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Warcry 2013-09-15 08:13 PM

['New RPG'] World at War: The Siege of Iacon
Cybertron is a world torn apart by conflict. With Soundwave on their side and the entire planet's communications grid under their control, the Decepticons have overrun the Autobots' positions all over the southern hemisphere. As their armies continue to march north, the Autobots' capital city of Iacon is the last fortress standing in the face of their assault. Autobot defenders line up, preparing for the battle that is sure to come.

The streets of Iacon normally flow with pedestrian traffic, citizens going about their daily lives blissfully unaware of the plights of those in less-fortunate city-states. But those city-states have come knocking at Iacon's door with a score to settle, and today the streets are full not with pedestrians but soldiers. Outnumbered but entrenched, the Autobot defenders prepare to turn aside the Decepticon advance...before the city and everything in it is destroyed.

Warcry 2013-09-15 08:34 PM

Hangar, Nemesis

Ramjet laughed. "You're one sick puppy, Dirge. When I think of pets I think of turbofoxes, not Autobots. You'd be better off adopting a half-tame Insecticon. At least they'll just eat ya when they snap, ya know?"

He shrugged. "But anyway, you're right. Only the big guys get ta keep prisoners. Us goons haveta settle for takin' trophies."

As they spoke, Skyquake reappeared and barked at them. "This isn't your relaxation break, idiots! Transform and get ready to launch! You're escorting the first shuttle out!"

Medbay, Nemesis

Megatron let out an amused snort as Knock Out's cowardly scampering, but didn't comment on it. Instead, he turned to Lugnut and said, "As much as I'd like to stay here and keep the good doctor company, we need to hurry. We wouldn't want to force our shuttle to wait for us after all, would we?"

Northern Border, Praxus

Breakneck looked up at Sixshot, finally answering those who were talking behind his back.

"You can count on me," he told the larger Transformer. "Just because I don't fight the way some people," he glared at Drivetrain, "want me to, doesn't mean I don't fight."

Skies above Sentinel Prime Defence Base

Starscream pulled up, looped around and came back down with his nose pointed toward the injured Talonflame. He waited for a solid missile lock, then fired a pair of cluster bombs down at him.

"Your lukewarm praise is overwhelming, Obsidian. But don't worry. We'll finish up here and level the senate before the Autobots know what hit them. Besides...I'm sure the oh-so-mighty Megatron wants to deal with Sentinel Prime personally."

Tagan Heights

"Greed is good, right?" Predacon sighed. "You know, Scorpy, there are times when I wonder if you'd even be on our side if you hadn't been caught with your hands in the energon goody jar. Which, as an aside, was inevitable from day one. I mean, look at the size of the things! If you were still a senator, would you be playing the good little Autobot hero right now?"

South East Border, Iacon

Several of the bombers fell in the face of the massed Autobot fire, but the rest broke up into two groups and flew in opposite directions, one group following the line of Autobot defences northward and the other westward, bombing as they went. Several of the fighters followed to provide a screen, but half a dozen Vehicons stayed behind on Hammer's orders, looped around and came down for an attack run. They targetted Prowl and Jazz, the two who were clearly giving the orders, with machine gun fire.

Heinrad 2013-09-15 10:07 PM

Vector Sigma:

"As you have stated, Keeper, war is here. And in a time of war, one makes use of resources. Vector Sigma is a resource Megatron will want to control. We know he wants the Kaon node. Even if we can enlist your aid in keeping it from him, there are other nodes for him to attack.". Orion scowled. "I'm not sure if your argument with Yoketron is coloring your attitudes, and to be brutally honest, at this point I don't care. I do know that if there is a way to save lives, I'm going to pursue it." Orion looked at Yoketron for a moment, then looked back at the Keeper. "I'm asking that you shut down the nodes. All of them. When we leave, lock us out. Deny Vector Sigma to both sides."

Heinrad 2013-09-15 10:43 PM

(OOC: Sorry for the double post. If I try to edit, the tools at the top of the box compress into one mass of letters)

Praxus Border:

"Sweet Drokking Jovus........." Nightbeat stared into the distance at the approaching Decepticons. He was glad he'd gotten down from the stupid tower. Peeking over the wall was enough.

"What is it? And are you done standing on my back? You ain't exactly a minibot, ya know."

Nightbeat jumped down off the squaddie's back, pulling his blaster and checking the charge. "I've got good news and bad news. We're not going to be bored much longer."

The squaddies exchanged look. Then the one he'd been standing on, Shifter by name, cleared his throat hesitantly. "Was that the good news or the bad news?"

Nightbeat shrugged. "Both, actually. Decepticons are coming. We're going to have to hold them here. Or at least slow them down." he gave a half smile, then looked around. "So......... Got any ideas how we do this?"

"Ain't yew one 'o dem occifer-types?"

Nightbeat looked at the stringy yokel-bot who'd asked him that. "Police occi- er, officer. I'm a detective."

Aero Blade 2013-09-16 06:56 AM

Vector Sigma

"So na´ve..." The Keeper repeated once more, closing his optics briefly before opening them and speaking again to Orion. "You come here claiming to seek the path to saving lives, a chance to end the war sooner, but are so short-sighted to not know the destruction you will set in place."

