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Originally posted by PaladinPrime
Three things:

1. I'm not an idiot. I just don't like to be lied to or otherwise f***ed around with. That is exactly what they're doing with the Fort Max deal. If they're not lying about the actual release, then they're lying about why it's delayed.

2. They aren't gonna cancel the series because I want something they don't make. They'll most likely ignore me being the big, faceless, corporate b*stards they are.

3. They don't care about you. Why defend them? It's gonna be idiots (if you wanna use that term, I will too) like you that allow them to step all over you.

Furthermore, I'd rather have Fort Max than all the repaints they put out that weren't in the show.
-1. If Hasbro lied that much, then it would result into nasty PR. Sometimes fans need to cut a company some slack when they have to cancel a product that was promised. They most likely laid out a plan to release the toy, but it just fell apart due to some sort of circumstance(s).

Some that I thought of:

1). Fort Max was promised months ago amid hope that the economy would rebound a bit by now, but obvisiously this has yet to happen. The cost to produce the toy and projected sales would probably not be profitable to sustain the release.

2.) RiD Toy Line is dead. In my opinion, retailers follow trends a lot more than people. Toys R Us is probably thinking, "well, RID is dead, so the sales will probably suck...don't buy (or not a lot)!" Tag this on to #1, and you can see that Toys R Us can be blamed as well.

3.) No advertisment. RiD is soooooo dead. TV networks probably won't bother airin' for awhile, so you can probably put the blame on TV stations too. Tag #1 and #2.

Hasbro might be the least to blame in the situtation.

-2. If you send them a really poor piece of hatemail, then your bound to be ignored because the value of reading costs more than throwing it in the trash. I've written displeasure letters to companies and have always recieved a response. It comes down to your pitch if you wish to be heard.

-3. Hasbro wouldn't continue to exist if they did not value their consumers. Considering that they have been around for 30 some years shows some sort of dedication to consumers, IMO. Bashing them serves no purpose, either. Try writing your displeasure in a clear manner, making a online petition with your displeasure or a large scale writing campaign to them. Consumers make the US market move, don't think for a second that you are powerless.
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