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Name: D-Extreme
Home Town:
Height: 6'11
Entrance Music: "When worlds collide" by Powerman 5000
Entrance Spectacle: A pyrotechnic falls down to the stage and explode while the music starts to play. D-Ex comes to ringside with a singapore cane and can of beer as he makes his way to the ring.
Face/Heel: Face
Sig Move: Xtreme Factor (Powerbomb flip into facecrusher)
Finishing Move: X-Ocution( a higher angle version of the "Edgeocitioner")

Style: Pure brawler. Prefers the move that can damage the back area or the neck of the opponent. Hence why he uses the boston crab as his mostly used submission move.
Does dirty handed tricks if necessary for him to win the match.

Image/Gimmick: D-Extreme is a big nasty drunk b*stard, pure and simple. He is drunk most of the times after reverting back to his old self. But his focus on the match is still the same, he still dishes out as much pain as he can possibly deliver to his enemies.

striking moves:
- Punch
- Quick Jabs
- Clubs to the back
- Kicks (mostly to the midsection)
- Haymaker
- eye poke(when needed)

facing opponent (satnding):
- side backbreaker
- fisherman suplex
- body slam
- snap suplex
- spinebuster

facing opponent (running):
- flying clothesline
- Big boot
- Flying forearm smash

behind opponent (standing):
- German suplexes (rolling, bridged, release, etc)
- reverse DDT
- reverse X-Ocution
- backbreaker from reverse DDT position
- Russian leg sweep
- Hot Dawg!(Back elbow to the back of the head and followed by a bulldog)

behind oppponent (running):
- bulldog
- leg sweep

opponent down (standing):
- stomp
- leg drop
- elbow drop
- Camel clutch
- Surfboard

opponent down (running):
- legdrop

opponent down (on turnbuckle):
- splash
- Elbow drop from the second turnbuckle

opponent on top turnbuckle (facing mat):
- superplex
- military press grab into a powerslam

opponent on top turnbuckle (facing crowd):
- Backshaker (double axe handle club to the back forcing him to fall backwards to line him up for a neckbreaker)

opponent against turnbuckles:
- 10 punch
- The Spike dudley stompdown

opponent standing in corner (running):
- avalanche
- clothesline

opponent outside ring:
- dive through the ropes
- diving shoulderblock

opponent on apron (drag in):
- suplex

- pumphandle slam
- any moves the writers puts in me character
- Xtreme Factor(powerbomb into facecrusher)

Tag Team Moves:
- Stump piledriver
- X-Factor (double savate kick)

- X-Ocution (high angle edgeocution)


1. How would you describe your character?

6 feet 11 inches tall, 240 lbs. He has black hair that has a tommy vercetti style hair doo. He has a small goatee.

2. What is your character's main motivation?

He is motivated to dish out as much punishment to his opponents in the ring. He is most motivated when he faces one of the wrestlers he has a vendetta or a grudge.

3. Who does your character trust most?

Ignavus. Even though he has a lot of bad experiences in trusting people, he trusts Igz. The reason behind their partnership is that they wont turn on each other. Eventually, its either Ignavus would be too LAZY to remember their a tag team. Or, D-Ex would be too DRUNK to remember they are a tag team.

4. What is your character's greatest strength?

His unpredictability. Most men think D-Extreme is too slow for his height, but as he proved time and again, he does not hesistate to dive into the ropes or do his pattented elbow drop during matches.

Greatest weakness?

His uncontrolable rage. Before, his lack of IQ hindered him, but his headshots by chairs seem to do a different effect. No longer the ignorant wrestler, he has become a smarter wrestler in the game. This came at a price however, now he has become a man who wants to dish out punishment of those who crossed him. Sometimes when his rage get the best of him, he might even get himself DQ'ed for what he might do, like take out his singapore cane and smack it over the opponent. His beer drinking can hinder him sometimes.

5. What are your character's prejudices?

He hates people who do a cheap tactic do defeat him and often think that he got disrepected. Wrestlers who disrespect D-Extreme in his view should be punished. In D-Ex's view, you mess with him once, he can mess with you twice.

6. To whom does your character owe loyalty to?

Mr. Reily, for actually keeping him in the AWF after numerous no-shows during house shows. And for giving him a free 6-pack every show.

7. What are your character's favorite and least favorite things?

Favorites: Reily's Morphweiser 6-pac giveaways every AWF taping, beer, hanging out with Igz, beating up an opponent with a singapore cane, motorbikes and gambling.

Dislikes: Motormouts like CB, Arrogant rookies and people who dont want to drink with him.

8. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?

He always has the singapore cane with him. On interviews he often emphasizes the word 'XTREME' and sometimes he ends it by saying he will 'step up if you can, survive..if were too lazy to letchu!'

9. What is your character's psychology?

His mindset on a match is to win the match. If he cannot, he would atleast try to dish out the most punishment in the match to teach his opponent some respect for him.

10. How would your character's parents describe him?

A very obedient kid.

11. What are your character's highest ambitions?

He wants his name to be synonymous to 'wrestling' in general. He wants to achieve something or win a prestegious title in the AWF or any other organization.

12. What is your character's ultimate goal?

His goal is to be one of the most respected AWF wrestler in the history of this organization. Though, his drinking problem might have hindered it already.

13. Does your character have a secret?

He actually has a thing for jazz music starting last year.

14. What does your character do to relax?

A can of beer usually calms him down when he gets a bit irritated. If he is really pissed, he listens to some calming music in a local jazz station.

15. If your character was given $100, what would he do with it?

Buy some steaks and have a BBQ at his backyard. Or buy beer and drink with the boys at the back(AWF locker room.)

16. Which superstar does your character most want to face in the ring?

Stone Cold Skywarp


D-Ex feels he and Skywarp are a like and it would be a good opportunity to actually face him one on one than in a tag match. On the outside, D-Ex seems like he is pissed off at Skywarp for stunning him before. But on the inside, D-Ex has a deep respect for Sky and his achievements for the AWF.

17. What are the designs of your character's tights/leotard? Do you have a logo?

Rarely, he comes out with a black leather vest that has the 'Xtreme to the bone' on the back.

18. Who is your character's closest friend?

Ignavus.Xille is an acquaintance of his.

19. Who does your character love?

His folks


Michael Moore, for cleaning out his fridge during their interview.



20. If you could give your character one piece of advice, what would it be?

I think your drinking a BIT too much, my friend.

Tag Team: The Serial Slackaz(with Ignavus)

Tag Team Entrance Music: 'Comfort Eagle' by CAKE

Signature moves:

Leapfrog Attack - the enemy's neck is propped up against the middle of the top rope, and their ankles are on D-Ex's shoulders. Ignavus propels himself against the opposite rope, runs at D-Ex and then leapfrog over D-Ex's shoulders and onto the victim's back.

Double superplex - Both Ignavus and D-Ex climb on the second rope and do a double superplex on their victims.

Tag Team Finisher

Reactive Rejection - D-Extreme sends the opponent bouncing off the ropes and catches him with a inverted atomic drop, D-Ex holds him while Igz connects with the shinning wizard.

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