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Originally posted by PaladinPrime
It's because Hasbro's stupid, adn they suck. Never forget that.
Or because bugger-all people bought most of the figures when the names were last used, Transformers fans were bored of Transformers and Hasbro had no way of knowing the names would ever be of use to them. It costs money to renew copyrights. It's not a problem; we all know Bluestreak is called Bluestreak, and if you get pissed off about what's written on a piss-poor box, well, frankly that's your problem.

I'm 99% the Deluxe Insecticons were Bandai... and 90% Roadbuster [who I just broke... yay...] and Whirl were. I can't find a stamp of any sort on RB though, it might have been on the accessories, or they could always have been modified for the Transformers...

Jetfire 426, it's not Hasbro's fault they don't have the rights to the non-Hasbro/Takara moulds. We're actually quite lucky they didn't sell tons of them off when fan apathy killed G2 in 1995/96. And we're quite lucky we got Shockwave, Jetfire etc. in the first place.
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