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Bad news... I'm afraid Soundwave seems to be on the "mould damaged" list. That said, there are no copyright problems - it would just have to be worth it for Takara & Hasbro to do it, which would either mean pretty big reissue sales [we're probably talking "to match other Transformers"] or a huge pricetag... I'm led to believe reverse-engineering is as costly as casting an original mould, and can be tricky with regards to picking out surface detail - take a look at the faces of the k/o's for some indication of this...

There are creditable reports that many of the combiner moulds are now lost - the exceptions would seem to be Bruticus [who was reused for Car Robots... I'd be surprised if we don't see a 'classic' Bruticus before long, as the mould is ready... though Hasbro for one might want to wait on it after the Urban Camo Ruination coming out not long ago] and 5/6 of Piranacon, as they were used for God Neptune in Beast Wars II. I'm not sure if all of the others are wasted, but those are the two that are pretty much avaliable...

There are probably many more that Takara and Hasbro just haven't looked at which could be broken, lost etc.
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