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Patapsco 2016-07-31 09:40 PM

It's cosmic abeyance, or something. Both Lost Lights existed until one got to close to the other, when the actual one got dragged to limbo while the alt still existed. Once the quantum engines were fixed, the alt one ceased to exist, taking all of its duplicates with it... except Rewind because presumably as the original one wasn't there to come back from limbo

Auntie Slag 2016-07-31 09:50 PM

Oh crap, so he really is the only Rewind in the universe? I wonder if that also meant that Overlord's severed head poofed out of existence aboard the Peaceful Tyranny? Tarn didn't seem overly bothered, although he was busy killing Megatron when Overlord turned up out of the blue a few issues ago.

Red Dave Prime 2016-07-31 11:29 PM

Rung disappears from the alt lost light when the quantum engine thing happens. Evidently, there can only be one rung in the universe.

Unicron 2016-08-01 12:56 AM

We don't know that Rung disappeared from the Alt-Lost Light, all we know is that 'Rung was lost in the explosion'. Incredibly vague statement that may or may not point to Rung being some kind of special that only allows for one to exist despite quantum duplication (and that would have to be some kind of special, since if this theory is true, the universe decided to have Rung be on the LL that was going to continue existing...).

As for Alt-Rewind persisting after the engines being shut off, we have no idea why. While it may be because of Rewind possibly being dead, it could also have been proximity to the briefcase and it's paradox locks (that was the only other thing we know of persisting through the engine shutdown).
Alt-Rewind's survival may also have been proximity based, or from a lack there of. Everybody who we know disappeared vanished in relative proximity to the Alt-LL. We have no evidence that Overlord, Drift, or Cosmos temporarily winked out like the others and all 3 of those were on-board at launch but gone by the time of the Lost Light's cosmic abeyance. It's possible Alt-Rewind stuck around after the engine shutdown because there wasn't another one nearby to make him disappear. (The flaw with this idea being the lack of spare Drift, Overlord, and Cosmos corpses floating in space. Though if I were to reach, I could probably explain that away by them being overlooked in the various debris of the big battle over the Alt-LL.)

inflatable dalek 2016-08-28 01:17 PM

Sharing in here as well as there's lots of talk of Dying of the Light and reader feedback. The podcast interview we did with James at TFN:

Patapsco 2016-08-28 03:21 PM

you missed a slashie in your BB code

inflatable dalek 2016-08-28 05:42 PM

Whoops, ta.

koriand'r 2016-10-24 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by Knightdramon (Post 759946)
Dying of the Light was 85% Megatron and perhaps 15% devoted to others, with prominence to Dominus Ambus. Drift and Rodimus made up within one page. Nautica had her moment in a couple of pages. Skid's story was resolve in a very rushed and almost non-event way.

i'm still salty about this. drift's and rodimus rift had a lot of juice backing it up, with how it would affect the command structure, rodimus resentment towards himself because he let drift take the fall and also ratchet's conflict with rodimus giving brainstorm 'a slap on the wrist' for almost murdering his co-captain versus drift's exhile.

also the throwback to rodimus ability to burst into flames not being explained is really grinding my gears. can he only use it under some conditions, like when he's powered up? then what about the dinobot issue? did have to do with emotional trauma? or is he simply and outlier?

the comic is slowly becoming megatron centered and while that's fine for an arc, you've got such a rich cast with so many diverse characters and untouched issues, and instead he keeps grinding megatron's worth through issues and issues...

just like the non 'epic' reveal of tarn's identity, skids followed a similar fate, his identity, his forgotten past was a mistery deeply ingrained with more than meets the eye plot since the first issues, and to be brushed of aside like this, so skids can die a cheap death to power the crew up - after megatron finally decided he gave a s*it about organic beings and decided to give a huge ol' speach - is just bad writing in my opinion.

also dominus identity was pretty much brushed aside in favor of who? bingo it's the mister Bucket Head.

also what about developing drift's image of the djd? he's spent most of his time scared of them, even asked ratchet early in the comics to kill him because he couldn't face them. what about some consequence's in his possible hesitation in fighting them?

g.d i'm so angry robert's wasted so many opportunities, i mean i did enjoy this last issues as i love some gay robot drama and drift's reappearence, etc.. but this writing just makes it hard to enjoy it.

robert's focusing too much on him and wasting plot reveals.

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