this fall let me get a Hell Yeah!!!

Halfshell 2002-04-20 03:21 PM

Season 2 sucked! :p


Jetfire 2002-04-21 12:02 AM


I actually love season 2. Even the bad eps are so funny I cant help but have a good laugh.

I kinda find the whole first part of seson 2 (basicall an season 1 extension) being quite different to the middle (a treck through tf background and human interaction) latter half (definitive tf origins and bigger storys) as very intresing.
It cant be one box set though? Thats at least 17 hours.

E Nice 2002-04-21 02:35 AM

Why not? The ST:TNG season one box set is all 26 45min. episodes, though it retails for $100 ($90 in membership warehouse stores)

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