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Crazyjabberwock 2017-02-20 03:47 AM

Dig Site
Kaon Saluted his lord, saving the explanation for a proper debriefing, for now he'd stick close to his leader, while Grax and SkullCruncher held the perimeter against autobot attacks.


Cyberton surface
Bumblebee was a bit annoyed, the shuttle hadn't landed quite on the time frame they had calculated, they had beaten it to the ground, now holding position at its projected landing point.

Relax bee, better then waiting alone

"Sure, but I was hoping to meet the others again."

Warcry 2017-02-20 05:43 AM

Dig Site

Doomshot dodged as Brianstorm cut close to him, but the Autobot seemed preoccupied with other business so he didn't overly concern himself. He flew over to Megatron, then allowed his mini-vehicle to split open and drop him down towards his partner, transforming into head mode.

Megatron refused to allow his reluctance to show, transforming eagerly to his somewhat banged-up robot mode and accepting Doomshot into his mind. Then he did his best to push the annoying runt into a far-off corner of it while he caught the mini-vehicle, which had folded up into gun mode. He tucked the extra weapon into the turret cockpit on his back and sprang up, ready to throw himself at Ginrai...only to see that he'd killed the Autobot, almost by accident.

"That was anti-climactic."

He took a few steps closer to the Autobot, but the smoke rising from the inside of his skull testified to the fact that his Titan Master had been killed with a seeing-eye blast right to the face.

"Such is the fate of any who would challenge Megatron," he opined, glancing sidelong at Starscream as he did so. "Since that's dealt with, let's get on with the mission! To the dig site! Starscream, Kaon...alligator guy, with me!"

He transformed back to tank mode, Doomshot riding in his turret as he rolled forward towards the target area.

Mindwipe shrugged. "As you vish," he told Scourge. "Don't say I did not offer."

Now that they were on the ground, there was little reason to remain in bat mode -- his massive wingspan would be a major handicap in the archaeological dig's tightly-packed camp, and even moreso in the tunnels. He also lacked much in the way of long-range offence, something the current situation very much called for. So they transformed to robot mode, with Vorath taking his place as the robot's head.

"Ah, yes. Much better." The shared mind's accent was much less exaggerated than the bat mode's, due to Vorath's influence. Mindwipe still carried a hint of a stereotypical Eastern European vampire's accent about him, but his fellow Decepticons would find him much easier to understand. He drew his viper pistol and equipped his shield, then stretched his robot mode wings and flew off after Deathsaurus, with his thrusters (now located in his feet) making up for the smaller wings' lack of lift.

"As you command, blah. Ve shall defend Lord Megatron."

Autobot Shuttle

Hardhead hit the hatch release before the shuttle's landing gear had even touched down, jumping out of the shuttle and trusting his strong knees to absorb the force of the fall.

"Fireteams three and six, establish a perimeter to defend the shuttle. The rest of you, form up on me!" He transformed to tank mode and rolled towards Bumblebee's shuttle.

Furos landed in the Titan's cockpit and took up speaking exactly where Hardhead had left off. "We'll pick up our late arrival, then head towards the dig site. We'll meet up with Optimus en route!"

Blackjack 2017-02-20 09:35 AM

Cybertron Airspace

Sixshot, in his jet mode, swooped down towards the Autobot Shuttle as it landed on Cybertron's surface. None among them are worthy to challenge. They are all soldiers, not warriors.

Still, he had to fight for the cause, for without the cause, what use is a weapon?

Sixshot took aim at the Autobots that are coming out with Hardhead and opened fire with his hypersonic concussion cannons, aiming to rattle and disorient as many Autobot soldiers as he could to give Megatron and the others time to recover... whatever it is that they set to recover.

"Apologies." Diac told Optimus Prime as he hung onto his larger partner, feeling the pain his hooks caused the larger Transformer through their mental link. He should've gone after the Decepticons. Saving me should not have been his priority.

But it is. And Diac knew why -- because he's Optimus Prime.

Diac briefly considered a way to get out of their predicament. Transform into their more maneuverable robot mode, rerouting all energy to jet boosters? Unlikely to work. They're plunging at such a rapid velocity that the transformation and expansion of their wings are likely to cause them to be torn apart by the whiplash. Crash-landing? It'll hurt, but Optimus Prime's body can withstand it.

But suddenly, a wave of repulsion hit him. Forceful, yet gentle, as their fall was slowed down with a force from the opposite direction. Diac and Optimus Prime took this chance to transform into their robot mode, Diac locking securely into his slot within Optimus Prime's helm. Whole once more, the Autobot leader looked around for his saviour, and saw Brainstorm.

