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Red Dave Prime 2017-12-29 08:21 AM

Lost Light #12
An issue originally scheduled for November just about squeaks in before the end of the year, featuring 2 artists and 3 colourists. Not sure if that was a design choice or by necessity but.... SPOILER THOUGHTS

It's an ok issue. Like much of Lost Light so far, things feel a little rushed but given the urgency of the actions in the issue some of that is by design. Some of that isn't though and in particular the star sabre reveal feels very rushed. Unless I missed something in the previous 2 issues, I can't think of anytime Getaway mentions being in contact with him and its odd that the lost light has travelled a huge distance but Star Sabre is able to rendezvous with them at short notice. Given how long Roberts seeds some things, this feels very out of place and reminds me a lot of Overlords cameo in the season 2 finale. At least here it looks like Star Sabre will stick around.

That gripe out of the way, also have to talk about the art - it seems under par to me. Maybe there were schedule conflicts or maybe re-writes / draws but neither artist puts there best foot forward. Lawrence reverts back to the more comical style from the early issues and its a step down from his work in the last issue. Griffiths work is simply below his standard. Also did not like the colouring of the Griffiths section - that whole part reminded me of the Galvatron Heart of Darkness mini (it's not that bad, just reminds me of it)

You might get the feeling I didn't like this issue but it's actual an ok to good issue. Some good moments overall and potentially some major deaths going on here (given that we have a small time jump as well as the discovery of cybertophia it is possible that some / all of these will be cancelled out which would be a mis step to me) Roberts keeps some interesting ideas floating about with the scavengers and the Getaway stuff is dark. We really never knew how awful a bot he was. The flipside to this is that it feels like the subtlety of the character is lost. He is an out and out psychotic bad guy by the end of this issue but I thought his justifiable mutiny back in season 2 was more interesting. Manipulative sure, but what he's doing in the last 3 issues is up there with any big bad we've come across.

Other characters get some nice moments too with First Aid doing nicely as everyday hero, reminds me of ratchet in the Furman run. Thunderclash continues to be revealed as all hype, Star Sabre is vicous as hell and Atomizer gets a (rushed) redemption point. But Getaway is the clear star. The subtlety is lost but the megalomania thats coming to the fore is equally interesting. His comeuppance should be good.

inflatable dalek 2017-12-29 03:50 PM

The first thing to note is that, for me at least the art just isn't very good this month. After really hitting his groove on the opening two parts of this story, Lawrence's work felt a lot more basic and the normally solid Andrew Griffith's pages looked like he started drawing them as I began downloading the comic. It feels like everyone was rushing desperately to meet the deadline on an issue that still came out a month late. The worst of all worlds.

And I think that affected the storytelling in places. I've no idea how Riptide didn't get eaten, and James has already had to clarify on Twitter only three guys actually died in this issue despite it seeming like a bloodbath (which means no doubt the same people complaining right now about him being a death machine will be complaining about fake out deaths when this becomes obvious).

As for the story, I think the interlude, though perfectly serviceable set up, knocked it down a peg or two from the rest of the story, pulling out from the very intense and macabre environment of the Lost Light meant the creeping sense of unease didn't built as well as it might.

On the flipside, and unlike my learned friend Mr Dave above, I love the characterisation of Getaway and the fact he's slipped down that path to the point the fašade is now all gone and he is basically entirely unhinged. Arguably less subtle, but it's a progression that works entirely for me. Everything about him (and poor Atomizer) was top draw stuff.

The Protectobot stuff... well, first up, I've seen complaints Defensor went down too easy, but it's worth remembering he had a dead leg.

I've also seen folk really hate the death of Rook, I'm assuming more for the potential in the character rather than an undying love for the guy himself. And whilst it feels born from a (general at IDW, after all this was approved editorially) loathing of Combiner Wars and how this unwanted upstart was shoved into the comics with no choice (another sign of which is the climax depends on no one remembering Mirage is a combiner limb), I think that was exactly the choice Atomizer would make in that situation. The bloke he doesn't know.

More problematic is it being shrugged off by his actual friends, though that may be because the time frame of how long they were flying about in that shuttle with him (which could be anything from days up to two years in-fiction) is rather unclear.

I suppose the thing that slightly buggered the idea of the team needing a new limb (other than the happy coincidence of Ambulon's body still being aboard and fixed) is there's a whole very good episode of the cartoon where Defensor doesn't do too badly with only one arm.

I did love Mirage's G2 homage death though.

And though perhaps a bit rushed, the return of Star Sabre and arrival at Cybertopia is welcome, really feels like we're hitting an end game for, if not the series as a whole (I certainly hope not!)then its first big era we've been travelling across for, what, five or six years now?

Overall, some odd stumbles but still solid and as a whole I think this has been a very, very good arc.

Red Dave Prime 2017-12-30 09:34 AM

The first issue of MTMTE was January 2012 so it is 6 years old come the new year.

Interesting to read about it only being three deaths for this issue. I assume than that the proctobots survived being gunned to pieces. I suppose that's fair enough as we've seen (and been misled) by similar with Cyclonus. In both cases though we are looking at really misleading art. It really looks like they are being slaughtered.

The control Getaway has is also a curious issue. He seems to be, em, getting away with a load of really nasty stuff. And regardless of whether you prefer subtle Getaway or Maniac Getaway, its been a drastic change, but he seems to have huge control over the ship. This got me to thinking that it can't just be a combination of the nudge gun and some people who haven't been fully filled in. So is it possible that Froid and Sunder are much more involved and possibly in control than what even Getaway knows? There's the small issue with them gaining 4 minutes of time when they exit the warren and it made me think that is it possible that Getaway is in his own personal loop and in the real world Sunder is feasting on the whole crew? Getaway himself would be such a feast for the psycho.

Another thing is the discovery of Cyberutopia seemed a bit too easy. Given Tyrest knew of the Warrens and was looking for Cyberutopia, surely he would have found it already unless this is all part of a head f**k on Getaway courtesy of Foid.

Summerhayes 2017-12-30 07:51 PM

I enjoyed it. I also didn't pick up on any issues with the art. I was quite sleepy though, this is a busy week in hospitality. I'm gonna reread the trilogy and get back to you . . .

Red Dave Prime 2017-12-30 07:58 PM

On the art front, I wouldnt say Lawrences stuff was bad, its his style that I dont gel with. But it had been very good the last 2 issues. This felt like a drop back into his comfort zone

The griffiths stuff is also not that bad, it just looks rushed and not his usual quality. Some of the panels are sloppy and the first pic of misfire is really bad.

Poor art? no, but maybe not up to standard.

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