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'Oh mist-filled pits,
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Default Update [12/08/05]

Name: Wolfang
Alias(es): 'Fang, the Merseyside marauder or 'that weird f***er in the mask'
From: St. Helens, Merseyside, England
Face/heel: Tweener. Usually holds a heavy inclination towards face, but does fight dirty when necessary
Entrance music: "A Touch Of Evil" by Judas Priest
Entrance spectacle: The lights go way down low and fade to red as the music starts. At the first drum/cymbal crash, an fx lightning bolt surges down onto the Archivetron stage- apparently hitting it on the left side. The bolt causes a small flicker of flame, which spreads to a circle that Wolfang rises up through (a la Gangrel's WWF entrance). The flames die down, and Wolfang strides to the top of the ramp. He stops for a moment, and pyros along the sides of the ramp ignite as he walks down. As he enters the ring, he climbs the turnbuckles to salute the crowd before moving to the middle of the ring before the remaining pyro on the ringposts ignites (a la Kane).

Style most resembles: think Gangrel, Perry Saturn, Bret Hart, Cactus Jack and Super Crazy mangled together and you're nearly there. Tends to work over an area to either: a) set opponents up for a finisher or b) prevent them from using theirs.

Signature moves:
- Graveyard Run (Jackhammer)
- Wolfsbane (Double arm DDT)
- Fall of Darkness (Downward Spiral)
- Grey Hunter (Spear)
- Deathstalker (Eye of the Hurricane)
- Midnight's Fire (Unprettier)
- Echo In The Dark (Whisper In The Wind)
- The Long Shot (slingshot-springboard frog splash or sky twister press)
Opponent down:
- Iron Wolf (Dragon sleeper/Indian Deathlock hybrid)
- Red Moon (standing moonsault [w/pin])
- Midnight X-Press (Dudley Dog)
- The Midnighter (Moonsault Kick)
- Sideswipe (Kryptonite Krunch)

- Shadow Storm (Roll of the Dice/Testdrive)
- Figure Four Leglock

Note to the writers: moves included are just a guideline. My character is supposed to be a very adaptable wrestler, and you may feel free to use whatever moves you like when writing his part.

1. How would you describe your character? Start with the obvious; physically, color hair and eyes even. Remember the style of wrestling your character incorporates.
6 feet, 238 lbs. Broad shoulders, brown eyes, short brown hair, stubble, muscular legs. Hey, basically its me.

2. What is your character's main motivation? What drives him/her to do what they do, to act how they act?
‘If you ain’t here to be the champ, you ain’t got no business being here’. Aside from that, Wolfang aspires to do as many things as he can to entertain and help people. He attends charity events where possible.

3. Who does your character trust most? Could be a faction member or family member even.

4. What is your character's greatest strength? Greatest weakness?
I would say refuses to quit (but the writers have funked that one up). As for greatest weakness, it’s probably that he believes the best rather than the worst of people.

5. What are your character's prejudices? Does he/she have any at all, be it about other wrestlers or even people in general?
Too many to list.

6. To whom does your character owe loyalty? Maybe a faction leader, a tag partner, or even the commissioner and owner.
Right now? No one.

7. What are your character's favorite and least favorite things? Expand on this, tell why.
Loves wrestlingand being involved in all the merchandising (action figures, promotional videos, etc). Its just the fact that he is part of something he loves that keeps him going. He loves animals and children (no vulgar jokes please) as well as comedy. He dislikes soccer, pop music, reality TV shows and those people who think wrestlers are ‘a bunch of pansies who do an easy job and never get hurt’.

8. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? Maybe they mumble when it's quiet, or does he/she always look at one person in a particular way? This can be anything from catchphrases to putting an opponent through a table after every match.
Does tend to talk to himself. Its just he has to express ideas aloud, and sometimes there’s nobody else around to listen to them. Also uses a lot of paralinguistic gestures.

9. What is your character's psychology? Delve into his mind, give his reasons. What is his mindset?
Wolfang does have a sort of pack mentality; this leads to him taking punishment for friends, allies and people who he is not averse to or doesn’t know. He is quite stubborn, but generally easy-going. His in-ring psychology will lead him to work over the opponent in order to either set them up for the finish or attempt to prevent them from delivering their finish. He is not generally vindictive, but can be on occasion if ‘rubbed the wrong way’ by an opponent.

10. How would your character's parents describe him? This is most useful because it makes you look at him/her from the outside perspective of the parents, who can be the most supportive and critical people in his life.
Wolfang’s parents haven’t seen their son in close to five years. They have no idea that he is in the US, let alone the AWF.

11. What are your character's highest ambitions? It doesn't have to be limited to in-ring achievement.
To be the AWF Champion. To be a tag team champion for another. To do as much as he can to entertain and help people. To retire with a few bars to keep money coming in (one is the Tempest in Atlanta, GA; one is Daemonhunt in Seattle, WA; one is the Monkey Bar and the other is a joint venture with several other AWF superstars). And maybe to write for film or TV.

12. What is your character's ultimate goal? What's the one reason, above all else that he does what he does?
For the fame, the money and the sheer heck of it. He’s just like that.

13. Does your character have a secret? And if so, what would happen if it were found out?
He does have a secret. As for what it would do to him, lets find out right now. At the age of 14, Wolfang (Nathan Stevens) was arrested for joyriding, and was found to have stolen goods on his person. With no evidence that Wolfang had stolen the objects found, and with the joyriding incident being a first offence, he was detained for six months in a young offenders hostel. By the way, he never did steal them; he was set-up by two so-called ‘friends’, whom he took the fall because of.

14. What does your character do to relax?
Wolfang enjoys working out, and especially likes the company of his dogs Sheba, Magnus, Thor, Brandy and Holly, (all German Shepherds), on long walks or jogs. He likes to read, and is a big fan of Terry Pratchett (he can sometimes be found in the locker rooms reading one of his novels prior to a match). Occasionally, like a lot of the AWF superstars, he likes nothing better than a drinking binge.

15. If your character was given $100, what would he do with it?
He’d probably take twenty out for himself and donate the rest to charity.

16. Which superstar does your character most want to face in the ring? Why?
Tie: Sixswitch, Mirage and Vin Ghostal. He wants to see how good Sixswitch really is. He wants to face ‘The Big Ragebowski’ because he dislikes the idiot. And he wants to face Vin Ghostal (again) to prove that he can beat 'the Camden crusader' and hang with the top guys in the fed.

17. What are the designs of your character's tights/leotard? Do you have a logo?
Wolfang wears a pair of tights with ‘Wolfang’ in claw-mark-style letters down the outside of the left leg and a picture of a front view of a wolf face on the outside of the right thigh. The colours of these vary; but all designs include green, red, blue, black, silver and/or gold. He also wears plain black boots, as well as elbow pads and a mask that looks like a cross between that worn by Mankind and that worn by Kano from the ‘Mortal Kombat’ games, except that its black with a red ‘eye’ on the left side.

18. Who is your character's closest friend?
See question three.

19. Who does your character love? Hate? Fear?
Wolfang’s pretty lonely. As far as the three Bs (brains, brawn and beauty), his luck ran out after the first two; the reason he wears a mask in the ring. He’s looking for someone, but has yet to find somebody he can connect with. He hates Mirage, Reilly, Ghostal and the GPA. Oh, and he's too stubborn to be afraid.

20. If you could give your character one piece of advice, what would it be?
Just one? You've gotta be kidding...

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