Optimus Prime recognized the scientist as one of the Autobots sent to the dig site. "My thanks." Optimus Prime nodded to Brainstorm as his jetpack realigned, allowing him to hover in place and reorient himself. "You have saved my life. Come."

Optimus Prime shot down from where he was towards the dig site, seeing that Ginrai has went down to engage the Decepticons. Very enthusiastic, very eager to prove himself as powerful as the Autobot ideal...

And then, as Optimus swooped in, his eyes widened as both Optimus and Diac's sparks were clutched with horror when Megatron's fusion blast hit home, tearing Ginrai's head apart, causing the Autobot to drop onto the ground in an unceremonious, limp heap.

"NO!" Optimus Prime let out a loud, roaring yell. Part of both of them wanted to fly down next to the young Autobot, to ascertain if Ginrai had indeed perished -- but Optimus had seen many soldiers slaughtered by his nemesis's fusion cannon. Way too many.

He was killed trying to emulate me. Optimus Prime thought mournfully.

They will pay, Optimus. We'll make sure of it.

Optimus Prime let out a growl that was equal parts tranquil and angry. "It's you and me, Megatron."

Optimus Prime pulled out the hilt of his own Energon Sword from where it's stored on his back, and it expanded into full length -- several magnitudes larger and more powerful than the ones mounted on Diac's arms. The Autobot leader charged towards Megatron with, before swinging the sword in an arc that led it towards the Decepticon leader's head.

Crazyjabberwock 2017-02-21 12:05 AM

Megatron's flanks

Kaon ran alongside his leader, regretting his immobile alt mode for the moment, but not enough to complain as he dashed along side him

"we really should make you something more mobile, keeping this pace all the time will be murder on your knee servos!"

Kaon ignored Nickle's complaint for the moment, such matters were immaterial to the moment. He lept up between his leader and the blow meant for his leader, Daring to stand directly between him and Optimus Prime. He charged his dynamo's to blast back with a powerful electrical current.

Grax and Skullcruncher separated, the Master Riding on his Titan's surprisingly nimble atl mode, keeping pace with the Tank mode reasonably well. They charged forward into combat as well.


Cyberton surface
Bumblebee and "Steelheart" separated and rolled up to meet with Hardhead ASAP "Incoming fire!" came their warning to Hardhead, the smaller titan master climbing partly out of the driver's seat to try and nail the incoming projectiles with her palm blasters, the small but precise shots disrupting the concussive force of much of Sixshot's barrage

Heinrad 2017-02-21 04:09 AM

Survival Center, Ginrai:

"Uhnnnnnn......." Ginrai regained consciousness, in a sense. He knew he wasn't dead, that much was a certainty. "Py-er Prime?"

His query was met with only silence.

He reached out, searching the core that was protecting him from the catastrophic damage he/they must have suffered..... And realized that he was alone. Pyro was gone. Truly gone. Even the link shared between Titan and Titan Master was dead.

Which meant Pyro was dead.

"Well. That's just Prime."

Dig Site:

Ginrai's battered and burned helmet twitched, whining back on tortured servos, dumping the partially melted remains of Pyro onto the unforgiving ground.



"No, I am not taking my hand off your vocoder," Nightbeat hissed. "You've only got one volume setting. Loud."

"bmmmmp bump"

"Because I'm not exactly equipped to deal with fully armed Decepticons. All the stuff Brainstorm had required a Titan."

From beneath a jumble of rubble, Nightbeat and Roller had arrived in time to watch Ginrai's fateful landing.

"bmmp bmmmmmp"

"That's kind of morbid, even for you. But you're right, that Titan might still be operational, at least at some level. We just have to figure out how to get over there."


Chromedome got up to get to the door before Sentinel could. "I told Hardhead I'd keep an eye on you, and I meant it. Please wait for me to make sure you can leave the shuttle in relative safety."

"What's to stop them from blowing up the shuttle after we get out?"


"I know, I know. Low probability. But it's still there."

Chromedome stuck his head out, then immediately jumped out, pulling his laser carbines and aiming them up at Sixshot, adding his firepower to Bumblebee's.

Skies over Dig Site:

Hot Rod looped the sky-sled around, spying Skullcruncher. "That'll do nicely......"

"Stay focused."

"Kinda hard with you criticizin' me all the time!"

Hot Rod aimed the sky-sled at Skullcruncher, leaping off of the sled and igniting his boot jets, charging his arm cannons.