"What are you talking about?" Yoketron would finally speak, the confusion evident in his voice.

"You know better than the boy the capacities of the Vector computers, their wisdom and their intelligence. They are linked to Primus's will through Vector Sigma, and the scope of its sight and understanding are far beyond what our feeble minds can comprehend..." The Keeper spoke. "I know that you have thought in great detail how the Kaon node could have come under Decepticon influence, tried to decipher how they were able to subvert its defenses and its will, and drawn no conclusions from your pondering. Have you thought, even for a moment, that the Kaon node functions now as it does, because it has chosen to?"

Blackjack 2013-09-16 10:10 AM

Northern Border, Praxus

Sixshot looked at Breakneck with amusement. "Excellent. You've got ball bearings after all." Sixshot said, nodding at the smaller Vehicon in approval. "I'll hold you to that."

Sentinel Prime Defence Base

"What the pit. Talonflame, report!" Sentinel Prime sighed. "Elite Guard."

The Prime slammed a fist against the central holomap in rage. "Are the anti-aircraft cannons fixed yet?" He turned towards an officer, who nodded nervously. "Then blow these Seekers out of the sky!"

Skies above Sentinel Prime Defence Base

"Ah scrap-"

Talonflame's optics widened as Starscream swooped down and unleashed cluster bombs down at him. The bombs erupted and unleashed their payloads, and Talonflame's curse was cut short as he was torn apart by the explosions.

The AA cannons, fixed from their previous encounter with Skywarp's sabotage, would start to track Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker and open fire. Skywarp immediately teleported and dived downwards, narrowly avoiding a stream of energy blasts that tore up the air where he had been hovering and gloating before.

"Boss!" Skywarp yelled. "Cannons! What do we do?"

Tagan Heights

"Greed is very, very good. Greed is a virtue." Scorponok replied to Predacon. He shrugged. "It's all good business, Predacon. If I was still a Senator now, if they didn't try to out me prior to the revolution, I would've discovered you guys nonetheless. And I would've lent help from inside Iacon instead of outside it. Things don't change, Predacon. I work for and with the strongest side, and with or without my initial defection, the Decepticons will still be it. I would've joined up regardless."

He shrugged. "Hell, I'd probably blow up the Senate chambers myself as some sort of registration fee."

Obsidian narrowed his optics at Starscream's reply. "Feel free to earn something beyond lukewarm praise, then, Starscream..." the Aerospace Commander replied. "Although I suppose I have to agree with your sentiment. Megatron will want to kill Sentinel Prime himself out of some... sense of satisfaction or challenge or honour. I would advocate pragmatism, but it seems only fitting that he do the deed."

Obsidian watched as Hammer managed the airborne troops. Excellent. He had since stopped micromanaging in favour of looking at this Vehicon do his thing. Of course, he was still green, but all things considered he was doing a pretty great job.

"Hammer. Pull back the bombers heading West before they get too close. Some of the anti-aircraft cannons may be installed within the city itself, and heading too inwards will make your bombers fall into their trap."

South East Border, Iacon

Prowl scowled as he rolled aside from some of the machinegun fire, deflecting a bullet from hitting his head with a spin from his tonfa. "Oh, these guys are good, for mass-produced troops."

The Autobot took aim at the Vehicons coming down towards them and returned fire with his acid-pellet gun, hoping to eat through their wings, or, better yet, straight into their internal mechanisms. He could use his shoulder missiles, but they were limited.

"Nightbeat!" Prowl called out into his commlink. "The row of warehouses in your position marked with military signs have more hidden anti-aircraft weaponry hidden within them -- activate them and take out the bombers when they try to blitz the city!"

Aero Blade 2013-09-16 03:38 PM

Hangar, Nemesis

"Bah, all insecticons do is make a screechy noise if they get hurt and cower. Not the same thing as getting to hear a bot beg and plea," Dirge started to instruct to Ramjet, then stopped as Skyquake started to bark orders at them.

Dirge would immediately get into position, knowing well he had a long way to go before he would have the kind of authority a mech like Skyquake had, but doubting it'd be a very long time. In an organization like this, someone with 'skills' like Dirge would be able to rise quite quickly, of that he had no doubt.

"Let's show these guys how it's done Ramjet," Dirge told him. "Sooner we level this city of whimps, sooner that we might get those pets."

Medbay, Nemesis

Knock Out stayed at the com station, nervously waiting for Clench's response, but also hopping that it didn't come too quick. The longer the other mech took to answer, the less chance he'd have of having to interact with Megatron. It sounded as though he was getting ready to leave with Lugnut, but Knock Out was still sweating it out.

Knock Out hopped nothing happened to that gladiator while he was out in the field, because no matter what it was, they might try to pin it back on him for not doing an adequate job. All that work, and it still came down to if the bots got off a lucky shot at him. He was very not happy with the notion, but there was nothing he could do but wait it out.

South East Border, Iacon

Terabolt gave a brief laugh as Prowl managed to turn his own respondent joke into a recruitment opportunity.

