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Denyer 2014-01-10 06:26 PM

"Mainstream" release of the DiCola Transformers: The Movie (1986) score

Yay. I lucked into the BotCon releases ('Til All Are One and Lighting Our Darkest Hour) on eBay years ago, and kept the latter. Good to see it officially more available.

inflatable dalek 2014-01-10 06:56 PM

Tempting- has anyone ever bought from this site before? Some of the odd phraseology in the product description (" DiCola, who gets start as session keyboardist") doesn't fill me with complete confidence about giving them my money.

Denyer 2014-01-10 07:01 PM

Nope, but they seem to do a lot of other stuff in the same vein. Not the first small label that seems to have figured out there's a market for short runs, although a better question might be why the hell stuff isn't kept in circulation digitally more consistently...

On which note:

edit: I've ordered a copy, so if you want to hold off will post when it arrives.

Denyer 2014-01-20 07:53 PM

Turned up today. Was about twenty quid shipped (under IIRC).

inflatable dalek 2014-01-20 08:44 PM

Cool, I'll wait until after the Blu Ray turns up before ordering any more TFTM stuff, but that'll be a likely purchase.

Clogs 2014-01-20 09:13 PM

I've been after this score for years... 20 is rough, though.

What's the quality like, Denyer?

Denyer 2014-01-21 12:28 AM

Haven't picked it apart and I'm not an audiophile, but sound quality seems fine and in line with other releases. Considering how hard to find the earlier CD releases are, this price including shipping for a low production run import is good stuff. It's a mainstream release with a proper catalogue number, etc. but not a mass release.

Regarding sequencing, some of the shorter tracks appear to have been merged; for example, "2005" + "More Luck Than You Imagine" becomes "Moon Base 2 - Shuttle Launch" on this release. It seems to follow 'Til All Are One in placing the destruction of the second moonbase later on the disc than the destruction of the first, whereas Lighting Their Darkest Hour runs them together. That's just based on skipping through quickly, though. And the alternate version of the title theme (not used in the movie) has been omitted, apparently in favour of keeping the score complete but also including the Legacy demo track, which was sensible and probably makes this the best overall release to date.

For comparison --

'Til All Are One timings:

Lighting Their Darkest Hour timings:

Ryan F 2014-01-21 09:15 PM

As I posted on TFW last week...

"I got this today as well. Bad news first: the sleeve notes are rife with mistakes: apparently the Autobots' human friend was named Kevin, and when Prime dies he passes his "energon crystal" to Ultra Magnus. Aaargh!!!

On the plus side, the music has been extensively remastered. I previously owned these tracks on the 2001 Botcon CD "Lighting Their Darkest Hour", and the difference between the two releases is amazing.

The music sounds cleaner and crisper than ever before. I must have listened to this score dozens of times in the past, but with this new master it's like listening to it for the first time.

Not only is the bass punchier and the sound richer, but there is extra clarity - for the first time I can hear some subtle background instruments and melodies that were drowned out on the 3H release. Little flourishes and riffs that are waaay back in the mix can now finally be heard.

Even if you already own this music, I would recommend picking up this release. There are no new tracks here, but the additional mastering brings out a hundred little subtleties and nuances I'd never previously noticed before."

Rest assured that Intrada are a well-respected label. It's basically the soundtrack arm of Sony records. They put out a steady stream of new and classic soundtrack releases on a regular basis.

Beware, though, a lot of their stuff is limited edition. A few years back I missed the window for their release of the WarGames soundtrack, and I eventually had to spend 40 to get it off ebay. Ouch!

inflatable dalek 2014-01-21 09:44 PM

Orderd, just because it's time Kevin got his due.

Ryan F 2014-01-21 10:05 PM

Ha ha, yes, those sleeve notes are crummy as hell.

As a TF:TM movie score junkie I was so happy when this was announced - now it can go on my shelf alongside such gems as "A Life in Paradise" (the delightfully cheesy AOR album Vince DiCola made when he was keyboardist in the group Storming Heaven) and the soundtrack album for the movie Savage Streets - the only place to hear the instrumental version of the original recording of "Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way" by John Farnham.

Denyer 2014-01-21 11:05 PM

New one on me. Likeable.

Is the 20th anniversary Sony/Legacy soundtrack also a remaster, do you know?

edit: Bonus listening for chiptune fiends...

Clogs 2014-01-21 11:10 PM

Hm, limited? I'm completely brassic, thanks to AutoAssembly 2014 ticket purchase, college travel pass and sundry post-Christmas one-a-year dib outs...

Hope this is still available come end of Jan and payday. Then, I may just invest.

Unicron 2014-01-22 01:54 AM


Originally Posted by Ryan F (Post 736332)
the soundtrack album for the movie Savage Streets - the only place to hear the instrumental version of the original recording of "Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way" by John Farnham.

Hmmm... learn something new everyday. That version isn't that bad too.

nhy3888 2014-01-22 09:16 AM


Bonus listening for chiptune fiends...
I love this, great game and great soundtrack, the SID chip makes so many things sound amazing. Chris Huelsbeck reused 'The death of Optimus Prime' for the end credits too...

inflatable dalek 2014-01-29 03:09 PM

Has arrived, though as I'd forgotten ordering it I was left looking in confusion at the packaging wondering what could have come from Oakland California.

No time to listen yet, but it is perhaps a shame the otherwise nicely designed booklet is illustrated by what are at times rather fuzzy screen grabs. The aforementioned goofs are a bit odd as well, where on Earth does Kevin come from?

Ryan F 2014-02-15 01:13 PM

Going off on a tangent here, but the Stan Bush song "Capture the Dream" is being used on a UK TV ad for KFC at the moment (a guy is being teased for wearing a pink jumper; having a chicken burger makes him feel a bit more masculine).

The world at large needs to be reminded how good Stan Bush really is.

inflatable dalek 2014-02-15 05:44 PM

But the joke doesn't work if he gets non-Transformersye related work!

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