Clogs 2017-02-21 04:59 AM

Archaeological dig, Cybertron

Driveshaft and Fossar climbed the fairly steep incline of the entrance/exit tunnel. The archaeologists had dug this single shaft due to a combination of difficulties that they encountered upon landing at the site at the very edge of the Sonic Canyons, just below the now defunct Tagan Heights industrial area. The higher levels of compacted waste were patchily unstable, but became very difficult to work the lower the dig went; any significant sound was likely to be magnified by the cliffs, even given the distance between them; the ongoing possibility of anyone - or anything - stumbling across their presence.

Cybertron was not totally overrun by rampaging monstrosities and they had landed safely undetected in two landing pods which were now serving as labs for the finds. Both pods had been carefully stacked over with rubbish, but were still probably detectable from directly above by their regular shape.

There were Autobot guards in the mouth of the tunnel and in the pods.

Selkadoom 2017-02-22 01:56 AM

Dig Site

Brainstorm gave a sigh of relief that his gambit had succeeded in saving Optimus but the sudden and violent result of Ginrai eating a faceful of hot fusion blast sobered him up rather quickly as he felt a rare surge of anger cross his mind as he subspaced out a few more of his more inventive weapons and looked around for some Decepticons to test them on.

Rushing along with Optimus he quickly caught sight of a gropu of approaching Decepticons and locked onto Scoruge and Mindwipe in particular, lifting a small fire arm, and firing two shots that were revealed to be darts at them. One green heading for Scourge, the other Red heading for Mindwipe.


Starscream was a bit surprised to see the monstrous Autobot slam into the ground below with such force. He decides to investigate, ignoring Doomshot and Megatrons command as he transformed and had his head meet him, landing next to what he assumed was Ginrai's spasming corpse, figuring it's movements were one of the last few circuits firing commands.

"What a pathetic excuse for an Autobot you make. Dropped in one shot with not so much as a whimper. You're nothing but slag." he laughed kicking the bots body with a few laughs at his own supposed superiority.


Scourge and Fracas tailed along with the others, the sweep holding his partner tightly as he tailed with Mindwipe and Deathsaurus Moving to assist his leader in his fight with the enraged leader of the Autobots only to have the small dart launched at him by Brainstorm embed itself into the top of his torso and dig in deeply.

Blackjack 2017-02-22 04:46 AM

Cybertron Airspace

Some fight in them. Good.

Sixshot's concussion blasts and the returning fire from Chromedome and Bumblebee cancelled each other out, and the six-changer did not suffer any damage from those attacks as a result. He could do the sensible thing, take out the Autobot shuttle -- the eruption of the fuel tank will cause a big explosion that'll injure, if not immediately kill, the Autobots on the ground.

But that would be dishonourable. And unentertaining. So.

As he looped around in the air from his initial strafing run, Sixshot transformed out of his jet mode, wings repositioning, fuselage splitting apart, and claws extending, and landed on top of the Autobot shuttle in his beast mode. He let out a loud howl, before leaping down, claws extended, aiming to bite Chromedome in the head.

Revolver, perched on Sixshot's back with magno-clamp boots, took out his sidearm, aimed it at Bumblebee and Sari and opened fire as best as he could.

Skies Above the Archaeological Dig

Perceptor swooped down on his Sky-Sled, his flight path taking him on a different arc of descent compared to his foe, Sixshot. Primary objective: secure the archaeologists. If the others are keeping them busy, then... Perceptor frowned. Part of him really wanted to stay on the Sky Sled and take potshots at Megatron, Starscream, Deathsaurus and the other Decepticons. He really did.

But as much as Convex liked to paint him otherwise, Perceptor was still a very logical person -- and logic dictates that the priority now is to secure the objective.

Perceptor spied the pods that Driveshaft's group were using as a makeshift base, and, well, it was a decent formation, Perceptor supposed. To anyone less observant (and not hovering on a Sky Sled) it would've seemed like another pile of rubble. But Perceptor was not most people.

Perceptor's monocle zoomed in to ascertain the Autobot emblems on the guards that were hanging out nearby, and when he's satisfied, he brought his Sky Sled down to meet them. Slinging his sniper rifle onto his back, Perceptor hopped off the Sky Sled and addressed Driveshaft's group as a whole. "Greetings, friends. Perceptor, Autobot Science Division. I am to understand you have some critical information? There is a Decepticon army en route here, and I'm afraid we'll have to evacuate."

