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Location: The Land of Anime, Manga and Otaku. Japan
Entrance Music: Kagero - Buck Tick
Style Most Resembles: Ricky The Steam Boat Dragon
Face/Heel: Both depending on the situation

Normal Moves: Arm Breaker, Arm Drag, Arm Drag (Over the Shoulder), Arm Drag (With Leg Throw), Arm Wringer, Back Fist, Back Fist (Spinning), Back Rake, Body Press, (Off the Top Rope), Handspring Body Press Suicida, Handspring Moonsault Body Press Suicida, Off the Top Rope Somersault Body Press Suicida, Off the Top Rope Somersault Body Press with Twist Suicida, Springboard Moonsault Body Press, Springboard Moonsault Body Press Suicida, Bulldog, 3/4 Facelock, Back Flip, Chop Double Chest, Chop Double Open Hand, Chop Double to Neck, Apron Dive Mongolian Chop, Off the Top Rope Mongolian Chop, Chop Knife Hand, Off the Top Rope Knife Hand Chop, Chop Open Hand, Chop Spinning Knife Hand, Drop Kick, Springboard Drop Kick, Off the Top Rope Drop Kick Suicida, Off the Top Rope Somersault Drop Kick, Drop Toe Hold, Eye Rake, Super Flying Arm Scissors, Flying Arm Scissor, Flying Head Scissors, Springboard Flying Head Scissors, Flying Head Scissors Baseball Slide, Off the Top Rope Forearm Smash, Springboard Forearm Smash,

Submission Moves: Achilles Tendon Hold, Achilles Tendon Hold, Reverse, Achilles Tendon Hold, Standing, Ankle Lock, Ankle Lock, Reverse, Ankle Lock, Standing, Arm Scissors Short, Armbar, Armbar Bridging Double, Armbar Crucifix, Armbar Rolling Crucifix, Armbar Wakigatame, Armbar with Neck Submission Crucifix, Armbar with Neck Submission Reverse Crucifix

Finishing Moves: Anime Grand-Slam (Top Turn buckle, Jump on Oponent.) Read Manga! (A Huge Drop Kick), Otakus Dream (Camel Clutch), Get Anime Figures! (Scorpion Death Lock)

20 Questions

1. How would you describe your character? Start with the obvious; physically, color hair and eyes even. Remember the style of wrestling your character incorporates.

5'7, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, A slightly Muscular build but is built for high flying, fast paced moves.

2. What is your character's main motivation? What drives him/her to do what they do, to act how they act?

He is motivated by the desire to collect more and more Anime, Anime Figures, Manga and general Otaku Stuff. To get money for this, he wrestles. He cares about nothing else than getting his stuff.

3. Who does your character trust most? Could be a faction member or family member even.

He trusts his Anime Figures, Anime and Manga. He also trusts other Otaku for doing the things he does.

4. What is your character's greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

His strength is his agility and speed. While most attackers move for power, his speedy skills can compensate for the little damage he does by doing more attacks thereby increasing damage done. His weakness is him Anime, Anime Figures, Manga and his other Otaku stuff.

5. What are your character's prejudices? Does he/she have any at all, be it about other wrestlers or even people in general?

He sees those who despire Otaku as sad. He cannot understand why they can't understand him and thus avoids these sorts.

6. To whom does your character owe loyalty to? Maybe a faction leader, a tag partner, or even the commissioner and owner.

He is loyal only to his Anime, Manga, Anime Figures and Otakus. Others are of no concequence.

7. What are your character's favorite and least favorite things? Expand on this, tell why.

Favorite Things are his Anime Figures, Anime, Manga and other Otaku stuff. His least favorite thing is being somewhere were there isn't any Otaku stuff around.

8. Does your character have any recurring mannerisms? Maybe they mumble when it's quiet, or does he/she always look at one person in a particular way? This can be anything from catchphrases to putting an opponent through a table after every match.

He loves his Otaku items and can't stand to be without them. When the fights over, he loves to go back into his room and sit with them.

9. What is your character's psychology? Delve into his mind, give his reasons. What is his mindset?

He sees his reason to fight is for the Otaku items he gets with the money. Anything other than that is not of any consequence, though he is trying to find a girl who is into Otaku as much as he is.

10. How would your character's parents describe him? This is most useful because it makes you look at him/her from the outside perspective of the parents, who can be the most supportive and critical people in his life.

He doesn't have any parents.

11. What are your character's highest ambitions? It doesn't have to be limited to in-ring achievement.

To get money for more Anime/Manga/Anime Figures/Otaku Stuff.

12. What is your character's ultimate goal? What's the one thing, above all else that he does what he does?

To possess every Anime/Manga/Anime Figures/Otaku thing there is, and build a museam in which Otakus can see it.

13. Does your character have a secret? And if so, what would happen if it were found out?

No Secret, but he does like to hid his H.

14. What does your character do to relax?

Sits with his Anime Figures and surrounds himself with Manga.

15. If your character was given $100, what would he do with it?

Go an spend it on Manga and Figures.

16. Which superstar does your character most want to face in the ring? Why?

He doesn't care.

17. What are the designs of your character's tights/leotard? Do you have a logo?

Cute Anime Girls all over his tights.

18. Who is your character's closest friend?

No One.

19. Who does your character love? Hate? Fear?

He hates no one, because he is busy with his own stuff he doesn't have time to actually hate anyone.

20. If you could give your character one piece of advice, what would it be?

Stay the same and people will respect you for you.

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