"Master Yoketron and I are a package now, as ever. If you want me in your groupies, you gotta wrangle him first, though that's still no guarantee for me," Terabolt told him. She wasn't an apprentice anymore, but she still felt compelled to refer to him as her master, despite their shared rank. Yoketron after all was still considered to be the head training master, even though it had been a while since he'd formally took a class, and was still deserving of the master title. She hopped he was handling well on his current mission...

Terabolt by now had turned her attention to the coming troops, now that they were close enough to this position to present a problem, as indicated by Prowl opening fire. Terabolt herself had no ranged weaponry, but that didn't leave her entirely useless. Leaping aside of incoming fire, Terabolt took stock of the area, reached out psionicly to a large piece of rubble, and with some effort, threw it towards a large cluster of incoming vehicon troops.

It was not something she'd be able to do once the forces closed in enough to start mingling with their own troops, for fear of taking out their own in the process, but by then they'd be in range of her swords, and they too close to allow her the concentration to do it. For now she needed to do what she could to thin the coming wave of troops.

Springer85 2013-09-16 08:14 PM

South East Border, Iacon

Jazz nodded in agreement with Prowl. "Just like Rapido and I work. I prefer it that way," he said to his former commander. "And as for death? You know as well as I that death is always a possibility when you're part of my team," he said with a little smile on his face, but then faced forward again to see the attacking Vehicons.

Jazz noticed that Terabolt was looking his way at certain points during his conversation with Prowl. "A bot's got to do what a bot's got to do," Jazz said when Terabolt mentioned that whether you work for the Knights or the military, you still have to follow orders.

Ground Vehicons were coming in and Jazz stood ready. "Battalion Alpha! Take care of the first wave of attackers and push them back! CHARGE!"

Right after Jazz had given the order, he was assaulted by machine gun fire and had to dodge the attack. Full frontal assault right now would be suicide and Jazz chooses to wait it out a little longer. As expected, Prowl was doing a great job directing the troops and while it would have been better if he was in the war room directing the troops, he couldn't help but be happy that he would fight this battle with one of his oldest friends.

Jazz fired off some rounds at the Vehicons that were close by. All shots aimed to kill their targets.


Springer was just itching to jump in the fight and start tearing through Vehicon mechs, but didn't want to ignore Jazz's orders so stayed in line. Spinger lifted his big wind funnel cannon up and fired it at the aerial Vehicons that were approaching the Iacon border. "Let's see them try this on for size," he shouted as he fired off more rounds at them.



"So what have you done to me," Magnus asked Wheeljack and Highbrow while still adjusting to his new situation.

Wheeljack turned around and walked over to Magnus. "Well I'm not going to bore you with details right now, but in a sense we've made you better than you were before. I had schematics for a set of armor that I've upgraded to fit your specific needs. Your systems have been corrupted by an unknown substance, but we've managed to create something for you that will suppress its symptoms. The armor has regenerative capabilities, but most of that ability is needed to keep the previously mentioned symptoms at bay so if you go into battle, you still have to be cautious."

Wheeljack started to check the readouts from his machines and everything looked well enough.

"That said, your armor is still very durable and can take quite some hits. Probably even from a direct his from the experimental fusion cannon I've heard about. The armor enhances your strength and speed too. Basically with the armor, you're the best version of yourself. An ultra Magnus if you will."

"Ultra Magnus, huh?"

"Well yes. Best way I can describe you right now. As I've said before though: You need to take your time to get adjusted to your new situation. My advice is to stay away from battle as long as you can. If you sustain too much damage, you risk the chance of reverting to your previous state and well.... let's not have that okay?"

"Battle? What do you mean? Are we under attack," Magnus wondered. If there was a battle going on right now, he felt that he needed to be part of it. At least show his face in support of the troops.

Wheeljack put his hands on the shoulder of the big mech. "Nothing you need to concern yourself with right now. Just rest, get adjusted and let us do some test runs. By the way, with the parts I had left over after forging your armor, I made you a hammer. Hope you like it."


Skies above Sentinel Prime Defense Base

Thundercracker flew upwards and was followed by Sparrowhawk. Mid-air, he transformed and saw the missiles pass him by as Thundercracker dropped down, raised his arms, interlocking his fingers. "No, but your allegiance makes you less of a mech. NOW DIE!" he shouted as he intends to hit a double axe handle on Sparrowhawk aimed at the cockpit.

Blackjack 2013-09-17 10:21 AM

South East Border, Iacon

"Fairly certain from the time I spent in your groupie that Master Yoketron has no interest whatsoever in joining the military." Prowl paused as he deflected a bullet into the ground with his tonfa and returned fire. "He has my respect for, among other things, being far more open-minded than the rest of your council, though. Any word, by the way, on how he and Orion are doing?"

Prowl observed the psionic ability of Terabolt. Not an Outlier ability or any sort of arcane magic, but an ability more tied to the energies of the spark. Scientifically dissected -- and Prowl is only working on his own deductions, since the Knights are very... traditional and anti-science about their abilities. Prowl hypothesized that the power is merely an extension of the Cybertronian Spark's own form of energy, expanded and changed through mental training in order to facilitate these psionic attacks.

