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Brendocon 2.0 2014-07-10 06:36 PM

Winter London Film & Comic Con's Transformers Coverage
(Sorry if this is already covered elsewhere - I can see a few Auto Assembly threads but nothing about this)

London Film & Comic Con have two events at Earls Court each year - the first is this weekend but the second is October and is already being promoted as having a heavy Transformers presence.

edit: That's the main page for the current October event, just scroll down the page looking at the right hand side for the currently announced Transformers guests. Not on there but confirmed by other sources include Lee Sullivan, James Roberts, Nick Roche and Simon Furman. Commitments permitting of course- Dalek

Bob Budiansky and Jose Delbo are both signed up, so that's the obvious draw. Furman and Wildman don't have anything else to do ever, so of course they'll be there. Roche and Roberts too. Stephen Baskerville also already booked.

Considering that this weekend's event doesn't have a specific TF feature but is still being attended by Furman, Wildman, Baskerville, Simpson, Kitson, Sullivan, Abnett, Collins, Hine, Georgiou and Stringer anyway, I'd be surprised if most of those and more weren't back in October.

So yeah, just a heads-up to anybody who may not really pay attention to the wider-focus convention scene.

inflatable dalek 2014-07-10 07:03 PM

Holy crap. I knew about the on this weekend (and indeed, almost attended), but this is all new on me.

The chance to meet Budiansky and shake his hand... well that's one I can't really pass up. Must look into getting time off work...

inflatable dalek 2014-07-10 07:23 PM

As Uncle Bob's first visit to a UK event feels like quite a big thing (I'm actually worryingly excited) I've moved this to news as it might bring this to more people's attention there. After October when (hopefully) this becomes a more general discussion between those of us that were able to attend I'll shift it back to TFGD.

Clay 2014-07-10 09:21 PM

Earl's Court is still open? I thought they were tearing it down to make room for more chain stores?

inflatable dalek 2014-09-05 01:15 PM

I've booked one of my usual hotels for the weekend (it's a bit of a dive but near Hyde Park and relatively cheap) and will be in London from Saturday afternoon till Tuesday morning (I'm also taking in a Richard Herring podcast on the Monday).

Still not sure which of the two days will be the best for me, I'd have more time on the Sunday (realistically It'll be well after midday by the time I get there), but at least one person I know from another forum is going to be there on the Saturday and, if that's the majority vote, I'll just have to make it an afternoon job.

Of the other guests, I might go admire Katee Sackhoff.

Ryan F 2014-09-05 04:35 PM

I'm going on the Saturday.

inflatable dalek 2014-09-05 10:16 PM

[Cuts the even by my standards rubbish joke]

Are there any active links left that mention the Transformer guests?

Ryan F 2014-09-06 06:16 PM

Now you mention it, I can't see them listed on the roll-call of guests...


Denyer 2014-09-06 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by inflatable dalek (Post 742671)
Are there any active links left that mention the Transformer guests?

edit: They seem to have just bulk moved the summer con stuff, and only just now be starting on news for the autumn/winter one.

inflatable dalek 2014-09-06 11:56 PM

Cool, have changed the link in the opening post to the current one.

Not entirely convinced by the fact they've let links die off, nor that the main page for the Event still doesn't mention any of the Transformers guests. As I'm now committed to being in London for the weekend regardless of whether I go to this, I'm hoping updates will be a bit more frequent and smoother.

Denyer 2014-09-07 01:36 PM

I think they're just a bit crap.

Might pre-book some train tickets for the Saturday and then see if it's confirmed.

inflatable dalek 2014-09-07 07:25 PM

If you do, and assuming you're going from Birmingham, let me know and I'll try to book onto the same train. If you book far enough in advance Euston usually works out cheaper, nearer the day Marylebone is often the cheaper bet.

Denyer 2014-09-07 09:12 PM

There's probably one from Wolverhampton at about a quarter to six that'd get me there for the time it opens, but assuming I end up doing this happy to hang around and meet up in the afternoon.

inflatable dalek 2014-09-14 01:23 AM


The website actually has some of the Transformers guests on it now (though the write up for Bob Budiansky is written by someone who didn't realise the generations comic IDW did was all reprints).

