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Crazyjabberwock 2017-02-16 06:04 AM

Bridge of the Peaceful Tyranny, Former Flagship of Tarn

Nickel had finally managed to work the controls with her smaller frame, she was annoyed at how late they were to the call Megatron had given. But Piloting the ship with her smaller titan master frame was the least of her challenges, after Kaon's Decapitation, Tarn vanished during the chaos of the war, Vos was damaged irreparably, stuck in Rifle mode, only good as Her Primary weapon, as a Mercy she put his mind in stasis, Tesarus and Helix Died soon after of Nuke Overdoses while she had been monitoring Kaon's Spark Support, it had taken entirely too long to link up with Decepticon command for her Titan Master upgrade.

Speaking of which, if they were going to Hail the Nemesis and alert Megatron to their presence, they'd have to do it together, with a bit of fear she walked to the Electrical chair that was Kaon's alt mode, it wasn't Kaon himself she feared, it was his mindset, and what she became when hers met it. Kaon had gone quiet since he lost his head, but knew she was there, "Kaon wake the slag up, I need to link up, Megatron needs us." With that he transformed into his robot mode, Nickle took her place as his new head, a set of purple Optics in the place of Kaon's blind blank optics.

When she was first bonded to him she was first assaulted by the last thing he experienced, his decapitation, the pain, the fear, that sense of betrayal... it shook them both to their core. Together they were not quite the Nuke addicted DJD communications office, nor the Diminutive if pushy medic, they were a mess. For convenience they went under Kaon's name when together, Only Nickel knew his real name anyway.

Shaking back into their combined Personality, Kaon walked to the control console and pocketed Vos.

"This is Kaon to Nemesis Control, Reporting in and requesting current mission status, sorry for the delays, it took us some time to reach due to some... technical difficulties, hehehe!"

Kaon chuckled at the thought of a renewed war against the wretched Autobots...

"Oh, I almost forgot, we're not the only pair on here, we have one other Titan Master Bonded team we picked up."


Peaceful Tyranny Crew Quarters

In the mostly empty hauls of the peaceful Tyranny Skullcruncher ambled about in his beast mode, more tamed animal then proper Decepticon, it was rumored that he had been lobotomized, but his master, Grax had not found any evidence to support it in the big lug's blurry memories. Grax himself ran over to his partner from his own temporary quarters on the ship

"Come on Skull, the ship just pulled back into sub light, we better link up to look good for the management."

Skullcruncher growled, he didn't like having Grax in his head, the smaller bot concerned himself over pointless things like, impressing people and profit, instead of things like food and survival.

"Skullcruncher, if you do this, there's a whole ship full of Autobot morsels with your name on them!"

That got the Crocodilian bot's attention, he transformed and let Grax take over, Grax was pretty much in command of the big guy in this state and made for the command bridge to Join Nickle and Kaon.


Minicon class Autobot Shuttle, Nearing Cybertron orbit


Sari cried out, The Technorganic Autobot gesticulated in frustration, it had taken forever for her to Get Bumblebee to leave with her. He beeped in protest at her frustrated that she had answered the call so readily when he was content to stay on Earth where it was safe.

The war had made him become protective of her even though she'd grown into something of a veteran herself, When they boned She thought it would force him to see her as an equal again, and he just thought he;d be able to protect her better, but disagreements aside they were still close.

"Bee I swear you'd have stayed there in protest if it didn't mean losing your head!"

she joked at his expense, taking advantage of the fact he could only beep back at her until they bonded

as the shuttle reached Hailing distance of the ark she flickered her holomatter skin off to ensure she wasn't mistaken for an organic civilian, after a quick doublecheck of her palm blasters and energy blades she started hailing the ship.

"Ark command, Autobot's Bumblebee and "Steelheart" Reporting in. Hope we can help."

Sari had used Steelheart as a prepared alias to avoid seeming too out of place, she had dealt with Autobots in the past thinking her kind were gross. Had the shuttle been big enough she;d have simply let Bumblebee hail them but their head might have breached the tiny shuttle

Selkadoom 2017-02-16 06:08 AM

Cybertron Airspace

Starscream had tailed his 'Illustrious Leader' into the air but had quickly put as much distance between himself and the fire fight as possible, he didn't need to hear the incessant buzzing and screaming of the oafish, annoying, and stubbornly unkillable piece of scrap that Megatron had forcibly bonded to him.

"Uh... Star-botzzz?" came a questioning voice from his cock pit. The little wretch knew better than to touch the controls.

"What is it you buzzing buffoon" the seeker screeched

"Shouldn't we help Megatronzzz?" he asked sheepishly

"Why? He seems quite capable of handling himself." he sneered

"Well if we helpzz him maybe Megatronzzz give us reward?" he asked naively

"... Fine. If this backfires, expect to meet the underside of my boot." he said turning and diving straight down to join Megatron in a dive, though he would take his time to ensure the fire from either side would avoid him.