Warcry 2017-02-22 05:07 AM

Dig Site

(OOC: Megatron went back to tank mode -- no head right now.)

Megatron laughed in Optimus Prime's face. "Oh, I think not. This is a battle, not the gladiator stadiums of old." He shifted into reverse to avoid the Autobot leader's sword blow (though he needn't have bothered, thanks to Kaon's efforts) then fired a fusion cannon blast at the Autobot leader's midsection.

"Kaon, Grax, Starscream, fire at will. Once we've killed Optimus Prime, the other Autobots will scatter like the vermin they are."

The Decepticon leader couldn't quite resist throwing a barbed remark at his opposite number. "Really, I'm surprised to see you so upset over me killing one of your cannon fodder. I've done it so many times, surely by now you're used to it."

Mindwipe saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye and shifted, managing to -- almost by instinct -- catch the incoming dart on his shield instead of his shoulder. He eyed the new projection coming out of his protective device oddly.

"Vhat is dis?" He looked around with confusion, trying to spot the source of the strange attack.

Autobot Landing Zone

Hardhead's cannon tracked up towards Sixshot, the heavily-armoured Autobot not even attempting to evade any shots that landed near him. There was an audible clunk as a magazine of wide area suppression shells loaded, then four ear-splitting bangs as he fired. Even though they weren't deep into the Sonic Canyons yet, the sound of the cannon blasts echoed and reverberated for several seconds after the shooting itself ended.

The shells exploded half way between the cannon's barrel and Sixshot, filling the sky with a haze of razor-sharp particles that could shred an aircraft's engines and control surfaces, or a cut into a more heavily armoured warrior's skin. Hopefully, the massive Decepticon would have to break off his attack momentarily to avoid serious damage.

As his Titan concentrated on the battle, Furos called out to Bumblebee (who he recognized, by reputation anyway) and his Titan Master (who he did not).

"I'm glad you could make it," he told the smallish Autobot and his partner. "Though considering the welcome, I wouldn't blame you if you were not."

Blackjack 2017-02-22 09:15 AM

Dig Site

(OOC: Oops, mea culpa! Murder Prime just likes going for the face too much, I guess.)

Optimus Prime growled as Kaon jumped in between him and Megatron. He fully intended on continuing on the strike regardless, aiming to slice the smaller Transformer in half -- the DJD is as bad, arguably worse, than their psychotic master, and Diac, no, Optimus, saw no problem taking one of them out. Of course, he didn't quite manage to do that. In fact, his blade didn't even manage to come into contact with Kaon at all. Optimus was forced to leap aside to avoid Megatron's fusion blast before fully swinging his sword, though, and as a result he missed Kaon entirely. As he rolled and stood up, Optimus's optics narrowed at Megatron's taunt.

Every life is precious. Optimus Prime bit back that reply -- he wasn't sure if it was the portion of him that was Diac, filled with rage and the desire to do nothing less than to blow Megatron's head apart, or if it was Optimus Prime, sad yet angered at the death of Pyro. But both parts of him knew preaching to Megatron would be akin to butting your head against a wall.

Kill one of my cannon fodder?

"Time to even the scales, Megatron." Optimus Prime growled, with a surprising ferocity that surprised himself He spun around, aiming the barrage cannons on his left hand at Starscream and opened fire at the Decepticon Seeker's chest. "GET AWAY FROM HIM, WORM!" He roared, before charging towards the direction of Kaon and swung his sword that, if it came into contact, would cut the DJD agent in half from shoulder to hip.

Clogs 2017-02-22 12:07 PM

Archaeological dig, surface

The five Autobot guards had stood their ground, watching the skies above them with weapons at the ready. They had been half-expecting an attack, because luck had to run out eventually, but they had not been expecting this.

"Perceptor," one of them acknowledged. "I'll get Tap-Out." As he turned, he spotted Driveshaft and Fossar emerging from the excavated tunnel set between the pods, quickly realising their danger. "Secure those two," he told his four fellows. "And get them to cover."

The Autobot guards hurried towards the startled archaeologists.
Archaeological dig, excavation

"You mean that, don't you?" Drill said after a long pause.

Glyph nodded. "Our commission is to investigate this site, to find out if the rumoured remains are here and return with certain specified items if they were recoverable. We just assumed it was like any other dig, if a little more difficult, to uncover Cybertronian history and fill in the gaps.

"Another quarter-vorn and we'll have that colossus out. We'll record it, recover the transforming and mesh cogs, download any programs still viable."

