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Terome 2014-01-17 12:36 AM

IDW 'After the dark' teases
There's a thread on Full Metal Hero listing the promotional teaser images trickling out of IDW to get forumites talking about what is coming after Dark Cybertron, as that does seem to be the most interesting thing to talk about when it comes to Dark Cybertron:

There's one of Optimus Prime straddling the Earth and banging his head on the Moon, one of Windblade posing generically and one of Megatron wearing an Autobrand while the Lost Light flies out of his knees, as so:

Now, it's not the least obvious stunt in the world but the same sort of thing was done (to my mind) very well in Fables. I do maintain that Megatron is a better character when absent but at the very least it could be an noble failure.

As for the reactions, I do like that the Lost Light's design means that it is instantly recognisable for readers. It's not a stunning piece of design work but the comic its in is very good at emphasising locations.

Unicron 2014-01-17 01:07 AM

Hmmm... This image screams cheap stunt to me. Something designed to pull in people with passing knowledge, those who would recognize who Megatron is and have a 'what the hell?' reaction to him wearing an Autobrand. Like it'll turn out to be a dream, or alternate universe, or some such bullshit (Spotlight: Mirage, for example).

And despite that, I'm still intrigued by the possibilities here, only because it's Roberts. Anyone else I'd expect a trainwreck. Roberts has a shot at making this work. So I'm cautiously optimistic.

I've been thinking for a while now that the Lost Light needs some Decepticon crewers on board to spice things up at bit. Not that it needs much spicing, given who all is onboard that we haven't seen much from yet. But it would open up new areas to mine for story.

Terome 2014-01-17 01:18 AM


Originally Posted by Unicron (Post 736190)
I've been thinking for a while now that the Lost Light needs some Decepticon crewers on board to spice things up at bit. Not that it needs much spicing, given who all is onboard that we haven't seen much from yet. But it would open up new areas to mine for story.

There are the underutilised guys in the brig. I'm sure they will not be forgotten.

I get the feeling that the Scavengers may be the big villains for Season 2 of MTMTE. At least I hope so. A semi-sympathetic, nega-version of the Lost Light has a lot more mileage than the DJD. Like Megatron, they are best used off-stage.

If Megatron does end up on board in a lasting and satisfying way, perhaps a thread will be that they roam about scooping up lost Decepticons for whatever reason?

Hmm. If provisions are being made to rejig the cast in that sort of way perhaps we should expect casualties in the latter half of Dark Cybertron. Right now we're on Devastation levels of mourning people's legs. No, scratch that - we're on negative losses with all the resurrections.

Warcry 2014-01-17 04:28 AM

Well, I certainly didn't see that coming. Hopefully there'll actually be a well conceived story behind it rather than just a cheap stunt. I have to admit I'm curious, at least. If nothing else it'll be interesting to see whether this means Megatron has defected from his own cause...or that all of his Decepticons have joined the Autobots. Either one has the potential to be very interesting.

This pic implies that it'll be picked up in MTMTE when the crossover is done, so that gives me hope that they'll be taking Megatron in a really interesting new direction. He's sort of played out as the primary antagonist, to be perfectly honest, after thirty years of playing that role. I'd love to see him made sympathetic, maybe even likable, in the way that guys like Whirl or Cyclonus have been.

Auntie Slag 2014-01-17 07:50 AM

I would go completely the other way. I was so impressed with Megatron's words to Prime in Chaos Theory, something like;

"I will wade knee-deep in the entrails of every one of you, I will burn your mail, trample your flower beds, put porn on your machines, drain your bank accounts and splatter your pets across the wall and make you watch. I will never stop until I have destroyed you all, and nowt you say will ever change this".

He has never seemed more committed, more potent and more dangerous in the entire everything of Transformers than at this point. I would rather see him follow through and destroy every Autobot than change his ways... his conviction is THAT impressive.

