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Denyer 2002-04-29 06:10 PM

TF:Armada 6-Page Preview Comic!
Preview Comic:


Other News:

Yes, I realise that we have an Armada Forum, but I figured that some of our newer readers might not be entirely up-to-date with the new series info yet! :cool:

Discuss further Armada news and rumours here:

(OI! Skywarp?! Who turned off images in this forum?!)

Computron 2002-04-29 06:52 PM

That looks very nice, I think I might be persuaded to buy the comics now :)

degenXerate 2002-04-29 09:15 PM

i sure know i definatly am. when do they come out if thier not already out. i was at the comic store and i didnt see them with the rest of the trans comics so im guessing issue 1 hasnt been released yet.

Denyer 2002-04-29 09:24 PM

Pre-order! We've seen the comic shop mark-ups and failed deliveries on the G1 Dreamwave comics already. Diamond suck...

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