Blackjack 2017-02-22 02:06 PM

Archaeological dig, surface

Perceptor nodded at the Autobot guards. A part of him is highly disappointed that these guards did not seem ready at all in expecting assailants from above -- what were they expecting, Sharkticons maybe? Yet another part of him told him that he wasn't so different not too long ago, naive and unassuming. Weak.

You know, Perceptor, for a person who has made claims of completely expunging your emotional cortex center, you have a not insignificant amount of personal inner turmoil. Convex's voice sounded in Perceptor's head.

Different perspectives. Comparison with past events. Merely scientific methods. Emotions do not come into play. Perceptor replied back.

Perceptor gave Driveshaft and Fossar a nod. "Do you have any form of transport at all?" After a brief nagging from Convex within his head, Perceptor added: "May I inquire as to the nature of the discovery that has brought both us and the Decepticons here?"

Clogs 2017-02-22 04:16 PM

Archaeological dig, surface

Driveshaft was nonplussed. "What? Discovery?" he stammered. Then: "What discovery?"

The Autobot guards were trying to hustle him and Fossar towards the pod to the immediate right of the tunnel mouth, but he pulled away from the hand placed on his shoulder by one of them and glared up at Perceptor.

"For your information, we've not discovered anything. We knew what we were looking for and it's location. And we've not transmitted anything about this site... How in Primus' name did you know we were here?"

He paused, winced at one exceptionally loud bang.

"You'll bring a load of the locals down on us and they won't care whose badge you're wearing!"

Heinrad 2017-02-23 12:44 AM

(OOC: I can't help it......)

Chromedome watched Sixshot land, listened to the howl, then backflipped out of the way, the teeth barely missing his heels.

"Oh, no. No, don't-"

"So you must be Sixshot, the Decepticon Ninja Consultant. I've heard of you."

"I can't take you anywhere....."

"You'll pay for your crimes!" Chromedome brought his laser carbines up and opened fire.

Blackjack 2017-02-23 05:32 AM

Archaeological dig, surface

Perceptor looked at Driveshaft with a frown. Strange. But: no time to question. Decepticons are coming. But both Perceptor and Convex agreed immediately: they did not like not knowing things. The nature of the discovery, why the mine leaders are hiding it, where the information came from.

"You tell me." Perceptor told Driveshaft. "I am not aware of anything beyond that the crew of my ship was scrambled to protect your group from the Decepticons -- they are coming for you, whether this discovery exists or not, and they care not who gets trampled in the process. As for the 'locals'... I am more than aware of what they are capable of."

It is a given that I am aware. I built them. Perceptor finished in his own mind.

Guilt was, thankfully, non-existent at this point, as he aimed his sniper rifle towards the direction of the attacks, ready to snap to attention and fire onto the Decepticons should they appear.


Revolver yelped as he ducked down to avoid the cloud of shrapnel that Hardhead fired, ducking down and covering his head to avoid the huge chunks that screamed above his head. Sixshot was a lot less concerned as his claws skittered on Cybertron's ground. Several dozen pieces of shrapnel embedded themselves onto Sixshot's exostructure, but they were only skin-deep, to use a fleshling's term.

Sixshot blinked once, Chromedome's words confusing him, then growled. "Revolver..."

"What?" The panicked Revolver yelled from his seat on Sixshot's back. "Oh, Ninja Consultant thing? Is marketable, catchy focus-grouped title! Good for you! Even Autobots hear of your accomplishment."

Sixshot growled in displeasure at Revolver -- the Titan Master had tried to 'market' him out as a mercenary, much to his displeasure. For a practitioner of honourable martial arts, the smaller Decepticon was surprisingly money-minded. But he had no time to reply his partner, transforming himself into his armoured car mode, the blasts from Chromedome's carbine impacting on the more durable parts that are exposed in this mode.

He revved up his engines and shot forwards, aiming to run Chromedome down. "Tell me, Autobot -- which one of your friends did I kill?"

tahukanuva 2017-02-23 07:02 AM

Dig Site

Deathsaurus was too focused on the scene ahead to notice the projectiles that struck Scourge and Mindwipe. As he landed, he shifted back to his robot mode, with Esmeral locking into place on his shoulders. They took a second to examine the situation and get their bearings; one of the DJD agents and Megatron fighting Optimus Prime, Brainstorm off to the side of the fight, Starscream yelling at.. a big dead Optimus Prime? This last sight gave them a brief pause before they loaded a shell into their rifle (an antiquated weapon, simply firing a large hunk of metal very fast. Deathsaurus preferred his weapons simple and dependable) , took somewhat hasty aim at Brainstorm, and fired.