Honestly, how cool would it be if Transformers ended and Megatron really did slaughter everyone? Following through on his every word. And at the end of it all he puts his cannon down to rest, peace is achieved and the Universe is happy. No more Transformers stories, an utter blaze of glory... and best of all most readers actually seeing Megatron's point & agreeing with him. In the world of TF's I can think of nothing more offensive than turning Megatron into a prissy do-gooder.

Seriously, once they realise there's no more money to be drained from Transformers they should do it.


Red Dave Prime 2014-01-17 10:38 AM

Megatron said Nowt? Awesome.

Seriously if an Auto-branded Megs does join the cast of MTMTE for season 2 then surely it will involve a Megatron v DJD showdown. In fact, a fair guess would be he is the one who ultimately destroys them. Then off course we could have the rematch between Megatron and Overlord. There's potential in this idea somewhat.

Looking at the three pictures it looks like Wingblades series will take over from where Rid has stagnated (cybertron) and RiD will move to an Earth based story while MTMTE will shoot off in a galaxy of greatness.

Really hope Wingblade appears in the final issue of Dark Cybertron to kill Shockwave and save the day. What a great way to start off this popular fan-fave! :p

Auntie Slag 2014-01-17 10:44 AM

Damn, that makes perfect sense... the only person Tarn wouldn't kill! But then, he'd be so incensed at Megatron for turning against his own Decepticon ways it would have to be a proper full-on fight that would make Tarn the one true Decepticon. What a fantastic battle!

I am beside myself with joy! Milne to draw it, pleeeeeease!

Cliffjumper 2014-01-17 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by Terome (Post 736189)


Originally Posted by Warcry (Post 736195)
just a cheap stunt

DEATH DEATH DEATH of Optimus Prime.

Terome 2014-01-17 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by Cliffjumper (Post 736199)

DEATH DEATH DEATH of Optimus Prime.

There you go again with your long memory!

Odds on the first issue of RID being called 'The Birth Of Optimus Prime?'

Seems like all this was to beat the April Solicitations to the punch:

Of which the least stunty and most enduring contribution is surely this:



Jim Sorenson, Bill Forster (w)

Remember the thrill of tearing open the wrapping on Christmas morning, discovering a brand new TRANSFORMERS toy in a shiny new box? While the toys were amazing in their own right, what made the packages stand head-and-shoulders above the competing action figures on shelves was the stunning box art. Transformers: Legacy collects hundreds of beautifully airbrushed paintings from the iconic first decade of The Transformers. Essays and interviews from the original illustrators give unprecedented insight into the process behind the art. This book is chocked full of extras, including never before seen artwork from toys that never were, original design sketches, catalog artwork, and more.

300 pages, $49.99.

Denyer 2014-01-17 07:51 PM

Lovely. Will be looking forward to that.

Skyquake87 2014-01-17 08:29 PM

Yeah, I'm looking forward to that lovely art book. These sorts of things seem to be something IDW can at least do very well. Although the third person narrative of the Art Of Fall Of Cybertron (or whatever) is very distracting.

oh! the comics. more promotional b*llsh*t to fail to bring in new readers. seriously, IDW, you've levelled out at around 10K readers for both books. Just tell some good stories and stop being silly. I think you've grabbed as many comic readers as you're ever going to get, so just make it work for you.

Denyer 2014-01-17 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by Skyquake87 (Post 736205)
the third person narrative of the Art Of Fall Of Cybertron (or whatever) is very distracting.

Didn't really notice that, but the way it spends the whole thing fellating the studio is over the top. Still, nice art that impresses a sense of scale on the viewer in a way that very little Transformers stuff manages.

Hope that Jim makes it to AA again, would like to get that one signed.

Megs + LL has potential.

Knightdramon 2014-01-17 09:15 PM

Definitely looking forward to that. Wonder if Megatron has actually changed, or there's just a unified "All Cybertronians are Autobots" movement.

No Bumblebee or Rodimus in these covers. Last time the universe split, those two spearheaded the covers/tittles. Now, it's Prime and Megs again. Hmmm.