No James Roberts or Simon Furman on there yet, but Guido Guidi is on the site (alongside the already announced Jose Delbo).

Lee Sullivan has confirmed to someone I know on another website (I don't know if this counts as reliable news?) he'll be there both days. And even though they haven't been formally announced yet, I would be amazed if James and Nick Roche aren't there as well (both were very up for it when I spoke to them about it at Auto Assembly, and James mentioned he'd been specifically asked there as one part of the holy trinity/past, present and future of Transformers Comic Writers along with Bob and Simon. And he was gleeful about being in the same room as Uncle Bob regardless of being a guest).

Also, Larry Hama is on the comics guest list and technically counts as a Transformers writer.

I am also now going down on the Friday so as to be up and ready to go early on the Saturday. My assurance of that fact is slightly let down however by the hotel I'm staying at responding to my "Can I change my reservation to add an extra night?" email with "BLOCK CAPITALS AND RANDOMLY MISSPELT WORDS" that I think means it will be OK, but they have yet to reply to my second "That price is fine, put me down for the 17th" email.

Plus, Lalla Ward will be there!

I'll update the opening link to the winter con as annoyingly they seem to need to change the tie ins so as to be completely up to date more than should be the case...

Denyer 2014-09-17 08:41 PM

I think this is confirmation for Uncle Bob (posted six days ago):



Thinking I'll aim to get pages reprinting Monstercon from Mars signed by BB and Delbo.

inflatable dalek 2014-09-26 04:13 PM

I havee booked my tickets, and have actually paid for both days as most of the roudy rabble from Transformers fandom are looking to be there on the Saturday and a fellow Battlestar Galactica fan friend of mine can only do the Sunday.

Denyer 2014-09-27 09:50 PM

Should be there by about half eight, and have a train back at about the same time in the evening. More importantly I've got the day before off...

inflatable dalek 2014-10-13 08:04 PM

James Roberts has had to pull out (though I don't think he ever made it onto the official and rather terrible website), which is a great shame as I know from talking to him at AA (CLANG) he was insanely up for hanging around with Uncle Bob.

Denyer 2014-10-13 08:19 PM

Have they updated anything on the main site by now? Haven't had chance to check.

edit: Oh yeah, sidebar.

inflatable dalek 2014-10-16 06:59 PM

Though as he never made the list of announced guests they haven't added James to the cancelled guests sections, which means people who found out he was coming from other sources but missed the pulling out tweet will likely be very disappointed.

Primenova at TransmastersUK has done what the official site seems unable to manage, and found out the times the Transformers people are giving their talks on both days (subject to change no doubt), all on stage 3.

I'll definately be doing both the Saturday ones, but will assume the Sunday ones will see Jose and Bob basically cover the same ground for those who can't do both days, though with Furman such a fixture at these things the Sunday might be better for those who want to hear Bob get the whole limelight.

Sat -

1500 - 1600 Jose & Andrew on art
1630-1730 Bob & Simon on stories

Sun -
1140-1240 Jose
1600-1700 Bob

Put some stuff together to get signed:

The Vault is obviously my main Transformers signiture depository, Dark Star became my choice for a Bob scribble as Jose can sign it as well and- despite having a silly amount of stuff signed by Furman/Wildman/Senior already I thought it'd be nice to get End of the Road done as a counterpart to Dark Star. Plus, I've not really spoken to any of those fine people at the last few AA's so this gives me an excuse to go say "Hi".

City of Death is for Lalla Ward to sign, hopefully she'll be selling her new charity book of lots of glossy Romana photos as well (with a wipe clean cover. In case you spill tea on it).

Shame the Bond 50 blu ray set is too cumbersome to bring as well as I'd love to get Colin Salmon to sign it, but I may throw in 24: Live Another Day for him.

Denyer 2014-10-16 07:22 PM

Ordered the Lalla book, but yeah it'd be nifty to see if people have other stuff. As there's stuff on in the afternoon, will probably / would suggest getting comics autograph stuff out of the way first thing.

Actually... if I can find it, might take the Shada audio.

