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Originally posted by Jetfire426
yeah well I just find that kinda of lame.. that Hasbro would let that happen...

Did you read what I posted?

Bugger-all people bought most of the figures when the names were last used, Transformers fans were bored of Transformers and Hasbro had no way of knowing the names would ever be of use to them. It costs money to renew copyrights. It's not a problem; we all know Bluestreak is called Bluestreak, and if you get pissed off about what's written on a piss-poor box, well, frankly that's your problem.

I'm 99% the Deluxe Insecticons were Bandai... and 90% Roadbuster [who I just broke... yay...] and Whirl were. I can't find a stamp of any sort on RB though, it might have been on the accessories, or they could always have been modified for the Transformers...

Jetfire 426, it's not Hasbro's fault they don't have the rights to the non-Hasbro/Takara moulds. We're actually quite lucky they didn't sell tons of them off when fan apathy killed G2 in 1995/96. And we're quite lucky we got Shockwave, Jetfire etc. in the first place.

And Paladin, that's elementary marketing... if something sells well on import, you simply produce it yourself. Fact remains that they could have played it safe and left it to the importers. But they didn't, despite the costs of distribution, new packaging and mould modification to reach US standards.

Mull this over. If Hasbro had issued a statement saying that it wasn't going to release reissues despite the success of Takara's line becuase of these extra costs, how pissed would a lot of people be? That's a Catch-22 for lots of fanboys - they'll throw their MISB toys out of the pram either way. Hasbro have clearly taken the best option avaliable to them, and good luck to them. If it bothers you, just buy Takara and ignore Hasbro. Ignore being the operative word here, instead of running their name into the ground whenever it's mentioned.

It's worth noting that it was probably equally viable for Takara to do something which would avoid most of these problems - they could have bought out the Laserwave/Shockwave rights for a start. But they didn't. No, wait, that includes Takra doing something wrong, something they're incapable of.

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