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Halfshell 2002-04-27 07:32 PM

Transforce Pre-registrations started - NOW, people - go go go!

Like the subject header says.

StoneCold Skywarp 2002-04-28 09:37 PM

I am.... all over that come wednesday!!

Mirage 2002-04-28 11:41 PM are my sideburns and I

StoneCold Skywarp 2002-04-28 11:44 PM


Originally posted by Mirage are my sideburns and I
your sideburns will tremble at the might of my chops!!

Halfshell 2002-04-30 09:52 PM

Just found this in my inbox...


Finally we can reveal this years exclusives are:

Alignment by Simon Furman
The most sought after Transformers book of 2001. Finally the complete
version including part one and two in a rather sleek and sexy collected

Target 2006 Hardcover edition
Probably the most popular story from the Marvel UK comic. Simon Furman's tie
in to Transformers: The Movie. All bound by Titan Books in a stunning
hardcover volume illustrated by Lee Sullivan. Limited copies for Transforce
pre-registrants only.

Beast Wars Poster
by Steve White
Megatron versus Dinobot. A dramatic CGI rendition of the two great beasts by
long time Transformers veteran Steve White. Not available to non-attendees.

These Transforce 2002 URLS are now active.

Computron 2002-04-30 09:56 PM

wow, I want that poster :)

StoneCold Skywarp 2002-04-30 09:57 PM


Ah well, easy come easy go....

Computron 2002-04-30 10:08 PM

lol yeah 36 is al lot but Target 2006 will be worth it :)

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