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Dinobot 2002-04-18 02:39 PM

TF in UK
Is there any way to watch TF in the UK? And the new series one box set - will I be able to by the UK VHS? Thanks.

Mirage 2002-04-18 04:42 PM

Well, Maverick have already released the first volume of the original seres on both dvd and video. The second volume has a release date of April 29, the third volume in June, and then a box set in August.

Dinobot 2002-04-18 06:00 PM

Thanks for replying. Does anyone know, if I order the box set on EBay if I will can get teh UK version of VHS?

Mirage 2002-04-18 06:26 PM

If you're talking about the Rhino season 1 box set from the US, then no.

The US uses VHS NTSC, whereas here in the UK we use VHS PAL.

However, if your video recorder is compatible with NTSC tapes they should be able to play them back.

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