Scourge was making his way down, pulling close to Deathsaurus on the tip of the spear, the old soldier grinning as Fracas was ready to get into this scrap as well

"Tis been many a cycle since I have seen combat on my old home of Cybertron. I look forward to flexing my servos after so long." he said kicking on his deterrence systems to put out any missile fire tracking him or any cons nearby.

Fracas laughed from the cockpit "You and me both boss." he chuckled.


Dig Site

Brainstorm had found himself drafted into the dig team after a rather nasty kerfuffle with Perceptor over carrying and modifying high explosives in his makeshift lab on the Ark. But thata for another cycle to discuss. For now it seemed that he had Decepticons. And that meant targets to test his new weapons oh joy oh joy!

"What should I use first? The Neutrino Neutralizer? The Anti-Laser? Or perhaps one of my less conventional weapons?"

"Why is it you are so utterly infatuated with testing your bizare weapons at other bots? Teslor asked almost reluctantly

"To see if they work of course!" he said happily bounding out "Who wants to try some experimental tech?" he asked far more giddy than any other bots nearby.

Warcry 2017-02-16 07:07 PM

OOC: Is the dig site on the surface, or underground?
Bridge, Nemesis

The low-ranking bridge crew left behind were far too terrified to answer a hail from a DJD-affiliated starship, so they forwarded it on to Megatron.

Dig Site (sort of)

Megatron hit the ground several miles away from their target zone, his body moving at several hundred kilometers per hour by the time it finally met the ground. Luckily for him, the Decepticon leader had plenty of experience making rough landings. He'd known that his jet mode would be too fragile to survive the crash, having seen what little was left of more than one Seeker who'd lost an airborne duel with an Aerialbot. And his tank mode, while much sturdier, was also far too rigid for the job. The last time he'd been thrown out of a moving vehicle in tank mode, he'd smashed both of his tread assemblies and broken his turret swivel. In robot mode, though? He'd survived more than one ridiculous fall in robot mode.

As he hit the ground and ragdolled down a hillside, though, he reflected that he'd been able to see the last time he'd done this.

As he finally skidded to a stop with a groan, he reflected on the few positives of the situation.

At least I didn't fall far enough to burn off my armour. Not like that first run-in with Jhiaxus...

The headless Decepticon leader took a moment to gather his wits about him. Two sensor pods popped out of his torso on either side of where his neck would normally be. They didn't allow him to "see" per se, but their sonar and radar packages were able to give him a general idea of where he was and what shape his body was in.

The answers to both of those questions were good ones -- he wasn't that far away from the dig site, with a nice stretch of traverseable ground between him and it, and his body was covered in scratches and dents but otherwise mostly intact. Nothing seemed to be broken badly enough to prevent him from transforming, which was a good thing because he was basically useless in this mode until Doomshot deigned to return.

As he finished his self-assessment, he answered Kaon's call.

"This is Megatron. Lock on to my position and join me on the surface. Don't bring your ship in for a landing. That'll be too likely to attract attention from rogue combiners."

As he started to move, his sensors detected Starscream descending towards him and, as always, had to resist the urge to fire on the defiant air commander. Instead, he decided a show of strength was in order and triggered his transformation cog, painfully folding his damaged body up into tank mode.

Cybertron Airspace

Doomshot steeled himself to dodge Optimus Prime's fire, but Sixshot made that unnecessary.

"I appreciate the help, Sixshot, but don't worry about me."

The small red dragon tucked his wings in, swiftly diving down towards Optimus while spewing flame.

"I shall join my partner, yes. But so too shall you!"

The Titan Master aimed to close the gap with Optimus and get close enough to lay his fangs on the other Transformer's flight tech.

Shuttle Bay, The Ark

"Thank you. I know I can trust you to do the job." Hardhead gave Chromedome a quick nod, then ducked into the hatch. He didn't break stride as he answered Ginrai, the ship around them rocking from Sixshot's barrage.

"The sky sleds are made for someone my size, not yours, so it might make for a rough ride. But if you think you can manage it, then by all means."

As everyone filed aboard, Hardhead pushed forward towards the cockpit. "Make ready for takeoff," he told the pilot. "I want us on the surface and ready to fight in five minutes!"

"Aye, sir."

Crazyjabberwock 2017-02-17 01:25 AM

Peaceful Tyranny: Now parked in Cybertron Orbit

Kaon and Grax marched to the ship's Escape pods, the smaller landing shuttle among the many things they had lost during the fighting, Kaon used Nickles Mechanical skill to calibrate the descent rates for the pods to and target the coordinates at Megatron's position, an eagerness to meet their leader again after so long smoothing over their other issues. Grax was all too happy for a chance to give the Boss a good impression as well while Skullcruncher was just excited to be pointed at some Autobot snacks.

