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Like all the 1984-85 Transformers, it was an existing toy repainted. Shockwave was one of the more curious examples, as the mould had I believe changed hands with regard to copyright several times already, and unlike most of the others wasn't owned by Takara, who partnered Hasbro [well, sort of...] with Transformers. In '85, the popularity of Transformers was so high that Hasbro needed to put some other figures out alongside the remnants of the Diaclones before their own new figures were ready in 1986... so, as well as several permuations of already-issued figs [Hoist, Smokescreen, Red Alert etc.] a number of transforming robots were licensed - Jetfire, the Deluxe Insecticons, the Deluxe Vehicles, Shockwave, Omega Supreme... the parentage of the Shockwave mould was so messed up even then that Radioshack were able to put out a grey version named Galactic Man totally legally while Hasbro were still trying to get Shockwave on the shelves. On top of this, Hasbro's license could well havce been quite short-term, to avoid having to pay Bandai etc. massive royalties over an extended period of time.
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