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zigzagger 2014-12-09 03:44 PM

Transformers #36
Transformers #36 (formerly Robots In Disguise) preview @ Newsarama.

Out December 10.

Red Dave Prime 2014-12-09 09:42 PM

Like the art but apart from soundwave I'm not loving the current direction of formerly RID. And Thundercracker with dog got old very early on for me.

Red Dave Prime 2014-12-10 02:08 PM

Actually, this isnt half bad an issue. It zips along at a nice pace and there are nice bits here and there. Still not loving Thundercrackers stuff and I'm still not entirely sure of the whole headmaster prehistory that has been introduced but this is a good issue overall.

inflatable dalek 2014-12-10 09:04 PM

Averaged out as readable harmless fun. The Thundercracker/Buster/Soundwave stuff was fantastic (I can see why people might think the joke with the former might be wearing thin, but as anyone who has ever read any of my posts will realise there's nothing I like more than a joke that starts off funny, gets quite unfunny through repetition before being done so much it goes all the way back round to funny again) and I am enjoying Galvatron a lot. Arcee was good fun this month as well.

However, the human political stuff was uninteresting (gee, I wonder if Blackrock's hubris will wind up seeing his own creations turn on him?) and Spike not only remains an irritating character- unlikeable is fine as unlikeable characters can be interesting but he just annoys- and having him just stop short of doing a power point presentation explaining decade old continuity doesn't help him at all.

Jimmy Pink continues his grand tradition of being completely pointless as well.

Overall though, good stuff counterbalanced the bad quite nicely.

Terome 2014-12-20 05:25 PM

I read this one too! I agree with you, Dalek: fun and seems to accomplish what it sets out to do. Not terribly keen on the Ancient Aliens guff, but it has spurred some conspiracy theory bingo to break out at the IDW boards with tragicomic results.

I quite liked Jimmy Pink myself. He seemed to be taking everything as seriously as the situation warranted.

Thundercracker and Soundwave were sweet as well. The dog and screenplay stuff are a crutch but it's something.

AndrewDTurnbull 2014-12-26 11:09 AM

This was probably one of the poorest issues since the new direction kicked in. The two big problems behind it, are the ongoing Prowl machinations are becoming far too drawn out, and need some sort of resolution and can then either escalate or fade from there, we are trapped in a holding pattern with very little signs of advancing it.

The second is the human characters, they are all unlikeable characters, not always a bad thing, but it is hindered by the fact they are all so unbelievably stupid and showing Triple I, RAAT levels of competency and reasoning.


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