With their Jury-Rigged Drop pods ready, they entered and made planet fall.


Minicon Class Autobot Shuttle, Nearing Cybertron Airspace

Without any Response Sari sent another wave of Autbot Hails, despite her youth she knew better from some bitter experiences then to simply rush in without a plan or idea what your fellow good guys were up to.

"This is Bumblebee and Steelheart to any available autobots, requesting status and prefered landing coordinates"

Blackjack 2017-02-17 03:50 AM

Cybertron Airspace

I think he's saying you need to keep shooting the Ark, Sixshot-sama.

But the fight is here. Sixshot grumbled mentally, yet he nodded to Doomshot. "As you command." As the smaller Decepticon assaulted the Autobot leader, Sixshot engaged his rocket boots to put some distance between himself and Optimus Prime, before transforming back into his cannon mode, and began charging up again.

"Prime, get to the dig site. We can handle this." Perceptor radioed. He took aim at Sixshot with whatever remained of the Ark's cannons, and fired, timing the blast to coincide with Sixshot's own attack. The two energy blasts impacted and erupted mid-air between the two combatants, not damaging Sixshot yet preventing damage to the Ark.

The Ark's weapons are too damaged to reload properly, which means a longer recharge cycle. Thus, Perceptor needed to time the shots to achieve his current primary objective -- defend the Ark. It appears that the secondary objective, taking down the Decepticon six-changer, is slightly more difficult to achieve now.

"Get back here, Sixshot!" Optimus Prime yelled, trying to discourage the six-changer from attacking the Ark, but Doomshot divebombed him and unleashed a gout of flame. The Autobot leader lifted up his free arm, using it to block the brunt of the attack from hitting his face, but it did scorch and melt a sizable portion of the armour plating around his left arm.

Diac, he is going for your flight tech! The voice that was Optimus, not in nominal control of their shared body, spoke in slight alarm.

In response, Diac commanded the body to transform into his plane mode. As plates moved and body parts shifted, Doomshot would find that his dragon's fangs would sink into the hull of Optimus Prime's plane mode, tearing several chunks off -- damaging, yet not quite disabling. Separated and moving independently, Optimus Prime would angle down towards the Decepticons that are landing on the ground.

As Diac was ejected from Optimus Prime's head, his limbs clicked into place, and the Titan Master brought his fists up as he advanced alongside Optimus Prime's hull towards where Doomshot has landed, magnetized boots keeping him from being blown away by the wind howling around them.

"Doomshot." Diac growled, optics narrowing as his own faceplate, mirroring that of his larger partner, slid into place. The Titan Master's fists retracted and were replaced instantly by two energon blades that glowed bright orange with the energy that coursed through them. "I will tear you apart!" Without Optimus Prime's calming influence, Diac roared as he charged the Decepticon, leaping into the air and attempting to stab his energon blade into Doomshot's dragon vehicle's head.

Heinrad 2017-02-17 03:54 AM

Shuttle Bay, Ark:

"If it's a rough ride, so be it," said Ginrai. "I'll make the Decepticons pay for my discomfort." He charged out of the shuttle bay, heading for the forward bay with the sky-sleds.


Chromedome boarded the shuttle.

"Kid will get himself hurt if he's not careful."

"Kid? You're not that old, Chromedome."

"I'm probably as old as Hardhead."

As he started to turn to head back to the passenger(well, okay, cargo) compartment, he noticed the comm panel light up. He reached out and hit a few buttons. "Bumblebee, this is Chromedome. We're heading into a battle situation on the surface of Cybertron. If you can get a fix on this shuttle, follow us down."

tahukanuva 2017-02-17 04:18 AM

Shuttle Bay, Ark

Though he gave no sign of noticing, Sentinel picked up on the particular wording of Chromedome's reply.

'Keep an eye on' me? Can you believe how brazen they are, Infinitus? I expected their resentment, but I did not think they would be so brazen about it. Apparently propriety is too much to expect from professional soldiers now.

Well, they did assign me to spy on you. I can't say I'm shocked.

"So, you two are to be my escort detail. I'm pleased to meet you.."

Chromedome, sir.

"Chromedome, and your partner.."

I'm afraid I don't know, sir.

Sentinel frowned. "Chromedome's head," he finished, slightly weakly. "Try to stick close to me. I'm confident that I can hold my own, but I'd prefer not take unreasonable risks."


Cybertron Airspace

Deathsaurus took stock of the Decepticon force around him; Scourge taking point alongside him, Starscream flying solo some distance ahead, Mindwipe's accent.

