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Originally posted by ThunderCracker84
It's gonna be idiots like and including these two, that keep everyone from getting new TF series released
Three things:

1. I'm not an idiot. I just don't like to be lied to or otherwise f***ed around with. That is exactly what they're doing with the Fort Max deal. If they're not lying about the actual release, then they're lying about why it's delayed.

2. They aren't gonna cancel the series because I want something they don't make. They'll most likely ignore me being the big, faceless, corporate b*stards they are.

3. They don't care about you. Why defend them? It's gonna be idiots (if you wanna use that term, I will too) like you that allow them to step all over you.

Furthermore, I'd rather have Fort Max than all the repaints they put out that weren't in the show.
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