As explosions rocked the shuttle, Sentinel Prime rose from his seat. He'd had enough waiting around, and if they were going to drag him back into this war, than by Primus he was going to be in it. He activated his wide, double ended Energon sword and accompanying shield, and stepped out of the shuttle..

..Right into a hail of Hardhead's shrapnel shells. Sentinel grimaced. His shield caught most of it, but it was still an inauspicious start to his fight. He spotted Sixshot just as he sped towards Chromedome, and stepped off to attack. He wouldn't make it into to help Chromedome, he would have to save himself, but he hoped to at least do some damage to the sixchanger afterwards. He swung his sword in an arc that, he hoped, would cause Sixshot to drive the sword into his own windshield.

Heinrad 2017-02-23 10:47 AM


Chromedome's optic band narrowed in anger. "Several! And now you'll pay for their deaths!!!"

"Are you trying to get us killed?"

Chromedome stood his ground as Sixshot charged towards him, leaping at the last moment and arcing over the Ninja Consultant, firing his carbines at the top of the six-changer.

Clogs 2017-02-23 03:19 PM

Archaeological dig, surface

Driveshaft gave Perceptor's words a moment's consideration, then said, flatly: "We have no ships, only these drop pods. They're our labs and storage.

"And..." The mech paused, shook his head. "Someone needs to get a message to the dig because, I'll tell you right now, this waste area isn't going to react well to multiple surface impacts. It's still shifting under its own weight, sidewards as well as downwards, plane by plane." He lifted the toothed Cybertronium bar. "Looks like this will be our last artefact, then."

This was the astrosecond that Tap-Out exploded from the pod to which Fossar had been led. He was clearly in a belligerent mood. "What the Pit is going on!"

(ooc - remember, the pods are soundproofed and have no equipment that isn't meant for the dig; so no transmitters or radar.


Lens had dropped behind Driveshaft and Fossar in order to pull in his drones. He reviewed their footage at high speed, segued it together and produced a rough draft. He half smiled as he edited out most of Fossar's rapid chain of speculations about the Cybertronium's provenance.

Thus it was that he heard the noises filtering through the tunnel mouth sound baffles which his colleagues had missed.

"Oh, no..." he muttered and turned back downwards.

Selkadoom 2017-02-23 06:10 PM

Dig Site

Brainstorm managed to catch the sound of Deathsaurus firing on him and so quickly hit the ground before anything connected solidly with him

"I don't know what bothers me more, the fact he tried to kill me or the fact he used that mecha-fossil of a weapon to do it." he replied as he hit the switch to the darts to connect with a tether of electricity before discharging onto their targets aggresively.

But now he had to figure out a way to deal with that big lumbering behemoth with a gun that was several decades outdated. Maybe something to daze him." he muttered rummaging through his weapons and prototypes.


Scourge seemed to be destined to be the test subject for several of Brainstorm's weapons as the violent shocl he got from the dart caused him to spasm and toss Fracas who managed to get his feet under him as he watched the larger bot convulse frombthe darts repeated shocks.

Quickly thinking he poped the top off with a shot that stopped the shocks though the Sweep was not looking particularly well.


Ginrai's Crater

Starscream had managed to evaded most of the blasts coming his way through fortuitous use of his thrusters but one hit his knee and sent him flailing right on top of Ginrai which elicited a string of grumbles from the seeker as he debated brutalizing the supposed corpse just to get under Primes chassis.

Crazyjabberwock 2017-02-24 02:57 AM

[OOC: GAH! Sorry for late posts]

Battlezone: Megatron's Flank

Kaon used his Dynamo to dodge magnetize himself away from prime's swing, running up to support Grax who had relinked with SKullcruncher to fire on Optimus only to be tripped by Rodimus's Sled thing, the DJD operative helped him up "Watch it you two, who do you think has to fix that!?" Kaon Gestured to his head to emphasize.

Grax took aim at Rodimus with his rifle

Kaon ran towards Starscream to assist him in ensuring a victory for Megatron By finishing the titan master together


Battlezone: Autobot Shuttle

Bee and Sari ran/drove off in separate directions to dodge any shots from Revolver, Sari using her Scooter unit in Jetpack mode, Bee in his vehicle form.

they serpentined their routes, making themselves obvious but very difficult targets as they made for Hardhead's location Sari called out to Furos "Glad I could help, names Sa- Steelheart" she remembered her alias, she had heard Sentinel Prime was on Cybertron and didn't want to chance her presence complicating things.

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