"Alright, soldiers! Megatron has made hit the surface. Lock onto his position. We're going to regroup with him, and make haste towards the dig site. The Autobots will be in hot pursuit, and we need to clear the site and set up defensive positions before they get there."

Crazyjabberwock 2017-02-17 05:16 AM

Minicon Class Autobot Shuttle, Set for Deployment Route

Sari had heard Chromedome's message and locked onto them, guiding the smaller shuttle to land next to theirs. Once close enough to the ground she opened the vessel's bottom panel to deploy with Bumblebee, as they dropped Bumblebee finally transformed and Sari formed into his head, he yelled with an excited cry, relieved to be able to talk again, not to mention actually stretch his limbs after so long inside the tiny shuttle. They skidded next to Chromedome's ship ready to meet up with them.

Selkadoom 2017-02-17 06:22 AM

Dig Site

Starscream came down with a show of grace that he would only permit to himself, though as his Titan Master bonded to him to form his head the shudder of disgust at allowing that recreant imbecile into his body once again would easily be seen by Megatron indicating he still utterly loathed his position.

"My my Lord Megatron, it seems you should look into brushing up on your aerial skills if those Autobot scrapheaps can land so many hits, maybe I could give you some lessons." he laughed as he started taking pot shots at anybot he caught running with his null beams, using them to shut them down non-lethally.

Waspinator meanwhile was being very very quiet because the last thing he wanted was to upset the jet bot he was currently providing the head to so for now he just calmly twiddled his thumbs and tried to point out targets.


Brainstorm had handed out weapons to those who had desired them, keeping the more fun and non-lethal experimental tech to himself. He had decided to try his hand at a weapon that would hopefully sow some confusion amongst the ranks of their foes as he let a few blasts out at the Decepticons that were diving at the dig site, taking aim and sending two at Deathsaurus and Scourge, definitely nailing the latter with a solid hit.

Air Space

Scourge shuddered and shook as the blast hit him but oddly he didn't feel much different, maybe a bit buzzed

"Racas-Fay, Tatus-say eport-ray!" he shouted which just got a confused noise from his partner "Uh, What did you say boss?"

"Racas-Fay, Tatus-say eport-ray!!!" he repeated angry at the fact his partner couldn't understand such a simple command "Boss what the frag are you saying?" Fracas replied causing Scourge to shout

"Eathsaurus-Day, am I amaged-day?" he commed to the commander seeking outside help on this simple request

Warcry 2017-02-17 10:56 PM

OOC: I love Brainstorm already!
Dig Site

This time Megatron didn't resist the urge to swivel his tank barrel towards Starscream, although to be fair he did see through his gun's targeting sensors in this mode.

"How's the new head feeling?" he fired back archly. "I see it's done nothing to improve your personality."

As they approached the ground, Mindwipe flapped his wings to reduce his airspeed. As his claws touched the ground, he could practically feel himself making a connection to all the many generations of dead ancestors who'd fallen on this awful, wonderful world.

"Home, sveet home. Ah-ha-ha!"

Vorath sighed, but otherwise ignored his partner. "Please exercise caution with the artifacts they've gathered," he said to the other Decepticons. "If the scientists aren't willing to talk, we may need to reverse-engineer their discoveries. And by "we" I mean "me", so please don't make me work any harder than I need to!"

Mindwipe groaned. "Relax. Ve are home. Ve will be successful. The spirits of Cybertron are vith us today."

"That does not make me feel any better."

Mindwipe glanced towards Scourge when he heard the other Decepticon's garbled speech. "Are you unvell? Blah."

Cybertron Airspace

Doomshot triggered a gout of flame as his teeth found purchase on Optimus Prime's wing, hopefully melting some of the Autobot's control surfaces.

But then he saw Diac advancing toward him on foot and quickly let go.

"Ah, the Titan Master," he said, his rich voice echoing with mockery. "Hi-Q, is it? Or perhaps Apex? Supremus Absolutus? Iron Ox? Not that it matters, all wind up the same in the end. Weak. Broken. Erased."

The Decepticon dragon jumped up to meet Daic, but in mid-leap he triggered his mini-vehicle's transformation. The red dragon folded in on itself, ensuring that the Autobot's strike would miss and that he would collide in mid-air with a purple tyrannosaur instead -- a purple tyrannosaur that was spitting paralyzing venom at the Autobot's eyes.

With any luck, the force of the impact would propel them away from Optimus and put them into a freefall...something that Doomshot with his beast mini-vehicle could survive, but his Autobot counterpart likely could not.

Autobot Shuttle

Hardhead gripped tightly to an overhead handrail as the shuttle's engines spun up. They dropped out of the Ark's belly and fell towards the surface of the planet below. An uncomfortable feeling in his servos forced the Autobot to speak up. After all, he was the seniormost person on the shuttle (not counting the deposed leader, at least).