Prowl himself has never been trained in this 'processor over matter' technique, not particularly successfully, anyway.

Not that he's going to complain about the good that Terabolt's doing at the moment, though. "Terabolt, could you please hold off the ground troops while we help deal with the airborne ones?"

"That is why you and Rapido are extremely effective." Prowl told Jazz. "Have to apologize, though. There are some traps I set up that I haven't told you about -- simply not enough time to elaborate. Grids 8B through 10C all have landmines planted underground, waiting for a particular signal to detonate."

War Room, Sentinel Prime Defence Base

Sentinel's optics narrowed in displeasure as one of the cameras recording the battle at Iacon's borders shortened out. "Time to put all of our assets in play, then. The enemy's here."

He opened a commlink channel. "Quickswitch! What the pit do you think you're doing, standing around while people are getting killed? Get in there and stop those Decepticon Seekers! And try not to blow up the base while you're doing it!"

Channel switch. Optics widened slightly in surprise. "Omega Supreme? This is Sentinel Prime. You are cleared to land at.... well, the entire North Landing Bay in Iacon. I'll have it cleared -- you, make sure it is clear! -- and with a repair team ready there. I would request you lend assistance against the enemies besieging Iacon."

Channel switch. "Wheeljack, this is Sentinel Prime. Is Magnus awake yet? I need him to be out there leading the troops! Also, do you have any sort of... ideas in handling the army incoming against us? Some sort of mass weapon of destruction or giant dome shield?"

Skies above Sentinel Prime Defense Base

Partly out of shock that Talonflame and the rest's life signals disappeared from his HUD, partly out of shock that Thundercracker dropped down on him in robot mode, Sparrowhawk didn't react so much as launch his missiles harmlessly out of reflex before the Seeker slammed his fists down onto his cockpit, shattering the glass and breaking many of the fragile circuits within, and sending him toppling down towards the ground where he blossomed in a massive explosion.

Chip1123 2013-09-17 03:53 PM

South East Border, Iacon
Topspin had transformed into his tank mode and fired rounds off towards the oncoming vehicons. "Trying to keep them back." He said to Jazz and Prowl. "But with their numbers, it won't be easy."


War Room, Sentinel Prime Defence Base

Rapido walked in, still digesting Prowl's files. "Reporting for duty, Sir." He said as he entered, snapping to attention for Sentinel Prime. "What's the situation?"



"Magnus is awake." Highbrow replied to Sentinel Prime. "However, he has not had a chance to adequately test his capabilities or adjust to his new body. If he must go into the field, I would advise a low-risk encounter at the beginning."


Bridge, Nemesis

Clench had to restrain himself from punching the nearby wall as Knock Out's message came through. The nerve of the medic to not adress him by his name or his title - the medic should have known who his new captain was. "Thank you, Knock Out. This is Clench. Since you obviously didn't get the announcement, and other than Lord Megatron, I am in charge of this mission and you will be reporting to myself or Shockwave. Do I make myself clear?" He said, his tone laced with condesccension. "Now, are there any more troops in the med bay, or are they cleared for the fight as well?"

Clench switched channels and sent a message to Lugnut. "Glad to have you up and about again. Get your weapons and be ready. Your part of the attack will commence soon."

Clench switched channels again and sent a message to the Hangar. "We have inbound Autobot ships. You will launch shortly. I hope you are combat ready. There are Autobots to kill!"

Aero Blade 2013-09-17 04:28 PM

Medbay, Nemesis

Knock Out's sigh would be audible through the intercom. "Very well, captain Clench?" he responded, as though unsure of his rank and guessing to be polite (or as close as he felt like coming to it at the moment).

Knock Out looked briefly around the medbay to see most of the vehicons starting to clear out that had been there with Lugnut previously. They'd probably helped bring the brute in and were now going to report for duty.

"Yes, the troops are moving out, except for two," Knock Out observed and reported. "I'm assuming those are my sparksitters."

Heinrad 2013-09-18 01:05 AM

Praxus Border:

"On my way, Prowl." Nightbeat deactivated his commlink and looked over at Shifter. "You're in charge while Windcharger's gone, right?"

Shifter nodded.

"All right." Nightbeat looked around, optics narrowing. "I don't think they know we're here. Get your snipers set up, and when I get those gun emplacements up and running, start picking them off. Get as many as you can before they notice you. Soon as they do, cut loose with everything you've got."

Shifter smirked. "You sure you were never in the military?"

"Military? No. Hostage negotiation? Yes." With that, Nightbeat transformed and headed for the warehouses.

Vector Sigma:

"Then, Keeper, you're saying that the Vector computers, that Primus, wants this war. That we only exist to please some fuel-thirsty deity. I can only hope that all the pain and suffering that is about to happen pleases who and whatever happens to be watching."

