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Bombshell 2002-04-20 02:40 AM

DW Omega Supreme Pic

Ravage_mk2 2002-04-20 08:17 AM


Skywarp85 2002-04-20 08:25 AM

awesome, could do with some color but it still very good

Sixswitch 2002-04-20 03:32 PM

very nice line drawing. Imagine if that was fully coloured like the other DW transformers posters/pics....


Jetfire 2002-04-22 11:21 PM

Very cool :cool:

PrimeTarget 2002-04-23 05:06 AM

Cool!!!! I allways thought omega was bad ass :D

degenXerate 2002-04-24 04:37 PM

nifty :)

Trident 2002-04-25 08:00 AM

Is there a version of this in colour....???:D

nmathew 2002-04-26 03:50 PM

There's only the B&W one. It was an exclusive for some comic shop or convention, and I believe they were all signed, or a large portion were. Just look for it on e-bay, and you'll find a decent description of its history.

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