"If Optimus were here, I'm sure he would spin an inspirational, eloquent speech that would leave all of us feeling confident and uplifted." He paused for a moment. "I am not Optimus. If I tried to do that, some of you could commit suicide just so you could stop listening to me."

There was some scattered laughter, mostly from the new recruits who didn't realize yet that their tactical officer was constitutionally incapable of telling a joke.

"So I won't do that. But I will say that I believe in you. Some of you are veterans. More of you are new recruits. All of you are well trained and know what you're doing. Remember your training, keep your wits about you and watch your teammates' backs, and we'll all come home in one piece."

The old soldier fidgeted slightly, uncomfortable being at the centre of attention in any scenario where he wasn't barking orders or shooting.

tahukanuva 2017-02-18 04:05 AM


Deathsaurus veered left as Brainstorm's blast approached, but he was simply to large to avoid the hit, which still managed to graze across one wing. Deathsaurus's beak tersed at Scourge's garbled question.

"Tobot onlethal eaponry o oubt. An't magine wy ey ouldn't oot oo ill."

You've got to be kidding me.

Deathsaurus, with some mental effort, managed to fight though the effect, and was grudgingly impressed that it had worked at all. His ancient body notmally proved incompatible with software-targeting weaponry.

As he approached the ground, Deathsaurus transformed into robot mode, firing his ancillary thrusters to slow his landing. As he hit the ground, Esmeral unlatched from Eaglebreast, which flew to its place on Deathsaurus's chest. Esmeral transformed, docking into Deathsaurus's shoulders, a draconic helmet shifted into place around her, and their two minds became one.

Deathsaurus stood up and got their bearings. They nodded along to Vorath's request to the other Decepticons

"He's right. Defending yourselves takes priorty, but try to dispatch the scientists nonlethally if possible. Once we control the site, Vorath, Esmeral will assist you with your initial examinations until a full dig team can get here."

"How are your speech circuits doing, Scourge? It looked like you took a worse hit then we did."

As they asked, Deathsaurus sent a message over internal comms; "Megatron, this is Deathsaurus. We've made landfall near your impact site. Are you combat operational, please confirm."

Selkadoom 2017-02-18 04:44 AM

Dig Site

Scourge growled and stomped the floor as Fracas stepped away figuring that giving scourge a gun right now wouldn't be well

"Mon-cay mon-cay mon-cay!" he shouted furious that he couldn't shake the weapons effects off "His-tay is a roblem-pay!!!" he screamed looking at Mindwipe and Deathsaurus in an increasingly aggrivated mania before taking a deep breath "Alm-cay alm-cay." he said softly as he relaxed

"I think we'll manage until we can get some time with a doc." Fracas elaborated turning into his partners firearm.


Starscream had to fight literally every circuit in his body not to spit a frothing mad tirade at Megatron after the remark about his head but he simply lowered his weapons and sighed

"No worse than yours My Lord" the seeker spitting the words out like they were phlegm. "Waspinator is a lovely partner. He listens and he knows when to not get in my way." He said with some pride in overcoming his handicap.


Brainstorm snapped his fingers in annoyance that his weapon didn't seem to infuriate the two that appeared to be leading the charge. Well, it hit one but it seemed like he was managing. Perhaps he should switch to weapons that focused more on harassment and area denial. Just not the explodey ones or Perceptor would make him sit through a lecture on why blowing their home up more would be worse than being captured.

For now he swapped out for a nozzle tipped weapon he had dubbed the MARGG, or Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion Gel Gun. He started coating small hidden areas around his part of the camp with the gel and focused the gel on facing outward through a control panel on the chasis of it.

He would wait for the cons before setting the gel off and hopefully throwing them away or pinning them to the ground.

Blackjack 2017-02-18 06:14 AM

OOC: Oooooh Megatron got burned
The Ark

"They trying to distract you from the shuttle, Sixshot-sama." Revolver said, gripping his larger partner as another of the Ark's turrets impacted with perfect timing onto the concussion blasts from Sixshot's cannon mode. "Why don't we go for direct strike? Like we practiced."

"Very well." Sixshot transformed into his robot mode, connecting once more with Revolver, feeling the smaller Decepticon's expertise flowing through his mind. Jet boosters engaged, and Sixshot shot towards the Ark, spinning around mid-air to dodge a pair of laser blasts from the Ark's battery.

Then Sixshot moved, and to the blind eye it would seem like he briefly disappeared, and he reappeared in six places, all six charging towards the Ark's gun batteries from different angles.

Illusion? No. Hard light projection. Slightly more difficult to tell apart... but not for me. Perceptor's monocle focused as it picked apart the electromagnetic spectrum. Hard light projection is far more difficult for people without as much sensors as Perceptor to tell apart -- they can throw a punch or two, they have some mass, they cast shadows... yet they aren't truly solid, not really. Perceptor quickly identified the real Sixshot from his five doppelgangers, and jerked at the gun controls to aim at the six-changer.