As for IDW's readers, I wonder if the masses of readers back in early Furman's era would have still been around if they were reading MTMTE or RID.

Furthermore, I don't trust those numbers too much. They don't include comixology stats, they're only for North America [as far as I know] what's the point? For all you know, [random example], MTMTE 22, including Europe/Asia/comixology and even Generation Skids figure could have sold over 50-60.000 issues.

inflatable dalek 2014-01-17 09:16 PM

I'm looking forward to the toy art book, Sorenson [I almost just said "Jim" there, but Cliffy would jump in with a long list of Jim's and then go "Which one is it then, hey!"] knows what he's doing and showed off some stuff at the last AA that was so obscure even the 9 year old super-fan didn't know what it was.

As for those posters... I can think of about ten different ways Megatron with an Autobrand could be a cheat (a flashback issue revealing at one point-pre-war he was an Autobot! A scam in the present that requires him to pretend he is an Autobot as part of a Mission: Impossible style massive trick on someone like the Galactic Council!), but my main hope it is it's Roberts' who is writing him as he has a far better handle on Megatron's character. Barber tried for "Master manipulator who knew everything that was going to happen in advance" but, much like McCarthy, only managed "Idiot who was constantly triped up by unexpected events but still tried to pretend it was all part of his plan".

And Death of Optimus Prime, despite the flaws inherent in the set up, was a pretty good issue :p

Skyquake87 2014-01-17 09:23 PM

oh, btw dalek, my prize turned up in the post on Thursday. Thanks very much, they are spiffy looking cards and I will treasure them forever :)

inflatable dalek 2014-01-17 09:28 PM

No worries good Sir, sorry I didn't send the envelopes as well, but they wouldn't all fit in a standard (irony) envelope and I was too lazy to go buy a bigger one.

Red Dave Prime 2014-01-17 09:36 PM

Isn't Megatron wearing an autobot logo a bit too much like a black man wearing a southern cross or a jew wearing a swastyka? Apologies for the linking of a comic image to genuine issues but what I mean is that Megatron for years was oppressed by those who wore the autobot logo. I can buy him siding with the Autobots of recent time (he did already against both Thunderwing and D-void) but I dont know if I can buy him wearing the logo.

Also wonder that if Megatron himself does abandon his own cause of the decepticons than maybe we might see a new faction form from the old decepticons - predacons or something like that. Might give a change to the new dynamic if they are written as a different type of enemy.

Here's my guess - Megatron will be assuming command of the lost light and their mission will be to search the galaxy for rogue decepticons and either rehabilitate them or take them out. As for Rodimus? Whatever happens I cant see him being able to co-exist with Megs on board even if he is still in charge.

Knightdramon 2014-01-17 09:45 PM

To be fair, Megatron was oppressed by pre-Autobots.

The Autobots were only formed after the Senate tried to assassinate him via Whirl. And for many years, the Autobots remained a "police" force [spearheaded shortly by Sentinel, then Zeta] in response to Megatron's doing.

inflatable dalek 2014-01-17 09:49 PM

Though the point where he really goes nuts and starts killing people because they're oppressing him, it's Autobots he's killing. As Megatron: Origin made clear with the subtlety of a sledgehammer with it's big lingering close ups of an Autobrand before he snaps.

[Can we ignore Megatron: Origin?]

Red Dave Prime 2014-01-17 09:52 PM


Originally Posted by Knightdramon (Post 736219)
To be fair, Megatron was oppressed by pre-Autobots.

The Autobots were only formed after the Senate tried to assassinate him via Whirl. And for many years, the Autobots remained a "police" force [spearheaded shortly by Sentinel, then Zeta] in response to Megatron's doing.

Its the Autobot symbol I have the problem with it. Before Orion Pax comes on the scene its very much the face of opression for Megatron and his fellow workers (and rightfully so)

And no Dalek we cant ignore Megatron:Origins. That shit cost me 20 - IT STAYS CANON!!!

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