Aero Blade 2013-09-18 01:59 AM

Vector Sigma

"A darkness is coming, and society as it stands cannot hope to weather it," The Keeper spoke, for the first time turning fully to face Orion and Yoketron. "Long I have watched as this age has descended from glory, fueled by corruption, aggression, and apathy, and seen few able to defy it. This world has become weak and brittle, and only the fires of conflict can temper it for the coming storm. All that is old and corrupt, and unmoving to change, must be burned away to let flourish the growth that can turn the coming tide. There must be war."

"Keeper, this will not be war," Yoketron spoke, coming to stand beside Orion. "The Kaon node churns out troops for the Decepticon forces non-stop. Their numbers are enough already to overwhelm us. The fire will burn, but all its heat will expel in moments. The forge functions not just with heat, but with time to do its job. A blind slaughter will serve no purpose to either side, it will just be more unbalance."

The instant Yoketron finished speaking, he turned his head towards Orion, He was not sure if he understood fully what the Keeper was saying, but it left him very unsettled. Yoketron hoped Orion understood, and would be able to sway him.

Blackjack 2013-09-18 10:58 AM

Iacon Borders

"Do you have anti-aircraft ordnance, Topspin? Now would be a good time to use them." Prowl asked the other Autobot as he gave Nightbeat a quick "copy that" as the other Autobot hopefully went off to activate the cannons.

War Room, Sentinel Prime Defence Base

Sentinel Prime gave Rapido a quick glance. "It's all on the screen. The quick version? The whole army's on our doorsteps. Three Seekers outside killing Elite Guardsmen. Deploying six-changer there. Omega Supreme -- the last Supreme Guardian -- is incoming and damaged. Prowl thinks Soundwave has gone crazy and sent a team to blow him up." Sentinel snorted at that, making his opinion on that mission clear. "Orion and the Temple Knights haven't reported back... why am I not surprised?" Sentinel shook his head. "Senate's been calling me all day but I haven't replied."

Sentinel gestured at the cameras from the battlefield. "So, care to share your tactical expertise with our soldiers in the field?"

Sentinel clicked his ear commlink to reply to HIghbrow. "There are not exactly low-risk encounters here. He needs to be ready, or not at all."

Chip1123 2013-09-18 03:13 PM

War Room, Sentinel Prime Defence Base
Rapido walked closer to the screen, processing what Sentinel had said while trying to gather details from the screen, and ignoring his comments on Prowl and the side mission against Soundwave.

Studying the board for a moment and processing the information, he came to some conclusions pretty fast. "What forces do we have in reserve? Our border troops where Jazz and Prowl are located are heavily outnumbered. Even with support from the defense turrets there, those Decepticon forces WILL breach if they are not given backup. We can't lose that position."

"Wasn't aware we had a six-changer." Rapido said to no one in particular. "But if he's half as good as the one the Decepticons are using, he'll make short work of those Seekers and can be used as reinforcements. And a Guardian unit could definitely help swing the tide of the battle. We need him battle reasy as soon as possible."

(OOC: Have the ships that are closing on the Nemesis sent info that the Nemesis is coming to Iacon?)

Heinrad 2013-09-20 01:00 AM

Praxus Warehouses:

Nightbeat skidded to a stop and transformed, finding the control panel and activating the anti-aircraft emplacements in the warehouses, the guns deploying and flinging explosive death at the approaching bombers.

Vector Sigma:

"By using that node, Megatron's gaining an insurmountable advantage in numbers. The system as it stands does need replacing, but it needs a balanced approach. All this will do is change one group of tyrants for another." Orion's optics narrowed. "And all that letting Megatron use that node will do is start a war of escalation. Soon, Sentinel would logically come and ask for the Iacon node to turn out troops. The rebirth of our world you think would come would be destroyed by legions of Cybertronians who know nothing but war. Live for nothing but war. Our world, and any world they touch, would be at the worst destroyed, at the least forever changed by having our war roll across it like so many glitchmice chewing through conduit casings. I somehow don't think the future you envision for our world is one of total destruction and devastation."

Warcry 2013-09-20 07:20 PM

(OOC: Soundwave is probably blocking comms from the Decepticon ships in orbit, but the Nemesis is close enough and large enough that it's probably visible from the ground if it's dark out. :) )

Omega Supreme responded to Sentinel bluntly.

"Landing: impossible. Damage: too severe. Power levels: too low for shields. Reentry: fatal. Orbital drydock: required.

"Addendum. Your identity: unknown. Your authority: only tentatively acknowledged. Status of Zeta Prime: required."

Hangar, Nemesis

As their shuttle launched, Ramjet flew out alongside it.

"Just don't get too distracted thinkin' of what'll happen after," he warned Dirge, "or there won't be an 'after' for ya!"

As the shuttle dropped into the atmosphere, six Autobot fighters quickly intercepted them. Launched from nearby orbital stations, they approached with a high relative velocity that made it difficult for either side to hit the other on the first pass. Ramjet didn't even try to fire, instead maneuvering himself straight into the path of the Autobot whose path came closest to his. The two met in a fiery clash of metal, and for a moment it looked like both combatants had been destroyed...until Ramjet tumbled out of the fireball, burned and a little dented but seemingly none the worse for wear otherwise.