But where Perceptor's mind and fingers worked quickly, the Ark's systems did not. The gun batteries were merely halfway through their rotation and targeting sequence when Sixshot slammed onto the gun batteries, launching several blasts of concussion energy at point-blank range.

Perceptor winced. He did not need to look at the readings to note that the Ark was crippled offensively. There were other artillery turrets, of course, weaker ones, but Sixshot got their main cannons. "Disengage and pull back to Athenia, Captain." Perceptor said. "Put all available energy onto forward shields. I'm going hunting."

Saying this, Perceptor stood up, unslung the sniper rifle from where it's attached to his back, and walked up to the Sky Sleds that Hardhead had pointed out before.

Good technique on the Shadow Clones, Sixshot-sama.

Not enough. They lasted only for two, three seconds, and barely distracted the Autobot gunner. Sixshot pulled away from the Ark as its forcefield hummed to life. The large Autobot ship was visibly moving back to orbit, too. His objective was to cripple and not destroy, anyway, and the six-changer looked around for his prey -- Optimus Prime is too far away, and so has the shuttle departed.

Sixshot transformed into his jet mode, and swooped down, making a beeline for the closer target: the shuttle.

"Well, you're a beginning practitioner of the arts of ninjustu." Revolver said as he found himself sitting inside Sixshot's cockpit once more.

"Metallikato. Why can you not refer to it by its proper name like everyone else?"

"The arts of ninjutsu is known by many names, but its principle is the same -- true power comes from within your spark." Revolver said. "Of course, for now, you have power from your two big hypersonic cannons, so you can rely on them while you train."

Cybertron Airspace

(OOC: IRON OX hahahaha :lol:)

Optimus Prime made no sound, but felt part of his wing melt away under Doomshot's assault. It wasn't anything critical, though, for the Decepticon let go of it in the face of Diac's assault.

"How long before you yourself is consumed by the maelstrom that is Megatron's mind, Doomshot?" Diac growled. "You will find that at the end of this day, you'll be the one that's broken -- one way or another!"

Diac's swing missed Doomshot's dragon completely as it folded into a tyrannosaur, which spat out venom. Diac's boots attempted to magnetize onto Optimus's wings, but the sight of the venom caused the Titan Master to swing his energon blade wildly mid-air. The heat from the blades burned away a fair amount of the potion, but a not insignificant amount landed on Diac's face. Mercifully, it missed his right optic, but it burned into his left eye, which clamped shut and automatically deactivated in response to the venom.

The force of Diac's impact with Doomshot's ride far exceeded the strength of his magnetic boots, and knocked the Autobot off from his Titan partner. More of a reflex than anything, Diac attempted one last stab at Doomshot, but his blade bit thin air before he tumbled down into Cybertron's night sky.

His last thought before the world spun all around him was: I need to get one of those.

"Diac!" Optimus Prime yelled, as he quickly put himself into a nosedive. The Prime's plane mode was far from being maneuverable, however, being intended to transport troops and resources as opposed to making sharp jukes in mid-air, but Prime tried his best, angling himself almost vertically as he shot down after his Titan Master partner, using their mental bond as a guide to track down the falling trajectory of his partner.

Indeed, there were many that were lost. Hi-Q, Apex, Convoy, Iron Ox, Sparkplug, Barrel-Roller, Supremus, Optronix... the names Doomshot spoke of aren't even half of the Titan Masters that were lost. Lost to the vastness of my mind. I am NOT losing another one.

As Optimus Prime banked down hard to reach where Diac is tumbling, the Autobot leader could feel panels groan in protest at the sudden change. In response, Diac retracted his energon swords, and in their place two large hooks deployed. Optimus Prime winced -- well, not really, for he had no eyes in his vehicular mode, but the sentiment was there -- as Diac's energon hooks seared into Optimus Prime's hull. They helped Diac attach himself to the larger Autobot, but the hooks were meant to maim, and maim Optimus they did.

Not that that was their main concern now, of course. They were tumbling on a free-fall course down towards the dig site.

Heinrad 2017-02-18 10:18 AM

Sky-Sled, plummeting towards the Dig Site:

Gravity, a wise man once said, is a harsh mistress.

And right now, Ginrai couldn't agree more.


"Calm down."

"WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!"

Ginrai, twice as large and at least twice as heavy as the standard Titan, stood balanced on one leg on the sky-sled, controlling it as best he can with one hand and holding one of his rifles in the other. The sky-sled was managing to keep this from being a terminal plunge, but it was a near thing.

Still, they were going to impact near the dig site fairly hard.........



"Stop panicking. There's Megatron AND Starscream. And we will stop them. Right here. No matter the cost."

