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Auntie Slag 2014-11-14 10:37 PM

I loved that close up image of Tarn whispering to Black Shadow, it was so cool, and surely the instruction to the artist was to highlight that this guy is wearing a mask. When on any other transformer have they tried to suggest so?

Unicron 2014-11-14 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by Inaction Master (Post 744570)
If Brainstorm does pan out to be a mole of some kind, I'm not sold on the idea that he'll be a straight up villain or anything. Underhanded, amoral and all that crap, yeah, but not like evil-evil - that so far has strictly been the realm of Overlord, the DJD and what few other 'Cons we've seen.

Whether he goes full cartoon villain or not, if he is truly a mole, there's no reasonable way they'd let him stay on the ship.
Only way I could see it happen is either A) some kind of cover-up by Megatron and higher-ups on the ship, or 2) Brainy would need to do something stupidly ridiculous in an attempt to redeem himself, and then he's right into Cyclonus' role as the guy who did some f'ed up stuff, everyone hates him and he's just trying to carry on with his existence.

Blackjack 2014-11-15 06:17 PM

Finally read this.

Some stuff...

Hated that they didn't continue on with the cliffhanger of last issue.

The medical ethical debate stuff was done pretty well in my opinion, on both sides of the coin with Trepan and First Aid. The conversation between First Aid and Trailbreaker's the best part of it. Why can't ethics classes be portrayed in actual stories like this instead of 'History of the Development of Ethics'?


I mean this is MTMTE and he'll survive by some... thing, I dunno, a mini-Trailbreaker or this is the alternate Trailbreaker or some shit. But still.

Vos and his crazy removable spikeface is still fun. I think Vos is my favourite out of the DJD, though considering one is Tarn, two are unmemorable brutes and the other just killed one of my favourite Lost Light crew members, it's not really that hard of a choice.

What else? Terminus was great, the passages from Megatron's book were great, visuals with the text was great, Trailbreaker's freaking LEG CANNONS made me laugh, the panic bubble is pretty ironic, Brainstorm at the end is weird... I like this issue. It's a bit slower and a bit more hollow than normal MTMTE issues, but I do like how the first half of the issue seems to be just a little parallel to the more meaty Megatron stuff, and then suddenly Vos. And when I thought it was going to be 'Vos is Agent 113', nope, there's a second bastard lurking around.

**** YOU KAON.

Overall felt like a really short read, but still pretty great nonetheless.

Knightdramon 2014-11-16 01:33 PM

James Roberts has confirmed that Trailbreaker is indeed dead on multiple podcasts since. No cop outs, or so the man says.

One interesting thing that went unnoticed is that with the last 2 issues worth of flashbacks, all the bots on the Necrobot's list have indeed died one way or another.

Seeing as the one thing all these had in common was that they were killed by the DJD, it looks like there's more than meets the eye with that bot. It might be that there's a pacifist or something, trailing the DJD and cataloging their death tolls so he can one day show up to Megatron and slap him in the face with that death datapad?

Regardless, while S2 didn't start off very strongly in my opinion [the back and forth from the trial that everybody knew the outcome of and the recent events hurt the pacing] but it has picked up.

I want more Rodimus though. This was more or less supposed to be his quest and by extension, book, but he's been sidelined a LOT.

Skyquake87 2014-11-16 02:35 PM

I'd like to see a few of the old faces too. 'Season 2' (ugh. sorry, I really hate comics trying to ape TV. Its a different medium entirely. If anything, this should be a 'volume two' , but comics don't have this quaint old practice anymore.) might as well be a brand new book as we've effectively had an entirely new cast to contend with. That does mean that the book has unfortunately fallen prey to the 'new toys' problems that plagued the old Marvel book and has too many characters to concentrate on.

I have felt that since Dark Cybertron, the book is effectively starting over and is less of a continuation of what went before.

I suppose its felt a bit more like the recent run of Doctor Who, a bit of a transitional phase following a big jamboree and we're about to knuckle down to something (hopefully) really really good :)

This is a minor criticism though, as this is still hands down the best comic produced under the Transformers banner.

Unicron 2014-11-17 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by Auntie Slag (Post 744534)
One other question: How is Cosmos currently pulling double shifts in MTMTE and (ex) RID? The writers have made sure to know which characters are featuring in which book, seems slightly odd to make a cock-up now?

He's not. His only MTMTE appearances post-Dark Cybertron have been flashbacks, to either the trial on Luna 2 or on the alternate Lost Light.

I temporarily considered him as a real mole candidate, as being space worthy, alt-Cosmos could have skipped out on the ALL and linked up with Prime's group for further evil spying, while normal LL Cosmos has been pulling a Rodimus and been unseen on the lower decks (duplicate Cosmoses, Cosmiii, whatever possibly persisting due to distance between the two even the ALL engines shutdown). Falls apart as I don't think the timing would work out at all, and apparently he shows up in the real flashback to the DJD's assault.
Another one of my random theories that falls apart under scrutiny. Fun though.

Blackjack 2014-11-17 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by Knightdramon (Post 744598)
James Roberts has confirmed that Trailbreaker is indeed dead on multiple podcasts since. No cop outs, or so the man says.

Damn. And I thought the fact that they were vague with whether Kaon squished the brain or not was a deliberate cop-out...


I sad.

Unicron 2014-11-17 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by Blackjack (Post 744619)
Damn. And I thought the fact that they were vague with whether Kaon squished the brain or not was a deliberate cop-out...

Pretty sure they weren't intending to be vague, just that the artist botched the kriking brain squish.

Auntie Slag 2014-11-23 02:48 PM


Originally Posted by Knightdramon (Post 744598)
James Roberts has confirmed that Trailbreaker is indeed dead on multiple podcasts since. No cop outs, or so the man says.

And that's a perfectly valid statement. But it doesn't stop Trailbreaker being saved by a time jumping Brainstorm does it? I mean, that's not a cop out... technically Trailbreaker is very actually dead and Ratchet or First Aid can't repair him, but time jumping may require Brainstorm (or somebody) to go back and rescue a guy with such an important forcefield resource to the crew. It may even be that Trailbreaker has even been saved in such a way before?

And that would be very cool following his FIM chip personality slap by Megatron, which turned him into the very definition of a heroic Autobot, rather than a pissed up one-trick pony (although even during his drunk days he showed some very cool handling in his spotlight against Lockdown and Co. thanks to Whirl's confidence boosting words).

... Or he's a dead parrot. I really don't mind either way as he's a fairly minor character. Perhaps it was a smart move, as his skills may have proven too game changing for the story following his enforced sobriety, and then we'd be witness to legions of fans complaining in future stories; "Well why don't they just use Trailbreaker/Cutter to forcefield bounce the enormous re-animated slavering corpse of conjoined Tyrest/Pharma, I mean god, he's got this super power that no-one else has...

Trailbreaker (in this continuity) has saved Kup, he's saved the entire Lost Light crew and (sadly) he saved Vos. That's more than most Transformers have ever been shown to do, apart from Prime. So he gets to have a good name and be well remembered.

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