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I don't think there is a Takara reissue... if you mean Brave Max, he's pretty rare now.

Originally posted by Bombshell
Then sell it as an Armada toy.
Why? It's a ****, expensive toy which would have nothing to do with the series. Non-show extras along the lines of Stormjet are fine, as they're small, cheap and easy to make. Max is seemingly none of these, and as I've said 4,000,000 times before would only sell to a core group of fans. C'Mon, out of, say, 80 odd regulars to this place, how many are going [as in will; not 'if i can afford it' or 'I'd like one but I live in the South Pole', are actually going to buy one]. I'd bet it's no more than 20. That's a quarter of some pretty committed fans.

No, we've been down this road before and I don't have the patience. Hasbro should say "**** you" to the likes of PP and Dumbshell, and there should be no more Transformers ever. It's what you ****ers deserve. I've had to have this poisonous **** pumped into every forum of this board for about a year, and it's wearing pretty ****ing thin. Not to mention, when you do get your RiD Fort Maxes you'll all be posting long ****ing rants about how Hasbro ****ed it up, how much it cost because of the shipping etc. I'd love it if it's released as a limited edition, scalpers buy the lot and you all get shafted on eBay, you whingeing worms.
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