Ginrai's hand made some small adjustment to the sky-sled's controls, and the plunge steadied a little as he aimed his rifle at Megatron and opened fire.

Dig Site:


Nightbeat climbed into the driver's compartment in Roller, tapping controls. "I know that's Megatron. I also know we don't have a chance of stopping him. But if that shuttle, the dogfight, and what looks like Optimus Prime plunging towards us is any indication, all we have to do is keep Megatron busy for a few minutes."

Roller switched from drill mode to flight mode. Nightbeat looked at the power indicators for the small lasers mounted on Roller's wings. "And yes, I know we're not going to do more than annoy, but we have to try, don't we?"

With a hum of anti-gravs, the little jet lifted into the air, and took off towards where Megatron had come down.

Crazyjabberwock 2017-02-18 11:19 PM

Cyberton Surface, Near Megatron's Coordinates

Kaon, Nickel, Skullcruncher and Grax have a rough landing in their Pods, but land in visual range of Megatron, Kaon shakily exits his pod while Grax's heavier frame was unfazed. Kaon Felt an awe for megatron that might have made Lugnut blush, but Nickel managed to keep a lid on it for now, too much brown nosing would be a poor choice.

Kaon Approached his leader and gave a subdued but respectful neal, Grax mirrored the gesture not wanting to step out of line.

"Lord Megatron, it has been too long." Kaon uttered through his new head.


Clogs 2017-02-19 01:30 AM

Archaeological dig, Cybertron

"A legend..." Drill sent directly to Glyph.

Driveshaft, who had clambered up from his trench, took the tray from Drill and, with a grin, ambled away to the steeply-sloping shaft that the team had arduously dug through the layers of waste until they hit the dateable level for which they had sought. He was shadowed by Fossar and the recording mech.

"More than ever, I would like to know how the in absentia Autobot Council had data on this," Glyph eventually replied. "They directed us straight here."

Drill could detect his colleague's thoughtful expression even if most of her face was covered by a fixed mask (to prevent contamination during digs and working both ways, he assumed). Like himself, she had been happy with their commission until the point when the larger unit had been located, by resistance scan, almost directly below where they were currently standing; they had expected to find wreckage, not an apparently complete mech, albeit a headless one.

"We have not, I believe, been given all the salient information. We must consider that, in addition to our quite perilous position here, on Cybertron, there will be further danger once we leave with artifacts that prove we have, quite possibly, found the first Combiner."

Warcry 2017-02-19 04:12 AM

Cybertron Airspace

"It is I who shall consume that fool Megatron," Doomshot scoffed at Diac. "And he knows it!"

As he and the Autobot Titan Master fell away from each other in separate directions, the tiny purple dinosaur smiled to himself. Not because he thought he'd killed his opposite number -- Optimus Prime would never let that happen, and nor would he crash with lethal force and kill himself -- but because he knew his minor victory would serve to further antagonize his own Titan partner.

If I'm honest with myself, I envy Diac having a partner who isn't infinitely hostile towards him. This would go much easier if Megatron would only listen to me, yes...

As he free-fell, the dinosaur unfolded back into dragon form and Doomshot's wings snapped open, allowing him to glide down gently towards Megatron's position.

Dig Site

"Bah!" Megatron barked. "I am always ready for battle, Deathsaurus. Do not presume to think that this...minor inconvenience has tested my limits."

The Decepticon leader seethed inwardly as Starscream's retort. His own head was, of course, infinitely better than his insolent air commander's...but he would never admit that, and Starscream knew it. Thankfully, he was saved from the need to respond by Ginrai's cannon fire obliterating the landscape around them.

The Decepticon leader responded in kind with a blast from his fusion cannon, but his main gun was meant to deal with ground-based foes, not quick-moving aerial ones...even ones who were three sizes too big for the vehicle they were trying to ride. He doubted the fusion blast would score even a glancing blow.

"Starscream, deal with this fool!" He caught sight of Doomshot gliding in. "My own head has nearly arrived, so when you inevitably fail I will be there to bail you out yet again."

When Kaon and Grax arrived, he greeted the other two Decepticons with a "nod" of his cannon barrel. "You have been absent for far too long," he told the interrogator. "I will expect an explanation...later." He scowled. Something about the DJD officer seemed...wrong, but he couldn't place it. "But at least you're here, which is more than the I can say for the rest of my vaunted secret police."

Then he looked over Grax. "I have no idea who you are, but you seem sturdy enough. Secure the perimeter against intruders while the rest of us deal with that gigantic idiot who thinks he's Optimus Prime."

"Thank you," Vorath said to Deathsaurus.

Mindwipe gave the slowly calming Scourge a look that was equal parts sympathy and curiosity.

I vonder how this vas done to him...