"You might end up like that guy!" he told Dirge as he righted himself and prepared for the (presumably more cautious) Autobots to make another pass.

Medbay, Nemesis

Megatron loitered another moment purely to enjoy the sight of Knock Out squirming, then led his guard out of the room.

"Gee boss," Lugnut said as they left, "I kinda get the feeling that he doesn't like you."

"I can't imagine why," Megatron said with flat sarcasm.

A confused Lugnut put aside the conversation for a moment to reply to Clench. "I'm ready. Megatron and I will be at the hangar in...well, now I guess," he said as they walked in and headed toward their shuttle. "You want me leading the paradrop, yeah?"

Northern Border, Praxus

Breakneck nodded. "I hope you will," he told Sixshot.

Brick piped up. "Not to interrupt this sudden display of courage or nothin'," he said to the others, "but should we get moving soon? The way those bombers are pounding the walls, they'll be coming down soon."

Skies above Sentinel Prime Defence Base

Starscream crowed in triumph as he slew the defenceless Talonflame, but then the AA cannons would open fire and ruin his moment.

"Dammit!" he shouted. "Skywarp, Thundercracker get below the guns and use the local buildings as cover! We're moving on to our next target!"

Doing as he'd told his troops, Starscream ducked behind a nearby office tower, putting it between himself and the incoming cannon fire...and not a moment too soon, as plasma charges were starting to sear his tailfins.

"Pragmatism? I'd call it sanity, personally. Megatron is too important to be wandering through enemy territory!" Starscream told Obsidian. "You'd think that what he did to Zeta Prime would have been lesson enough, but obviously he doesn't think it applies to him."

Tagan Heights

"Whatever you say," Predacon told Scorponok, not sold on the virtues of greed himself. To him, physical possessions were not something to be strived for but a means to an end -- science for it's own sake.

"We'll pretend that I believe you so that we don't get distracted from killing Autobots," he told the other scientist.

"I have issued instructions already clarifying their maximum operational range," Hammer told Obsidian. "Most of the squadrons have acknowledged and should be turning to rejoin us in a few seconds. Some of the Renegade units, however..." Hammer let the implication hang in the air. "I suspect that being caught between enemy AA guns and our own artillery will teach them the value of obeying orders."

As he spoke, the heavy boom of said artillery filled the battlefield as Hailstorm and his troops began lobbing rockets and shells at the Autobot defensive positions. One of the Vehicons randomly exploded as a chunk of debris on a strange, impossibly unnatural arc smashed into it, but that didn't seem to slow the bombardment much.

Moments after that, the bulk of the westward bombers arced back towards the Decepticon lines. The northbound units, as well as the fighters, remained engaged (though Prowl and Jazz each shot down a couple, and a few were forced to land by Springer).

Blackjack 2013-09-23 09:18 AM

War Room, Sentinel Prime Defense Base

Sentinel Prime, in turn, studied Rapido as he studied the board, frowning himself. "Prowl has all these... troops and deployment marked with numbers and classifications. Typical of him. I suppose we can choose to deploy them, but not knowing what exactly they contain would be... troublesome. All are close to the Southern borders, though, so I suppose Prowl will take it upon himself to deploy them." Sentinel gestured at a bunch of blue-coded tags on the holomap. (OOC: Rapido should know what these reinforcements are via the datapad... basically a bunch of really powerful weapons and bombs and whatnot Prowl stockpiled) "As well as the rest of our army stationed in standby on the Northern borders here, as well as here, here and here. I think we should send everyone out of the Southern gates, march and meet the Decepticon force with an overwhelming one of our own."

As Sentinel spoke, one of the blue-coloured tags seemed to activate and unfurl, and Sentinel was greeted with the computer message saying 'Anti Aircraft Cannons 1A through 8G activated'.

"We cannot lose that position indeed." Sentinel told Rapido. "The Guardian unit... I shall need to have words with him. Quickswitch, this is Sentinel Prime. You take orders from the Chief Strategist Rapido now."

He turned to Rapido. "We have a six-changer, and I believe you've worked with our triple-changer?"

He replied to Omega Supreme then. "Acknowledged, Omega Supreme. Move to... the Kelex Space Station above Iacon. It is one of the few space stations untouched by the war. I shall send a group of technicians up there to repair you." Sentinel nodded to a communications officer, before continuing. "I am Sentinel Prime, successor of Zeta Prime. Zeta Prime has been assassinated and murdered two days ago by an separatist faction known as the Decepticons, a faction which now is declaring war upon Iacon. And thus I again request your help -- if you need confirmation of Zeta Prime's death, I can provide them, morbid as they may."

Sentinel frowned. That... wasn't the best explanation he could come up with.

Northern Border, Praxus

"Indeed, Brick." Sixshot turned to the rest of the Vehicons. "Vehicons, let's transform and..." Sixshot paused, and tilted his head. "Well, fly or drive depending on your alternate mode." Sixshot finished.

He bent his knees, bracing for a jump, and leaped into the air, transforming smoothly into his jet mode. Afterburners ignited, and the six-changer shot towards the direction of Iacon.