Any previous experience of this thing -- i.e. is the routine generally to buy autograph tickets and redeem them?

edit: Probably not according to this..., they have helpers to do the money stuff?

inflatable dalek 2014-10-16 07:37 PM

I've not been to something organised by these people before so it may be different, but at previous things I've been to the form with the virtual ticket system (which they're only likely to use with really busy guests I suspect) is you don't actually pay until you're number is called and you go up to the table. Meaning if you get a ticket for someone and then can't go when the time comes (if, for example, it takes so long for them to get through their commitments you have to leave beforehand) you're not losing any money.

The handler (though smaller demand guests will often deal with the money side themselves) will usually spell out any rules before you hand over any cash (if they're not doing personalised signatures/only signing photos bought from them/no taking pictures), though generally I've found most people friendly and amiable with very little fuss.

IIRC Brend mentioned on Transfans that, at the event earlier in the year, comic guests don't charge for autographs unlike their film and TV counterparts so that's a bonus.

EDIT: Hopefully when you collect your pass you get given something with a list of events and a map on it.

inflatable dalek 2014-10-16 07:57 PM

A full schedule can be downloaded here:

When viewed on screen as a PDF I find the print too small to read, but when printed out it's much more legible (yes, I know. You tech heads know how to make it larger).

Again, thanks to Primenova for that.

Denyer 2014-10-17 08:24 PM

Gonna turn in for tomorrow, but anyone who's going -- will be wearing this in a darker shade:

Death's Head 2014-10-18 06:51 PM

I'm not going to the show but I live not far from Earl's Court so if anyone's going for a beer or something afterwards tomorrow gizza PM and if I'm about I might be able to pop down.

inflatable dalek 2014-10-19 10:41 PM

Going on drinking in London till closing time has always been an ambition of mine. I never thought it would be as a result of the pub staff getting bored of the intricate discussion of the plot of Time Wars and shutting up shop to escape.

Death's Head 2014-10-19 10:50 PM


Death's Head 2014-10-19 10:52 PM

MInd you, even the barmaid couldn't work out the placement of Time Wars and the Underbase saga. Noobs.

inflatable dalek 2014-10-21 02:53 PM

Drinking with Death's Head gave me a Dead Head. Pretty much the whole of Monday was a write off for me. Not in a violent vomiting way, just in a, "I could get out of bed anytime I want but another hour or so won't hurt" way.

And I was so proud of my drinking stamina back at Auto Assembly.

I'll do more thoughts (probably in the form of a Youtube video) when I'm more settled, but I will say in good news that when talking to Bob he seemed amiable in theory about coming to AA, as long as he gets a good deal (from the way he was talking this meant they pay for his flights and a nice hotel room rather than hookers dressed as Circuit Breaker and a massive pile of drugs) so if anyone working for the convention wants to make him an offer.

Also, my pics. Including the first picture of Octus in 25 years!:

inflatable dalek 2014-10-22 10:36 PM

So, my Youtube thoughts. Marvel at, even on a second take where I'm trying to get through it quicker, I still don't know how to stop talking at the end:

Denyer 2014-10-23 07:14 PM

As you say, Furman handled things nicely with the panel, and Roche did likewise with keeping up the energy levels with everything he was involved with.

Wildman was being a bit mono-focus with his reading... Hot Rod's got the whole coming of age hero's journey thing going on, but despite going a similar way with with Hot Shot and Bumblebee in recent years, Transformers has long since joined Who, Trek and so on in mashing up every genre going.

inflatable dalek 2014-10-24 10:22 AM

The Hot Rod thing I could sort of see (though it was a bit odd that he decided Hot Rod is the centre of all Transformers fiction when I don't think Wildman actually drew that many issues with him in pre-Reg), it was the "They're not cars that turn into robots... they're robots that turn into cars" and "The war could never end with one side winning over the other because the entire thing is a metaphor for the duality within ourselves and the entire world and finding balance between ourselves and our inner and outer enemies is the purpose of all life" stuff that had me go a bit cross-eyed.

inflatable dalek 2014-11-01 07:31 PM

A cosplay video from the event itself (despite the July dating on the image) that is mildly interesting if you want to know what Jose Delbo would look like with two Boba Fetts standing in front of him:

Skyquake87 2014-11-02 09:28 AM

Heh, that was cool. Loved Cheetarah :)

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