"Blah, if you vant this dealt vith sooner," he told Fracas, "find a safe spot and I can cure him wia hypnosis. Probably."

Vorath nodded proudly, glad to see that his partner was learning not to assume success in unfamiliar circumstances.

Though I'm not sure I would let anyone who talks like this into my speech centres...

Autobot Shuttle

Hardhead was glad that no one seemed keen to talk to him after his decidedly unrousing speech. He simply stared through the shuttle's windscreen and watched the surface grow closer. Soon, very soon, they would land and charge out to meet the Decepticons in battle.

Selkadoom 2017-02-19 04:52 AM

Dig Site

Brainstorm felt himself pause as the distinctive form of Optimus was seen falling like a rock in the sky and he felt himself worry for his safety ever so briefly before sighing

"Oh frag it all this is going south quickly." he said launching his head off and transforming into his jet mode, Teslor landing atop him with the MARGG next to him, the scientist lined up his trajectory and bolted off. This flight would put him very close to the heart of the fighting but if he could soften the or even negate Optimus's fall, well he'd have to admit he would feel alot better.

Flying as hard as his thrusters could manage he soared overhead of Megatron and between him and Doomshot

"Teslor now!" he yelled as the Titan Master quickly hefted up the gun and sprayed the ground where Brainstorm had estimated Optimus would land, quickly hitting a repulsion field that would push up moderately.


Starscream didn't pause to take the chance to disconnect Waspinator from his shoulders and violently catch him in his cockpit, taking flight with flair and rushing to meet Ginrai

"Alright you behemoth, lets see you deal with a master of the skies!" he yelled letting a barrage of rapid laser fire loose upon him.

Scourge shook his head in a dismissal of Mindwipe as his head already felt like somebody had pumped it full of circuit speeders and the thought of trading one speech issue for another made him rather uneasy.

For now he pushed forward silently, Fracas clutched in his hand tightly.

Heinrad 2017-02-19 05:14 AM

Skies near the Dig Site:

Had events not taken the turn they just had, Ginrai and Pyro would be having words soon. But alas, the fickle hand of fate had Megatron roll on the punch location table this day after rolling double boxcars on his to hit roll.

The blast from the fusion cannon arrowed towards the Titan, whose path through the air could be less described as aerobatic, and more described as a straight line plunge.

Ginrai had enough warning to try to angle the sled back, but it was too little, too late. The high energy burst slammed into the Titan's head, directly into the gap through which the head mode Pyro would be able to see out of the armored helm of Ginrai's robot mode.

Ginrai's whole world became one of agonizing pain, as if a star had suddenly formed within his head and decided to go supernova. The massive Titan was catapulted off of the sky-sled and plunged to the ground with all the grace of a boulder falling off a cliff.

Fortunately for Ginrai, he was unconscious by the time he landed.
Sky-Sled Bay, Ark:

"What a DUMP!" Firedrive scowled down at the planet below. "Why did I even have to come along for this? This isn't my war, old man."

The sleek looking sports car parked on the deck gave an annoyed growl. "If you hadn't stolen me, Firedrive, you wouldn't be here right now. But since we're bonded-"

"Don't remind me. Biggest mistake I ever made." The young Titan Master snorted in disgust. "All right. Let's get down there."

He leapt into the air, transforming into head mode as the car transformed into a lanky, long limbed Autobot and locked into place as his head.

Hot Rod smirked as he jumped onto one of the sky-sleds and rocketed out of the bay with a howl of pure excitement.

tahukanuva 2017-02-19 08:41 PM

Near Dig Site

Deathsaurus nodded in response to Fracas's and Megatron's replies.

"Alright, Decepticons, Megatron is just past this hill, and as you can see from the sky, all sorts of Hell is coming down to meet him. Scourge, Mindwipe, we're going to fly ahead to lend support, the rest of you, get there quickly as possible."

As they gave the order, they shifted back to his massive dragon form, with Esmeral reattaching to Eaglebreast, and took to the skies once more.


Autobot Shuttle

As the shuttle made its way towards the surface, Sentinel examined the faces of the soldiers surrounding him.

See the young ones, Infinitus? They all gawk at me. Like I'm some kind if celebrity. I'm just the primus emeritus, the old bot they drag out at state functions.

Maybe they look up to you, sir.

For what? Standing silently behind Optimus' left side? Anyway, the older soldiers are far more interesting. You've got a couple like Hardhead, who are actually not paying attention to me, because they know I belong here. The rest of them are trying very hard not to pay acknowledge me, even though my presence is burning them up inside. They're facing the floor, or the ceiling, or the exit ramp, but then they start thinking about me, and then their optics wander this way, then they catch themselves and look away again with a start. They blame me, personally, for this war that I didn't even start, and then wasn't allowed to finish. Cowards, unable to face the truth, that's what they are.

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