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Bombshell 2002-05-03 01:43 AM

New DW TF stuff
Transformers #5 Autobot Cover: Blaster + Cassettes.

Transformers #5 Decepticon Cover: Soundwave + Cassettes

All Optimus Poster

All Megatron Poster

Dinobots VS. Devastator Lithograph

Alpha Trion 2002-05-03 02:23 AM

im gonna need some help naming everyone on the all Optimus/Megatron posters. I will slay for those.

jayaresee 2002-05-03 05:59 AM


Blitzwing 2002-05-05 01:28 AM

Wow, DW keeps putting out better stuff. That Dinobot/Devestator litho is awesome.

Blaster_86 2002-05-05 01:49 AM


Originally posted by Alpha Trion
im gonna need some help naming everyone on the all Optimus/Megatron posters. I will slay for those.

On the all Optimus Poster there names are: Amazingly all Optimus

On the all Megatron Poster there names are: Again Amazingly all Megatron ;)

Hope I helped.

Shrapnel Clone 2002-05-05 12:24 PM

What about Sureshot then? HMMM? Didn't think about that, eh?

Sixswitch 2002-05-05 12:32 PM

Yeah I'm going to need some help identifying all those Primes too.

We have (from what I can see, and from left to right).

Armada Prime, Optimal Optimus, TM Primal

Can't make out the little guy between TM2 Primal's leg, or the next Prime (with what look like missiles coming out of his back), then Powermaster Prime, and the original Primal.

The guy in the middle is obviously 'normal' Prime.

Who's the guy between his legs though? The one in the distance, running forward?

Then I can make out Laser Rod Prime I think, RID Prime and... is that Gobot Prime on the right? Next to main Prime's foot?

I guess one of the unidentified ones could be BM Primal, but I've not seen those episodes.


Plasmodium 2002-05-05 06:50 PM

Damn, the all Op and all Megs posters are lookin sweet.

GeneralObsidian 2002-05-05 10:52 PM

Well here it goes
top clockwise:
Optimi - Powermaster OP, Original OP, BM Primal I, BM Primal, RID OP, Laser Rod OP, Go-bots OP, Machine Wars OP, BW Primal II, G2 Heroes OP, BW Transmetal Primal, Optimus Minor, TM2 Primal, Armada Op.

Megatrons- Unreleased G2 Megatron, Megabolt Megs, BM Megs, RID Megs, TM2 Megs, Armada Megs, BW Megs II (dino), G2 Go-Bot Megs, Original Megs, BW Megs I (croc), G2 green tank Megs, G2 purple tank "heroes" Megs, Transmetal Megs, Machine Wars Megs...

there you go, hope that was real help. :)

Sixswitch 2002-05-06 05:59 PM

Yup, that was great. Thanks lots.


Scourge 2002-05-10 03:41 AM

Anybody else notice that some of the artists now doing Dreamwave posters are the same ones that had art at (Anybody else heard of But that 'DON' guy has done these new posters and Guido Guidi did the Predaking Litho . . . makes me wonder how easy it is to get one's art published in the comic . . .

StoneCold Skywarp 2002-05-10 10:49 AM

mhmm, but the quality of the art is stunning, Guido's stuff is top notch artwork (known of him fer a couple of years)

The other stuff from is fantastic, but what oh what happened to the site?!

Scourge 2002-05-10 12:29 PM

It just disappeared into thin air:( For a while, it had the 'contact vandermagnus' at the bottom of the screen with 'UPDATING' at the top . . . then, 'GET READY FOR A SURPRISE' . . . then black. It's been that way for at least a couple of months. I still check back once in a while, hoping . . . :(

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