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Originally posted by Quicksilver
C'Mon, out of, say, 80 odd regulars to this place, how many are going [as in will; not 'if i can afford it' or 'I'd like one but I live in the South Pole', are actually going to buy one]. I'd bet it's no more than 20. That's a quarter of some pretty committed fans.
OK, take those 80 and subtract the ones with the economic/geographical restrictions. How many are left? 20 out of 80 looks pretty bad until you realize that a good fraction of those 80 aren't eligible in the first place.

It's much more accurate to compare those that can buy it to those that will buy it.

No, we've been down this road before and I don't have the patience. Hasbro should say "**** you" to the likes of PP and Dumbshell, and there should be no more Transformers ever. It's what you ****ers deserve.
Fine, let them cancel it because we want something. It will be a stupid move on their part. Takara will still be making them. I say f*ck Hasbro! I only buy from them because they are convenient. Takara isn't afraid to please its fans. If Hasbro goes, I get them imported from Takara.

Not to mention, when you do get your RiD Fort Maxes you'll all be posting long ****ing rants about how Hasbro ****ed it up, how much it cost because of the shipping etc. I'd love it if it's released as a limited edition, scalpers buy the lot and you all get shafted on eBay, you whingeing worms.
Actually, there's pre-orders, so I know exactly how much it will be, and I'm guaranteed one. Bottom line, I go to the FTC (the Federal Trade Commission dictates that they have to sell you something at the price that they advertise it at, and if two prices conflict, they're supposed to give it to you for the lower price) if they break the agreement.

If they manipulate the mold, then it should only be minor changes, like blunting sharp points.

EDIT: If you don't like our complaints, don't read them. If I ever get Ft Max, I'm going to have a post about it, feel free not to read it if what I say bothers you.

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