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Originally posted by Robot_Train_Leg_Joe
What DOES really make me moist is the idea of a Transormer's beat-em-up that is discussed on the site. How cool would such a Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter based game be? Galvatron Wins.....Fatality!
That's what I said in another topic about a TF game, but then how would they make use of the transforming ability? Like these guys said on their site, it would be stupid to have Optimus transform into a lorry and just run his opponents over. And without using the transforming factor, it wouldn't really set itself apart from any other fighting game on the market, other than having the novelty value of being able to beat Warpath to death and stuff.

Look, I started a little debate with you, are you proud? This is how it all starts, you post a reply to something, then you check back to see if anyone has responded to you, and while you check to see if anyone has responded you find another topic you are interested in and get involved with that etc, until you eventually spend more time here than I do. They own your ass now.
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