"Commanders Obsidian and Hammer, this is Sixshot. My team is en route. Ready for deployment."

Skies above Sentinel Prime Defence Base

Skywarp shot downwards upon Starscream's orders, teleporting erratically in panic to avoid the AA guns. "What next target?" Skywarp yelled, half in confusion, half in manic glee.

An explosion next to him threw his descent out of control, and he had to teleport to the closest safe zone he could see -- namely, next to Starscream. "Hi boss."

Tagan Heights

Obsidian chuckled slowly. "I know that, and you know that. But he has a certain... flair for drama. And as a leader, I think it is expected for him. Theatricality comes naturally for him, considering his background, and he needs to make this a show of force. He needs to make this personal. And, considering he has a low-grade nuclear device strapped into his arm and a bodyguard with gravity well generators as hands, I'd call it pragmatic as well."

He paused.

"If he fell, despite all that... then he is simply not fit to be leader." Obsidian finished. "Not as the leader of Cybertron, in any case. Though I am confident he will not."

"Acknowledged, Sixshot. Once we punch through the wall, get to the city and cause as much destruction. Feel free to help." Obsidian told the six-changer.

He replied to Hammer after a short pause in which he scanned quickly through the readouts of troop movements, especially the aforementioned Renegade troops. "Acceptable losses." Obsidian said at last. "Renegades, as they are appropriately named, are much less organized and volatile than the rest of our troops. If they refuse to listen to order, then they are undesirable elements which would function better as examples."

Obsidian watched as the siege engines below him (or rather, Decepticons transformed into siege engines) opened fire, nodding as the walls began to blacken.

"That will work." Scorponok told Predacon. He flexed his shoulder. "What do we do now?"

South Borders, Iacon

"Great job, Nightbeat." Prowl told the detective through the short-range commlink. "Realize that this isn't exactly your everyday job. But the bombers are not going to stop there... I can't really say much but, well, stay alive."

He switched channels. "Windcharger, get to the Southern borders and use your magnetic powers to repel as many of the missiles as you can. Redirect them back to the air forces -- right now they are the biggest advantage they have over us."

Switch again. "Rapido, it's me. The enemy is overwhelming us with a large amount of airborne troops. Their ground troops are numerous as well, but we're trying to hold them back."

Prowl stopped talking for a while to slam his the long end of his tonfa onto the face of a Decepticon who looked strangely beat-up, but didn't think much of it. Prowl kneed the Decepticon in the gut, rammed his acid pellet gun into his chest and opened fire, using the now-dead Decepticon as a makeshift shield as he opened fire onto the ground-bound Decepticons.

"We have deployed two Autotrooper squads." Prowl continued to Rapido. "As well as the troops already stationed here. We're holding them off, but we're not exactly doing much damage to them. Can't really see the entire scope of battle. I'm afraid they'll try to hit us from other avenues. North borders; sewers; underground; sleeper agents..."

Prowl grunted as one of the siege mortars exploded over him. "Topspin! Try to take out the mortars!"

Springer85 2013-09-23 12:10 PM


"Then he's not ready at all," Wheeljack replied to Sentinel Prime. "If we send out Magnus now, we risk the chance of him losing control. In theory, his armor should work, but we haven't been able to test it yet. His systems are still adapting to the upgrade and has only shown small signs of movement since."

Wheeljack paused for a moment and checked if Magnus' system check was done yet. It wasn't. "As for a WMD, I don't do those. To my knowledge, you have a six changer of your own, don't you?" Wheeljack said with a little disdain to his tone. "As for protective measures, yes I do believe that we have some I've already discussed this with Prowl. Aren't you aware of those? Aside from the upgrades we've done to your weapon systems, we've outfitted the war academy with energy shielding that should cover the entire facility. I've used the same technology to protect my lab in Kaon, but the Decepticon six changer went right through it. We haven't had the time to work on those yet, because we were too busy trying to fix Magnus."

Magnus turned his head towards Wheeljack and the com panel that showed Sentinel. "I'll go if I must," he said as he tries to get up but failed in doing so. "Iacon needs me and as the leader of the Elite Guard it's my duty to do as the Prime commands."

"You will do no such thing," Wheeljack quickly said in response. "There's no telling what will happen to you when sustain damage. We would be better off sending in a ticking timebomb!"


South East Border, Iacon

"And that's why breaking us up was a pretty stupid move," Jazz replied to Prowl. "But let's work with what we got. Once this mess is over, I'll have a one on one with the Prime about his tactics," he continued, notably unhappy with Sentinel's decision making. It would be the first time Jazz will speak up against a superior, if he doesn't get blown to bits first.

Jazz nodded in agreement with Topspin. "I know and from the looks of things, they haven't even brought out the heavy hitters yet. No sign of the sixchanger yet either so that means that they're probably still in their first or second phase of their attack."

Jazz looked in the distance. "Prowl! Siege weaponry! Do we have anything that can stop those things?"

It was clear that Jazz was way out of his league here. Covert Ops were his specialty, but full blown war was something he never had experienced. Much less being on the front line like this.

