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Rookwise 2012-01-30 11:51 PM

Rookwise's Sale Thread and current Ebay listings (Updated 26/09/16)
Currently have the following figures for sale. Prices are next to the pictures and include UK postage. I also do post overseas. Payments via paypal.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters








13.95 (Decals applied)




Masterpiece (Genuine Takara)



35 (Includes Collector Coin)


Ebay Listings:-

Rookwise 2012-01-31 12:27 AM


Rack 'n Ruin 2012-01-31 08:59 AM

How much are you looking for for WFC Optimus Prime? My sister's boyfriend was thinking of getting one, so if I know a price I can let him know and see if he is interested...

It'd be UK postage, btw.

numbat 2012-01-31 02:52 PM

What are you after for Legends RTS G1 Prime and Legends Bumblebee from that exclusive set (he could find a home with the other three!)?

Also potentially interested in the Cyberverse Commander Blackout, depending on what you're after.

Rookwise 2012-01-31 03:09 PM

Pm'd both :-D

Rookwise 2012-01-31 03:10 PM

Forgot to add RTS legends Megatron as well. Will get pic sorted soon.

Rookwise 2012-02-06 01:42 PM

These will be going on eBay in the next few days.
Rts legends prime is now back to his pre reprolabelled self as some people said they'd prefer him that way.

Rookwise 2012-02-06 01:45 PM

Also no longer looking for Takara powerglide as I've managed to get hold of one cheap :-)

Rookwise 2012-02-07 08:25 PM

Rts legends prime and dotm legion bumblebee have gone.

Rookwise 2012-05-16 01:39 PM

Currently on Ebay I have ROTF Voyager Bludgeon, Maketoys Battle Tanker and RTS Lugnut. All finishing soon if anyone wants to place a bid :)

Rookwise 2012-06-26 06:17 PM

New items added for sale :)

Denyer 2012-08-02 09:13 PM

Would be interested in RTS G2 Prime if still going. PayPal?

Rookwise 2012-08-28 10:45 AM

Sorry but the G2 Prime was sold back in early July.

BTS Figures have just been added if anyones interested in them. Also listed on ebay with 5 days left.

Rookwise 2012-12-11 01:23 PM


TFP Cyberverse figures and Fansproject figures for sale. Have posted a link to my Ebay page in the first post.
PM me if theres anything of interest and we can either do a deal here or through ebay.

Rookwise 2013-01-19 08:46 PM


New items listed

Rookwise 2013-04-05 02:49 AM

More items listed along with prices. Also started to list them on ebay

Rookwise 2016-09-26 09:45 AM

New items added :)

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