Springer kept firing at the bombers and fighters that were trying to make their way to Iacon and tried to push through the defenses. "Jazz! Prowl! At this rate, we're not going to hold out for very long. We can only do so much!" he shouted as he succesfully took down some fighters. These guys are pushing really hard and we'll be out of ammo in no time if they keep pressing on the attack like this! Maybe we should be starting to take the fight to them to try and push them further away from our borders!"

War Room, Sentinel Prime Defense Base

Kup watched as Rapido entered the room and had to take control of the situation under Sentinel's orders. "Our so called six changer isn't nearly as good as theirs," Kup responded to Rapido. "From the reports I read, ours has some kind of crisis going on in his brain module coupled with a lot of insecurity issues. That's a very deadly combination for our own team in a battle."

Kup turned to his screen when sudden alerts were coming in. "Uhm, guys. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm getting reports that we're being attacked from orbit as well. As shuttle just dropped into our airspace and is heading straight for Iacon."


Skies above Sentinel Prime Defense Base

Thundercracker quickly went for cover behind a building. "These slagging cannons are going to tear us to pieces. Their reaction time is faster than I remember," he said as he ducked low. "Much louder too." He slowly made his way towards Skywarp and Starscream. "So where to now?"


Tagan Heights

"Now?" Tarantulas spoke up to Scorponok and Predacon. "Now we invade Iacon and kill those Autobot scientists Wheeljack and Highbrow who have managed to escape their punishment for far too long," he said out loud as he started to cackle.

Blackjack 2013-09-23 01:15 PM

War Room, Sentinel Prime Defense Base

"In theory. Tests. We don't have time." Sentinel Prime replied to Wheeljack, switching channels from the one talking to Omega Supreme, grateful for the distraction. "Put him through the most advanced physical test, then if he passes send him to the Southern Walls. If he doesn't... he's still a soldier."

Sentinel sighed. Magnus, Magnus, Magnus. So dependable. Why must this happen to you?

Sentinel Prime paused. "Do you really think I like using the six-changer? Do you think I like to make these WMD's? Trust me, inventor, I don't like the idea of detonating a nuclear equivalent two blocks away from where I recharge." He paused. "Shields."

Sentinel paused again, and glanced at the small generator that housed the Skyboom Shield, looked at the map showing the battle and frowned. An idea rose in his head. Of course. "Shields. How powerful a generator would you need, Wheeljack, to expand that forcefield over the entire Southern wall?"

Sentinel nodded as Magnus made his presence known. This was why Sentinel chose Magnus as leader of the Elite Guard. So resolute. So obedient to the rules. So much like Sentinel himself. "Yes. We do need you, Magnus, but Wheeljack has a point -- do the physical test. If you pass... take Elite Guards teams one and three through six, and begin wiping the floor with the Decepticons. If you don't, I still want to make use of your training, manning a sniper rifle or a missile pod or whatever. And, Magnus... make it quick. We don't have all day."

Sentinel turned to Rapido and shook his head. "He's just... settling into his new body. He'll be fine. At the very least, he'll probably slow the Decepticon sixchanger enough for our heavy weapons to take him out."

He whirled to face Kup at the delivery of the second part of the news. "WHAT? This is bad. This is very bad. Orbital... orbital... Omega Supreme, do you have any weapon systems online at all? We are experiencing attacks of the orbital sort!" He shook his head. "What can we do? What can we..." Sentinel narrowed his optics. There was that option, an option that was shot down by so many people before...

South East Border, Iacon

"Indeed it is." Prowl told Jazz. "Both Rapido and I have been... unaccustomed to be in each other's proverbial shoes."

Prowl was forced to shove the Decepticon body-shield towards the enemy and take a rolling leap backwards as the Vehicons -- brutish ones that transformed from tanks -- began to approach him with buzzsaws. Prowl grunted as he spied several motorcycles zipping past him and the Autotrooper ranks. He launched two shots of acid pellets which melted through the wheel struts and sent the motorcycle Vehicons tumbling and exploding against the walls of the Iacon dome.

"Wall turrets!" Prowl yelled. "Nucleon shock cannons and miniguns target the air forces! Snipers, help our ground troops take out the bikes!" The turrets moved and began to redeploy as ordered.

"Siege weaponry." Prowl repeated Jazz's words as he reloaded. "Acknowledged. Permission to activate the aforementioned landmines, Jazz? It's a single-shot, and we're still dealing with the first wave, but the siege tanks are right on top of them."

He frowned. He didn't want to bring so much of their contingencies that soon...

He looked at Springer. "Springer, how confident are you in dogfighting? If you are, fly up there and start blowing up bombers -- hit and run, don't get over in your head. Get one of the airborne Elite Guard cadets to back you up."

Skies above Sentinel Prime Defense Base

"Hey blue." Skywarp waved at Thundercracker.

Tagan Heights

Scorponok squinted as his orange visor went down over his optic band. "It's getting very messy there, Tarantulas. All the Vehicons and all sorts of weird anti-aircraft cannons and the nucleon shock cannons are still around. Why are they taking so long to breach the walls?"

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